How to properly prepare paperwork for cargo transportation?

When we are relocating, we all need to transport our belongings. And, with our cargo we need documents. Especially if you need freight shipping. Whatever the mean of transport you use, the paperwork that follows seem daunting. However, preparing your shipping documents correctly is very important. And also that is handled in the right way too. Additionally, it protects you from liability and losses. Also, it prevents unnecessary delays in your shipment. We at Easy Move Kuwait are here to explain how to properly prepare paperwork for cargo transportation.

Pile of files
Prepare paperwork for your cargo transportation

Basic documents to prepare paperwork for cargo transportation

It doesn’t matter if you domestic and international shipping. Both require documentation that enlists what is in your shipment. And also the value of your belongings. The documents should provide the location where it is going as well as shipping terms. With handling instructions. You should what documents you will encounter:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Freight Bill
  • Packing List
  • Proof-of-Delivery

Bill of lading is important to prepare paperwork for cargo transportation

This bill is necessary for all freight shipments. It is a type of contract between you and your freight carrier. It includes a receipt that recognizes that the employee has taken possession of your items. And remember, it is very important that you describe your goods in detail. You should include descriptions of each item in the shipment. Such as total weight, dimensions, and the value of your belongings. If there is any loss or damage, the bill of lading will come in handy. Since it is proof for liability purposes. Also, this bill defines where the freight will be picked up. And where it is going and how it will be transported. There are few types of bill of ladings. It depends on whether your shipment is going by land, air, or sea.  The freight forwarders in Kuwait will also explain this document to you in detail.

Freight Bill

This is your invoice. Since it shows you how much you owe your carrier. That is for the performed services. It is created by the carrier- So it includes pretty much the same information that is in the bill of lading. With added the cost. These costs are calculated on the weight and dimensions of your shipment. And also the distance it will move. Also, this may include any additional charges. Or other special handling costs. Always make sure that the data on your freight bill matches the information on the bill of lading. So you will make sure that it doesn’t include any unexpected costs. Always ask if you are not sure about these bills.

Document on a table with pencils
Make sure to have the right bill with you

Packing list

The packing list stays with your shipment throughout the journey. From the moment it is packed at your location. Until the time the final recipient. This may include the box for individual packages. Or it can be attached to the outside of a cargo. This list shows details. Such as the items that are concluded in the shipment. And it also includes information like weights, quantities, and explanations. It should also match the information provided for the bill of lading. So make sure to always check these documents.

Proof of delivery

This document is usually not required. But you may want to ask for one if you are transporting valuable items. Receiver signs this document. So this document confirms that the shipment has been received. And also that is in a good state. Bear in mind that the signer should note any discrepancies. Such as differences between the packing lists and the goods received. As well as any visual damage to the items. Some carriers will provide this document immediately. But you can always ask for proof of delivery.

Prepare paperwork for cargo transportation

When it comes to international shipping considerations, take caution. Because shipping internationally needs additional paperwork. Make sure that you have the proper documents. And also that everything is filled out correctly. Since this is essential to transport your shipment internationally. This also applies to shipping to Bahrain your goods.  You should know that your freight may change hands several times during the journey. That includes a combination of land, sea, and air transportation. Also, it must be approved by customs authorities. This means that you have to provide detailed information. So that customs can easily check and approve your cargo. Hence your belongings can be transferred between different carriers easily.

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Packing list always stays with your belongings during the transport

Always prepare a bill of lading

You will need a bill of lading for each step of your freight shipment’s journey. This means that you will need for:

  • Land-based transportation
  • Transporting by ship
  • Air shipments

This is important. Because the bill of lading transfers the title of the goods to the carrier. The carrier is responsible at each stage. Because when importing and exporting goods, the carrier will need this document. In order to prove that he/she has the right to have control over the items. And also to transport goods into or out of the country. If this seems complicated to you, don’t worry. Our logistics team will explain this to you in detail.

Packing list for international shipments

This list should be even more detailed. Because customs officials will use the packing list. In order to verify that the shipment contains exactly what is listed. It should emphasize how and where each item is packed. So they can quickly find items that they want to inspect. You should know that most of these documents are mandatory. Yet, some of them depend on the type of cargo you are transporting. As well as providing the location where you are shipping to. That’s why it is important to know what documents you need. Do the research before you start shipping your goods. If you do so, the shipping becomes easier for you! Make sure to know all the documents required for shipping. In order to successfully deliver goods. Hence it is important to know how to properly prepare paperwork for cargo transportation.