Pre-move paperwork when relocating your vehicle too

When moving to a new country, it’s only expected you’d want to bring your car with you. Now the issue arises when you’re not sure what paperwork when relocating your vehicle you need. But fret not, we at Easy Move Kuwait are here to show you the step-by-step process. It’s nothing overwhelming, and by the end of the article, you’ll see it won’t even take up too much of your time. Now, let’s get started!

A vehicle you'll need paperwork for relocating
When you decide to move a car you will have a lot of work to do.

A lot more is needed for shipping a vehicle than just settling on the shipping company. Paperwork is a must in almost any kind of legal process. Its primary use is the safety of your vehicle. The good news is that most of this paperwork you will be able to reuse if you need to move again. So, collecting it this one time is a great investment in the future.

Obligatory paperwork

The papers you’ll need no matter the mode of transportation are always the same. The two most important documents are The Bill of Lading and your insurance policy. The Bill of Lading is the most crucial document. The BOL’s function is as a confirmation of arrival at the destination, and it keeps track of the state of your vehicle before and after shipping. The Bill of Lading is what you need to show to your insurance company if any damage happens during transportation. So be careful!

Land transportation

What may come as a surprise is that there are certain requirements for land shipping that differ from air shipping. The documents we’ve already mentioned are mandatory, but there are others you need. Needed paperwork when relocating your vehicle includes the following:

  • Original registration and title – If a lien is indicated in the title, you’ll need notarized permission to ship the vehicle in the form of a letter.
  • Copy of your car insurance – You have to be careful here. If your insurance is expired, it won’t be accepted by the shipping company. If you’re in need of a new insurance provider, now is the time to start looking.
  • Photo identification – You’ll just need to provide the photo in your ID or passport. Again, these documents mustn’t be expired.
  • VIN number – In the case that you’re transporting a vehicle that isn’t in your name, you’ll need a VIN number of the vehicle and a notarized letter from the owner.

    A truck relocating your vehicle
    The right shipping company will make sure to deliver your vehicle in time and in one piece.

These are the basic documentation you need. For one reason or another, your shipping company might ask for additional documentation. For example, if you’re shipping or receiving a vehicle as a third party, you’ll need Original Power of Attorney. With this document, you’ll have the legal power to import or export on the behalf of someone else. So, according to your personal shipping situation, you might need to look into it a bit more. For any additional or more in-depth information, consult our international car shipping services. We’re always available to answer all of your questions and provide excellent service.

Overseas transportation

Now things change up a bit. Air shipping is relatively new and extremely efficient. Although a bit more pricey, it’s completely worth it. Otherwise, you have standard sea shipping. It will take a bit more time, but it is a very trusted method of vehicle transportation. If you’re transporting your vehicle overseas, here are the documents you’ll need:

  • Original registration and title
  • Bill of Sale – The Bill of Sale is a notarized document showing your ownership of the vehicle. It is generally harder to ship cars you don’t own. Most shipping companies require the Bill of Sale even before shipping because they need the consent of the owner.
  • Certificate of Title – Now, if your car is leased or financed, it will be harder to transport but not impossible. You’ll need your bank’s notarized approval and three copies of the Certificate of Title. The Certificate of Title also needs to be notarized by the bank. This process might take a bit of time, but you’ll be satisfied once it’s finished.
  • Car insurance – Your car insurance has to be valid as we’ve mentioned.
  • Proof of identity – Unexpired ID or passport
  • Proof of Sale’s tax – This document proves that you’ve paid your taxes when purchasing your vehicle.
  • Import duty – You’ll have to provide proof that you’ve paid the import and export taxes of the country you’re shipping to.
  • Power of Attorney – As a third-party exporter, you’ll need this document.
A ship relocating your vehicle
Trusted sea freight will deliver your car safe and sound.

As with any legal process, acquiring all the paperwork when relocating your vehicle will take some time. Fortunately, the payoff is that you get to keep your car close to you! When it comes to international shipping, customs can pose a problem. But not with our custom clearance services Kuwait. With our help, you’ll have the quickest customs process you’ve ever had. For further details feel free to contact us. We pride ourselves in creating a service that is for everyone!

Final thoughts on paperwork when relocating your vehicle

We’ve seen what the most important documents for shipping a vehicle are. For additional clarifications be sure to contact the people you’re getting your documents from. They will be able to give you the best advice and clarifications. Just remember to stay calm and optimistic even if things don’t go your way at first. You and your vehicle will reunite very quickly!

Now you know all the needed paperwork when relocating your vehicle. It’s time to choose the correct shipping method. Is sea freight for you? Or is it air freight? Contrast and compare before you make your final decision. We wish you and your vehicle a safe trip and to enjoy your fresh start in a new country!