Hardest items to move by yourself

We all think that we can move some of the items alone, without any help. Many people, for example, do not want to hire a moving company when it is a short-distance moving. On a moving day, they realize that it is impossible to move some of the furniture. And then it is too late to call a moving company or to ask your friends to help you. To avoid this mistake, learn what are the hardest items to move by yourself and how to deal with them. Tips and trick are essential when moving.

What are the hardest items to move by yourself

If you are an average man or woman like most people are, then you will have some difficulties when moving without any help. What are those things that are hard to move and load and unload to the moving truck? Try to avoid worst moving mistakes and be prepared for your relocation.

A man is carrying three moving boxes alone.
Do not pack and move heavy and large items by yourself when the solution is simple.

Kitchen appliances

We do not think about the coffee maker or juicer, we think about the fridge, freezer, dishwasher machine, etc. These appliances are heavy and you will definitely need help with loading and unloading them from the moving vehicle. Especially, if you are living in a building with a lot of stairs. You will need the right equipment if you want to pack your kitchen for a move.

A grand piano

Not only is a grand piano one of the hardest items to move by yourself, but it is also one of the things that you cannot move by yourself. It is impossible. They have an odd shape, they are large and very heavy and expensive. The only solution for this problem is to hire experienced packers and movers. Even a small damage on the piano can cost a fortune. So, do not play with the safety of your piano. Equipment for piano moving is special and that job can handle only experienced workers. 

A person playing a piano, one of the hardest items to move by yourself.
A grand piano is bulky and fragile at the same time. It is impossible to move it alone.


Sculptures, paintings, photos…all of those items are sensitive, expensive and fragile. And some of them might have a sentimental value too. So, if you want to pack and move fine art and collectibles, wrap the frames of paintings in the air bubble and then tape cardboard box pieces. For the sculptures, buy a new and firm box, fill the box with newspapers, wrap the sculpture in the air bubble foil and put it in the box. Large artworks are one of the hardest items to move by yourself even if they are not heavy. 


An aquarium with fish is a job for a special mover. It is hard to move an empty aquarium too. Fish often do not survive a temperature change, so you will need a special moving truck. If you do not want to sell or donate them before your relocation, then hire a reliable moving company. Fish needs to be into a container with a filter when moving. Also, keep some of the water that was in the aquarium because of the same types of bacteria. Plants that were inside the aquarium, store into a bag with the same water that was in the aquarium. Now you see why an aquarium is a tough object to move.

An aquarium with different fish types.
If you want to move your aquarium with fish by yourself, then be prepared well.


First of all, keep in mind that many plants cannot survive different temperatures, humidity, etc. If the move is long-distance, then it is better to donate plants, because it is possible that they will not survive. Or, on the other hand, a country will not allow them. Changing the location is not something a plant can easily survive. But, if you are sure that your plants can survive, then move them carefully. Prepare them for removal a couple of weeks before your moving day. So, move them inside plastic pots and pack up ceramic ones.

Equipment for workout

Some of the workout equipment is very heavy and large. It is impossible to move it by yourself because some of the equipment has a purpose to weigh a lot. Check if the equipment can be disassembled before packing, and do it. If it is not possible (for example, a treadmill) then you will need a couple of strong people to help you with moving it, as well as the right moving equipment.

A gym with equipment.
If you have a lot of workout equipment, then you will need a lot of friends to help you. Unless you hire a moving company.

Large and heavy furniture

We all have bulky furniture in our homes, such as:

  • Any types of beds are one of the hardest items to move by yourself.
  • Cabinets for clothes, shoes, books, etc
  • Sofas and armchairs
  • Dining table, especially if it is big and you cannot disassemble it.
  • Desks and tables

A solution for moving those items

There is one of the best and the safest solutions for moving items. The solution lies in hiring international movers Kuwait. Your move will be much easier with a moving company who can handle, pack and move your belongings. You should do other things and enjoy. These items will take up a lot of your time and energy. Also, if you do not have any experience, you might damage your items and that is not your goal. So, when you see that you have some of the hardest items to move by yourself (probably you do), do not risk and contact a mover. Also, not only that you might damage your items, you can hurt yourself too. Good luck with moving all those hard items and take care.