5 Tips for Shipping Dangerous Goods

When moving, many people have dangerous good to relocate. Packing them is not simple if you do not know what to do. On the other hand, you do not have to move. People are shipping dangerous goods even if they are not moving. Online shopping is nowadays a very popular and common type of shopping.

Toys, furniture, clothing, home decorations are easy to ship, pack or move. But, with hazardous and dangerous items, things are more complicated. They need special care and treatment. First of all, you need to know what are dangerous items. Dangerous goods are items with hazardous properties which are dangerous for the safety of the rest of the items, humans or animals too. That is why even packing them is dangerous, but there is a safe solution. Hiring professional packers in Kuwait is one of the best options.

Dangerous good you want to ship can be, gases, liquids or solids too. Also, they can be in any color, or transparent, hot or cold. They are identified by the level of danger and how they are dangerous. For example, flammable, explosive, poisonous, etc.

Three perfume bottles.
Liquids are considered as dangerous items to ship.

Choosing the right shipping company

This is the very first step because some shipping companies will maybe reject to ship that kind of items. Choosing good shipping companies Kuwait is one the most important steps. If the moving or shipping company that you have chosen reliable, your items will not arrive undamaged and on time. 

Tips for shipping dangerous goods

Wherever you want to ship your items, you will need some tips. Luckily for you, we are here to help you ship your dangerous and hazardous items safe and without worries. Almost everyone needs to ship an item at least once in their lives.

Tip No. 1: Know the type of your dangerous item

It is important to know what kind of dangerous item you want to ship. There are many different types. Not all the items are the same, of course. Knowing the nature of your dangerous goods is already half of the job. For example, some items you cannot ship. Many people even do not know that it is hazardous, such as paint, perfume or nail polish. Batteries are one of the most common items that people are shipping, especially lithium batteries. So, they need special treatment and care.

Tip No. 2: Research shipping regulations for dangerous items

If you are moving, or not, there are some regulations about moving and shipping dangerous goods anywhere. You can do research about shipping any items online. Each shipping company has its own rules that you must follow because of the safety of your goods and the environment. So, doing research will help you with packing and shipping. Rules for shipping dangerous goods are different from rules for shipping ordinary and non-dangerous goods. Packing is different, labeling, handling, etc. The shipping company will also give you information. But, on the other hand, reading this text Easy Move Kuwait prepared is already a type of researching.

A man researching everything for shipping dangerous goods.
Research everything you can before you need to ship you dangerous items somewhere.

Tip No. 3: Packing the dangerous items for shipping

Packing dangerous items for shipping is one of the most important, if not the most important step. You cannot ship your goods without proper packaging. Your item can be damaged and that also means you can damage other items around too. Absorbent materials can be very useful and a smart idea. If your dangerous items are shipping in the same container, then dangerous items should (must) be near the container doors. If something goes wrong, you can remove it quickly and without problems. How to pack items depends on what kind of items you are shipping, for example, if you are trying to pack fragile items.

Tip No. 4: Label the packaging properly

When you pack boxes with dangerous and hazardous items, then label it properly. You must not skip this step. If you are using a box that is not new, then make sure it does not have previous labels. Not only does the box need to be labeled, but also the inner and outer packaging should be labeled too, together with the shipping container. Everyone needs to know what is inside. If you forget some step when labeling, something can go wrong, which is not good and it might be dangerous. Leave your emergency contact information too. Also, your label should contain the IMDG code too.

Tip No. 5: Documentation for shipping dangerous goods

Documentation is something required when shipping these hazardous and dangerous items, no matter where. The documentation needs to be related to the material of the item you are shipping. The shipping company you have chosen will tell you which documents you need. Some of them are DG manifest, declaration, etc. Documentation is not the same for all dangerous items. It depends on the type of items. Also, insurance is important when shipping items and these “details” are necessary when moving or shipping. The shipping company will verify your documents and tell you if everything is there.

Signing documents for shipping.
When shipping dangerous goods, you will need some special documents.


If you follow these tips for shipping dangerous goods, you will not have problems with shipping. Pay attention to each detail and each step. It does not have to be difficult and complicated. Even when moving, people have many dangerous items to move. Especially then. Choosing the best shipping company and packing your dangerous goods are two important steps, and everything else, you can learn easily. So, good luck with shipping your dangerous and hazardous items. It will be successful with a good company, for sure.