Tips for shipping a large-area rug

Rugs give a warm feel to your home. Some of them are very expensive and hand made, some of them are not, but it does not matter because in both cases, they will decorate a home. If you are moving overseas, shipping them in one of the best and easiest options on how to transport them to your new home. Searching for shipping companies in Kuwait is one of the most important steps when shipping a large-area rug. Tips are essential, and that is exactly what we can offer, together with the best movers and packers.

A living room with a rug in the middle.
Every home looks much warmer with a beautiful rug inside.

There are many types and sizes of rugs. Persian rugs are one of the most expensive ones and they require special attention. People are shipping rugs and carpets al the time, it is not an unusual situation, but for most people, it is an unfamiliar field. If you want a rug in your home, then prepare it and ship it. Here is how.

Shipping a large-area rug successfully

Large rugs are very heavy, and of course big, but they are not impossible to ship and move. You need to make sure your rug reaches the final destination safe and undamaged. Packing and waiting for a rug delivery can give us a hard headache and stress too, especially if it has special value to you. That is why the best option is to learn how to pack and move like a pro. By reading this guide, you will. 

A large rug on the floor.
Prepare and pack your large rug properly and it will arrive undamaged.

Prepare a large rug for shipping

Before you ship your rug or carpet, clean in deeply. Dust and dirt may damage your rug during transportation, also it will be much easier to unpack it and put it in the room. After a deep clean, it must be dry completely. If there is only a 1 percent of water, it will smell bad and it can grow mold. That may be a huge disaster and the last thing you want to happen. Washing large and sensitive rugs is not a simple job, so if you cannot do it by yourself, hire professionals to clean and dry your large rug.

Pack a rug properly

If you are packing your large rug, on your own, then you should know how. If you do not have time or simple you cannot do it, professional packers from removal companies could pack it faster than you would.

  • Determine the direction of the rug pile (fibers) before you roll it. Just look at the piles and run with your hand over your carpet. This way it will be smaller and your shipping costs will be too.
  • When shipping a large-area rug, before you roll it, put an acid-free and cotton sheet on the rug. This will prevent a rug from sweating. Especially if you are shipping it to a hot city.
  • If your rug is not thick, fold it into thirds and then roll the opposite side. If it is thick and it is not possible to fold it this way, just roll it.
  • Use a tie around the center of the rolled rug to keep a rug in place. Because the rig is big, tie a rug on corners too, not only in the middle.
  • Do not wrap a rug with a plastic moving blanket. Plastic will make a rug wet.
  • Measure a rug after you rolled it (the length and width). Weight is also important when shipping and moving items. This way you will know how it will cost you.
  • Adding cotton padding on ends will keep a rug secure during the shipping process, but do not use newspapers.
  • After shipping is done, unpack and check your rug. If you notice any defect, report it to your shipping company. That is why insurance is important when shipping goods.

Hiring a reliable shipping company

Shipping household items, including shipping a large-area rug is not a task you can do alone. Finding a shipping company is the most important step. You can choose a type of transport (air, sea or road) and the rest of the conditions. A company must be experienced, reliable, and reputable. When choosing a company, ask them about the tracking option, so you will know where your rug is in every moment of the transportation process. A rug must arrive undamaged and on time. Shipping household items to the other country require a lot of preparation. A good freight forwarder will arrange and prepare the whole process and documents.

Googling and searching before shipping a large-area rug.
Search all the options and choose the best shipping company to transport your valuable rig and the rest of your household items.

Finding a storage unit

What to do if your large-area rug cannot fit into your apartment? Or if your household items will arrive a few days before you do? Finding a secure warehouse in Kuwait is the best option. A shipping company or a moving company should find you the right size storage unit. Or you can do it by yourself. Warehouses come in different size and conditions. There are temperature-controlled warehouses, indoor and outdoor units, etc. Choosing the right one is important, especially if you have special rugs.

Outdoor storage units.
By finding a perfect storage unit for your large rug, you will keep them safe.

Shipping a large-area rug and packing it, is just one part of the whole process. When you find a reliable company to ship your rug, half of a job is already done. By following these tips and steps you will move a large rug successfully. Even if you are moving to the other side of the world, they are worth to move them with you.