Tips for young couples moving to Kuwait

Moving in itself is quite the challenge. But moving to a whole different country even more so. On the other hand, a change such as living in a new country can be incredibly beneficial to you and your partner. It’s exciting to think you have a clean slate in a new place. You can build up from scratch, a new home, new friends, new lifestyle. But before you make this crucial move, we at Easy Move Kuwait have gathered some tips for young couples moving to Kuwait in hopes to help you out on your journey. 

A young couple moving to Kuwait
When moving to Kuwait as a young couple look for some help to make relocation easier.

Go into it confidently

There is quite a bit of prejudice against middle-eastern countries in the world currently. What you need to keep in mind when it comes to Kuwait is that it is not a war zone and will never be. It actually has a pretty organized way of living with very low crime rates. You can comfortably walk around by yourself and never fear for your safety. Life in Kuwait is extremely peaceful and calm. However, you should not forget that you will need insurance for an international move.

Many available housing options

When it comes to Kuwait, what you can be sure to never run out of are housing options. Even if you get discouraged upon moving, and wish to seek another rental, the options are infinite. Another bonus is you won’t need to settle. Renting prices range from $900 to around $1800, which are not really high prices. You can find the apartment of your dreams in the city center and have loads more money to spare! Be sure to look around before settling on any apartments. It’s important to know what you want and how you want it. You’ll find it with the right dedication.

Check out law requirements

Our next tip for young couples moving to Kuwait is to be aware of the law. In certain areas, it can be a crime to live with a romantic partner unmarried. We urge you to keep things like these in mind and maybe even create a wonderful wedding before your move. Not only will you have no issues starting your new life in Kuwait, but you’ll be able to have a wedding ceremony with all of your friends and family. It’s a win-win situation!

Woman reading over papers holding her head
Spare yourself a painful headache and prepare by studying the laws in advance.

Work permits and residency visas

When moving as an expat, you’ll need to be very organized with your documentation. The good news is that a residency visa, called iqama, can be obtained quite easily. You’ll just need to ask your employer to issue a request. As anywhere else in the world, you have to have a visa for your stay and get it from your employer. Just a heads up, to issue a residency visa, you’ll have to provide an extensive medical certificate, including tests for various STDs. Once you obtain your residency visa, you’ll have to apply for Kuwait Civil ID in the next 30 days. Just be sure to do everything in time!

Start packing on time!

As with all moving processes, it’s very important to start on time. Another thing to consider is not overpacking! You’ll need to take all of your essentials, clothes, family heirlooms. If you’re planning on living in rented furnished spaces, you’ll have a quick and easy packing process. On the other hand, if you’re planning on moving with all of your furniture, you might need a bit of assistance. Our international shipping services can help you out. Alongside furniture shipping, we have specialized international car shipping services. For the best shipping experience, feel free to contact us. Our movers are experienced and professional individuals who would love a chance to help you out on your way to Kuwait.

Go over your documents multiple times

A rookie mistake would be to check only once and go about your day. This isn’t to say you have to keep checking nonstop obsessively. But just going over the documentation a few times to make sure you’ve got everything you need is enough. Also, keep all your documents in your person! You never know at what point in the trip you’ll be asked for some of your documentation. It’s best to have it close to you and ready for checking whenever.

How to find your new home?

You might feel like you have a language barrier, or are just unsure of where to find solid recommendations. When searching for a home it’s always important to be on the lookout and careful. Here are a few ways you can test the waters:

  • Ask your colleagues – If you’re moving for work, your colleagues will surely be able to help you out. After all, they’ve already been through it.
  • Consult a real estate agent – If you’re able to get recommendations for one, even better!
  • Check out some of the local newspapers for expats – There’s a number of newspapers just for foreign speakers. We recommend Kuwait Times.
  • Visit buildings and neighborhoods by foot – A lot of times landlords leave ads on the doors of buildings.
A couple settling on renting a home
By going over multiple options, you’ll be able to find the home of your dreams.

Need reliable movers?

If you’re still unsure on how to pick the right movers for you, we’ve got some tips! When moving via air travel, you run into a bit more worries than ground travel. With our custom clearance services Kuwait, you will have nothing to worry about. Our licensed professionals will keep your items safe during customs, and you won’t need to worry about anything.

From begging through customs and to finish, our movers will be there for you. We hope our tips for young couples moving to Kuwait have proved to be useful for you and your partner. Have a wonderful trip and stay!