All you need to know about the insurance for an international move

Even local moves can be stressful and overwhelming. Let alone international moving. Insurance is something a lot of people opt out of because of the additional cost. But, we’d like to stress how important it actually is, especially in international moves. We at Easy Move Kuwait would like to present to you a comprehensive guide on all you need to know about the insurance for an international move. We want you to enjoy your new home in a new country of your choosing as stress-free as possible.

Settling on insurance for an international move
Choosing the right insurance can save you from losing your precious possessions.

What is international insurance?

International insurance provides coverage for your things during your international move. Moving overseas is a bigger feat than moving locally. And according to that, your cargo is in more danger than it would be otherwise. There are many international insurance options to consider. But one thing is for certain: Go get it!

If you’re still wondering if you should get international insurance, wonder no more. Imagine moving to your new home, starting up your new fresh life and you arrive with a broken TV or stove? Anyone would freak out and wonder how this happened to them of all people. This is why we don’t really treat insurance as an option, but rather a must.

Where to get international insurance?

International insurance can be obtained from many different sources. We urge you to go over all of your options and make the right decision for yourself.

1. Your renter’s insurance policy

There is a slim chance that your renter offers international insurance. Most renters offer insurance in their rentals but do not cover insurance during any kind of transport. Even so, you should always check. On the off chance that international insurance is covered, that’s even better for you and less of a hassle.

2. Your moving company

Moving companies often offer insurance options. We recommend getting the insurance policy in writing and going over it in detail. Even though many movers offer insurance, more often than not they don’t offer full coverage. If your movers are offering valuation, that means that if anything happens to your goods you will get a fixed amount of money as reparations. Always be informed on exactly what service you’re getting.

3. Third-party insurance provider

This might even be one of the best options. Usually, third-party insurance providers offer low-cost deals that cover all of your items. Before settling on a deal, you should get acquainted with all the different types of international insurance there are.

Which type of international insurance should you choose?

Forklift lifting cargo
Insure your goods for a stress-free moving experience.

There are many options to choose from, but we present the following:

1. All-risk insurance

All-risk insurance covers all of your items during transit. If you choose this option, professionals will package your belongings safely for the trip and each item is insured. This type of insurance is usually all you will need during your relocation. The downsides are that if any natural disaster strikes your items, they will not be compensated for. Luckily, these things happen rarely.

2. Named Perils

This option is more of a mid-tier kind of deal. On the one hand, it offers less protection than all-risk insurance, but on the other more than total loss which is next on our list. But this insurance protects only against perils named in their contract. These perils usually include fire, burglary, vehicle accidents, lightning, smoke, etc. You will have to check with your insurance provider which of these perils are included.

3. Total loss

This option is always the cheapest. This kind of insurance covers your items only if they are all displaced, lost, or stolen. Additionally, if you choose total loss insurance, you will have to pack your items yourself. Individual items are not insured and there will be no reparations if something happens to them. If you’re pretty confident in your items arriving safe and sound, this just might be the option for you.

4. Single coverage insurance

Alternatively, if you have just enough items for one cargo ship/unit, single coverage might be for you. It’s usually used in one-time shipping.

5. Warehouse-to-warehouse insurance

This option is pretty straightforward. Your items will be insured from warehouse to warehouse. Moreover, if any damage happens before the transit itself, it is covered. Because of this, this insurance option is a bit more expensive. We suggest warehouse-to-warehouse insurance if you’re transporting really expensive items.

In need of freight options?

We’ve stressed the importance of insurance. But getting a trustworthy transport company is also imperative. No matter which kind of transportation you need, we’re sure we’ve got the thing you’re looking for.

Air freight Kuwait offers professional and trustworthy air transportation for your overseas move. For maximum security during your items’ transit and an enjoyable experience, you’ve come to the right place. We cover all of our costs in detail and offer the highest quality service. Be sure to contact us.

Sea freight Kuwait is another amazing option for shipping your cargo. Especially if you’re looking for low-price options. Sea freight usually takes a bit more time to ship, but it does save you some money. Again, make the best choice for you. We know it’ll be the right one!

Airplane cargo
Air freight is your quickest option.

Our land transportation company Kuwait is another amazing option for you. If you’re moving from a country connected to Kuwait by land, this option is for you. Again, your cargo might take a bit more time to arrive, but you will immensely cut down on your costs.

What to look for after insurance for an international move?

If you’ve already chosen your insurance for your international move, the next best thing you can consider is removal insurance. Although not necessary, it is something you could add to your move for peace of mind. Removal insurance usually only costs around 0,6% to 4% of each item’s value. Getting removal insurance will provide you with the whole package. Now, you can rest easy.

Good luck with finding the best insurance for your international move!