Tips for shipping fragile equipment internationally

Shipping fragile equipment is a very important part of international shipping and many items belong to this group. However, it is also very difficult to ship, because you must care about many problems and questions. As one of the first is how to organize shipping to protect fragile equipment and other items in the shipping vehicle. Protection for those items is not simple as you may need to purchase much more than in other situations. If you want to avoid any possible problems you should rely on professional movers and packers Kuwait.

Shipping fragile equipment includes good preparation

You will have much more time to pack those items if use proper packing material and cooperate with a professional company. Some of those companies are great because of their professionality and long experience. You will have a lot of reasons to coordinate with them.

  • Fragile items are not just sensitive, they are also very dangerous if not pack properly;
  • Usually, cargo companies in Kuwait organize shipping following international rules and regulations;
  • Do not worry about the price, however, prepare for the slightly higher price of shipping than usual;
  • Shipping fragile equipment could take a little longer than you may expect;
  • Choosing the right company could resolve the problem with unpacking, too, since it is also a very important part of shipping.
Wrapping plastic
Shipping fragile equipment demands serious preparation

Use appropriate packing material

You surely know that you will need to prepare large and sturdy boxes for this shipping. It is not enough, though, since you have items that are fragile and take a lot of space. There are a lot of boxes on the market that could help you, so choose the best for your package. International shipping Kuwait presumes an understanding of the international regulations and preparing the items and the clients for this job.

Examine fragile parts

If you are not sure what to do when shipping internationally, you first need to understand what is the biggest problem. In this case, you have equipment that is fragile in some parts. It means that you should examine the item and mark the parts that are most fragile and sensitive. In that way, you will easily protect items for shipping. Also, you should use packing services Kuwait for help.

Pack items properly

The crucial when packing material is to pack in proper packing supplies and boxes. Thanks to the long list of packing materials, you will easily pack all you have in the right packages. When packing fragile equipment is about you should not save money.

Use proper packing material

There are a lot of ways to protect items inside of the boxes, and some of them are very easy to use. You will find a long list of these helpers on the market, starting from bubble wrap, to Styrofoam, tape, and cardboard. Lots of packing supplies are made for this purpose, so you will not have trouble packing them. In some cases, there are wooden boxes made for extremely sensitive and fragile items.

Choose the right size of the boxes

In ordinary situations, you will need to pack items into boxes that are large enough to pack items, but not too much. If you use too large boxes, items inside could damage, too. The best way to avoid the problem is to fill the gaps with paper or Styrofoam. However, with fragile equipment experts recommend using slightly larger boxes and packing items with gaps between them and the box. After that, you should protect items from damage, too.

Specially protected package
You should be very careful with packing and labeling

Use sturdy boxes

Sounds obvious, but it is important to point out that using sturdy boxes is most important for shipping fragile equipment. The best option is two-layer boxes or using two boxes packed one inside of the other. If you have chosen this method, you should put something to protect the walls of the internal box, like paper or styrofoam.

Pack items properly

Always put the item in the middle of the box, at least 6 mm from the sides of the boxes. You can use two boxes, with one as internal and the second one as an external package. Those two boxes should be the best insurance so that will not happen anything wrong. You should also put paper and Styrofoam to fill the gaps and avoid possible damage.

Use dividers

It is a very simple way to pack small but fragile and expensive items. When using dividers, you pack items to save them from loss and damage. On the other hand, it will protect other items from the same problem. You can make your dividers using cardboard or take boxes that already have this addition.

Prevent damages

You have still not finished your packing if not protect packages and prevent accidents. There are a lot of ways for that, some of them are simple, while the other ones are not that easy for preparing.

Label boxes

It is important to pack items properly, especially if they are fragile. However, when items are fragile you should pay special attention to their safety. One of the ways to do that is to label the box and write what is inside. Along with that, you should write signs like “This side up” and “Take with care”, so workers will know how to handle it. On the other hand, you should properly describe what the box contains, to avoid confusion.

Wrapped head
Using protective material could significantly help in transporting

Get shipping insurance

Like in any other situation in life, you will need to get shipping insurance when transporting fragile items. Not only that it will protect your items, but it also will protect any possible damage that your items can make. Most of the companies provide insurance and include it in the price, while in some of them you will need to inform about it properly.

Rely on the shipping company

A good shipping company will surely help in these situations, no matter what you have to pack. Do not avoid their help and not forget to ask for any help. Thanks to their experience and professional tool, they can pack and protect your items properly. It is the only way to organize shipping fragile equipment to any place in the world.