How to organize a garage sale for your new neighbors

You should organize a garage sale right after moving if want to start your life in Kuwait easily. The first you need to do is to separate needed items from the old ones and decide what to do with them. Professional removal companies in Kuwait will help in packing and transporting. After that, you can donate items that you consider not needed, or sell those that you may feel are expensive enough for it. If you have chosen to sell, a garage sale could help you in getting rid of the old items, but also in introducing yourself to a new neighborhood.

How to organize a garage sale?

It is not easy to organize a garage sale even with the neighbors that you know. When moving to a new country, you will need time to get to know new neighbors. However, a garage sale could be a great opportunity for that.

  • It is not easy to organize a garage sale for people you do not know yet, so firstly you need to introduce yourself;
  • Do not forget to rely on packing companies in Kuwait for packing before moving, and you will easily separate items for selling from those that you use every day;
  • The garage sale must be attractive and comfortable, so invest in good advertising, and food and drink.

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    It is important to organize a garage sale as an interesting happening

Define the best date

Although yard sales should be fun and exciting, it is not always like that. You should check the important dates for your neighbors, like holidays. There are a lot of reasons why it will not end properly. One of the reasons is surely the wrong date for selling. People do not like to buy on special dates, like holidays, or in heat. You will need to choose a date that is good for all people that are involved, so choose those where people will enjoy. It is not bad to organize as soon as you unpack moving boxes Kuwait.

Inform your neighbor

It is for sure that people in your new neighborhood do not know you and what are you planning. When they do not know you, they will hardly decide to buy something from you. Also, they maybe do not know what you can offer at the yard sale, so make sure that you have informed them. Make flyers and posters and get know to the new neighbors. It is also good to organize pack and move in Kuwait fast, so you can easily unpack your items.

Make a contact before selling

It is hard to organize selling if you do not know your new neighbors. Also, even if you know them, it will hardly be successful selling without preparation. Make posters and flyers with descriptions of what is on sale. You can put important information, about the place of selling (backyard, basement) or the time when the selling starts. It will break the ice between you and your neighbors and surely help in introducing. Do not forget to draw a map if your house is not visible from the main road.


After you have learned why is advertising important, you can advertise your garage sale, like you organize much bigger sales, too. The most important is to attract as many buyers as you can, and sometimes the number of your neighbors is not enough. Make photos of the things that are on sale, include information, and put it all on the internet and social network. You can also make posters and put them in grocery stores in your neighborhood. Remember, more people, higher prices, and more items sold.

A man at yard sale
Make garage sales comfortable and attractive

Mark the place where the selling is

Although many people forget about it, it is important to mark the place where you will organize selling. There are a lot of people that will pass by and decide to see what is on offer in this yard selling. It would be great if you attract them and offer something to buy. The mark could be a simple table with the sign and the arrow, or a much better table with scratches or photos, interesting notes, or whatever you feel will attract the people.

Make sale comfortable

People like to buy when having a comfortable place for it. You should organize the whole process in a way that your buyers feel like they are at home. In that way, people will buy and shop much easier.

Make snacks and drink

You will love to earn a lot of money and not invest anything, but it is not that simple. You will need to give to the people something that will remember and take with the joy. Also, you will give them more time to look at your items, without looking at the watch and hurrying. Snacks and drinks are the best way to do it. It does not need to be too expensive food, make sandwiches or buy a couple of picas. You can also make lemonade or make cookies. They are your neighbors so be gentle and nice.

Be a neighbor that people like

Use this garage sale to introduce yourself to new neighbors. You can show yourself as a very nice person that helps other people.

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You can find great things at garage sales

Make a pre-selling charity auction

People like people that are human and remember them at first glance. You can be one of those neighbors that people consider for charity actions and for sharing important actions with them. In this case, it will help you to take their hearts and become lovely neighbors that help people. Before the garage sale makes a charity auction for the items that you have decided to donate. You can also sell lemonades or other food. All you earn give to charity associations. After that, people would love to come to your real garage sale and buy something from you.

Organize helpers

It is hard to organize garage sales alone. You will need to check every buyer, sell the place, calculate, and bargain. You will need a helper that will help in these jobs. It could be your family members, but also friends, or even someone from the neighborhood. They will surely like to get involved in this serious job and become the best neighbor ever. Give them assignments and leave them to do alone what they feel is the best. In that way, you will organize a garage sale in the best way.