How to Transport a Motorcycle

People usually need to transport their vehicle. Some of them have a motorcycle to transport. One of the reasons for that can be moving. If you want to transport a motorcycle it does not have to be that difficult and complicated at all. They make good transportation, but sometimes we need to transport them, instead.

You can transport it in a moving truck. Or you can hire one of the shipping companies Kuwait, and it is the safest and easiest options. But, if you choose the option to hire a shipping company, then make sure the company is reliable and experienced.

People around a motorcycle.
For some people, a motorcycle is their best friend. So, leaving it or selling is not an option.

Tips to transport a motorcycle

You should transport your motorcycle safe without any damaging. That can be accomplished only if you are prepared. So, if you have a motorcycle to transport, do not worry because it is not as hard as you think. A motorcycle is one of the hardest items to move by yourself, so you will definitely need a little help from your friends or some company.

A man thinking about how to transport a motorcycle.
You have two options, so choose one of them. Hire a shipping company or do it in the DIY style.

Loading a motorcycle into a truck

The first step is loading a motorcycle into a truck or trailer. Each step must be done properly. So, follow these steps below and your motorcycle transportation will be successful and safe.

  • The truck must be parked to a flat surface (parking). If the ground is uneven you will not be able to secure the motorcycle. Also, a ground should not have to be soft (grass, sand). Concrete is a perfect surface.
  • Using a ramp, your loading will be much easier and safer. Most motorcycles are heavy, so it is impossible to lift them. Do not forget to put the rubber end on the tailgate of the moving truck or trailer.
  • Secure the ramp to the truck, otherwise, it can fall off. Use a ratchet tie down to secure it (a bungee cord).
  • Do not forget to put your motorcycle on neutral before transportation.
  • If you are doing it by yourself, call a friend to help you with loading. It is almost impossible to do it alone, without any help. Pushing a motorcycle is not simple at all.

Securing the motorcycle

After loading a motorcycle to a truck, you must secure it. If you do not do it right, your motorcycle will fall during the transportation process. And that is the last thing you want.

  • First of all, you should have all the right equipment such as 3 ratchet straps. You can buy them at retail stores.
  • When it comes to wheel chocks, you should put it in front of the rear wheel and also behind the rear wheel. It is especially recommended for heavier motorcycles.
  • When the bike is in the positions, use 2 ratchet straps, one for each side of the motorcycle. The straps should be 45 degrees from your motorcycle. Make sure you tighten the straps enough.
  • Now, you should take a soft loop and of course, connect it to a ratchet strap, but only if your wheels do not have spokes. The reason is simple, if you run the soft loop through them you will damage it.
  • When you out all the straps, make sure they are tight. If you did everything right, your motorcycle will stand without a kickstand.

Shipping a motorcycle

If you do not want to transport a motorcycle with a moving truck, there is another option. To ship it. But, it also requires good preparation and researching. You can ship everything, even dangerous items. So, let’s start with the steps. Shipping a motorcycle is a simple and safe solution.

  • Contact a few shipping companies if you want to transport a motorcycle. Ask them how much it will cost. Three or four quotes will be enough. You should know the distance and the weight of a motorcycle.
  • There is a difference between open and closed shipping. You can choose between these two options. Open trailers will give you less protection and it is cheaper than enclosed shipping.
  • A motorcycle can be delivered to your new location, or you can pick it up. Some of the shipping companies have “door to door” delivery, but some of them do not. So, make sure where your motorcycle will be and do you have to bring it to them or they will pick it up.
  • Ask your shipping company for an insurance policy. During motorcycle transportation, a moving company should be responsible for your items. So, any damaging during the process is their fault. Make sure you have good insurance because anything can happen.
  • After a delivery, check your motorcycle. Are there any signs of damage? Check it while they are there because later will be too late.

After the transportation of motorcycle

After successful transportation, the job is not done yet, unfortunately. When moving, a new home will not be the same as your old one. Maybe you will be in the apartment, or maybe you will not have a garage for your motorcycle. There is also a situation where your new home has a garage and enough space for your vehicle, but it is not ready yet. It is not a big problem because you can rent a secure warehouse in Kuwait and store your motorcycle inside. 

A motorcycle in a garage after transportation.
Your motorcycle will be safe in a warehouse if you do not have a garage yet.

It is not only a space for vehicles such as motorcycles. You can store all the furniture or any other items there. After that, you do not have to worry about your things. When you transport a motorcycle, you should think about what is next step. It is not a small item and it requires special treatment. In the end, it is all worth it. You will have your motorcycle with you, without any damage.