How to Unpack into a Small Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in the home. It is a place where you and your family make a dinner where the secret ingredient is love. If you are moving from a home that has a big kitchen to a smaller one, it could be a problem. The entire kitchen will not fit in, and you will need to reconstruct it and remove some of the parts. When you have to unpack into a small kitchen, from a bigger, a good organization and a plan is a must.

Before you unpack your kitchen, the first step is to pack your kitchen for the move. Label all the boxes to unpack them faster and protect parts after disassemble them. Sometimes is more affordable to move your kitchen than to buy a new one. Especially if you are moving to another country, where you do not know anybody and do not know where to search for kitchen and kitchen appliances.

Unloading items from a moving truck.
After moving and unloading items for a moving truck, it is time to unpack all the boxes.

Tips to Unpack into a Small Kitchen

Smaller kitchens are more difficult to set because you are limited with space. Every inch is important and you need to know how to use it and take the maximum of your new and small kitchen. Tips are essential even when unpacking a bigger kitchen, not just the smaller ones. After you ship kitchen appliances, a job is not done yet. A new home is a new beginning. The kitchen is the heart of every home, so decorate it and create a space you will enjoy you be in.

Open the box and Unpack into a Small Kitchen
Pack and unpack your kitchen efficiently and fast.

Packing your boxes properly

This first step does not have a direct connection with unpacking. But, if you pack your boxes properly, you will unpack them faster. If you are not sure in your packing skills, there are always professional packers in Kuwait you may hire to pack your kitchen and the rest of your furniture. Kitchenware is fragile, so packing is an important part of a move.

Make a plan

Clean your new kitchen and make a plan which cabinet is for glassware, plates, spices, etc. Before you start with unpacking, open all the cabinets. Every inch of counter space is “golden”. Start with bigger items (pots, bowls, kitchen appliances). Find the perfect place for them, and after think where to put smaller items.

Unpack into a small kitchen essential box

When you are packing your kitchen, don’t forget to pack an essential box. It is a box with the most important items such as a few glasses, plates, a knife, towels, dish soap, snacks, etc. That box, you should unpack first. If you are moving with a family, pack prepared food for your kids.

Be creative with counter space

Don’t keep the counter space empty, also think about how to make more space for food preparing in your new kitchen. One of the ideas is to have a sink that can be closed and used as a countertop. Your small kitchen appliances such as toaster and blender can be placed on your countertop too.

Use the walls and doors

If you need more space, create shelves on the walls where you can put spices and herbs. A door is perfect to hang baskets for fruit and vegetables. Just think vertical and how you may maximize the space. Search for ideas on the internet or create something on your own. If you really want to take the maximum, hire an architect.

Pots hanging on the kitchen wall.
You should hang your pots to make more space in the cabinets.

Don’t keep all the items

Do you really need a hundred plates and spoons? If you have a small kitchen, one of the disadvantages is that you cannot keep all your items, at least not in your home. Keep things you use often and just the most important kitchen appliances.

Organizing the kitchen after unpacking

After unpacking it is time to organize and clean it. By organizing the kitchen, you will be able to put more items inside and find them faster. Of course, it will also look much bigger than it is. Unpack into a small kitchen and organize it like a professional.

A small, unpacked, and organized kitchen.
Your kitchen will look bigger if it is organized.
  • Paint your kitchen in bright colors (white, beige, light pink, light blue, etc.)
  • Add shelves for plates, spices, and pots. 
  • When you need to unpack into a small kitchen, use plastic containers to store food.
  • You can hang the pots.
  • Undershelf baskets can be a perfect solution in the cabinets.

Renting a storage unit to unpack into a small kitchen

If you are moving from a big to a small kitchen, you will definitely have extra appliances and kitchen cabinets. You should not throw it all away, you never know will you need them again. Renting a warehouse or a storage unit is one of the options. Not only you can store the rest of your kitchen, but also the entire furniture. Find a secure warehouse in Kuwait and do not worry. It is also a good option if you want to ship your furniture before moving, so everything will be there when you arrive. Your belongings will wait for you in a warehouse.

Moving to a smaller home may be challenging. But, on the other hand, more affordable. It is a clever idea to rent/buy a smaller home if you are moving for the first time to a foreign country. You do not know how big your expenses are going to be and how quickly you will adjust to the new city. Unpack into a small kitchen right after moving day to make a “home-feel”. You may make your favorite tea or coffee, and make dinner for your family. Especially if you are moving with a family and young kids, it is more important to unpack your kitchen faster.