Tips For Packing A Garage For Moving Day

So you decided to move to college or a good job opportunity in Kuwait? Congratulations! Preparing and packing all your items shouldn’t be so hard. You already probably know how to pack all your stuff and furniture by now. But still, you encountered a problem with packing your garage and don’t know how? Don’t worry! In this text, we will give you ideas and tips for packing a garage for moving day without any stress! So, when the final day of relocation comes, you will be 100% ready and prepared.

What to do before packing a garage for moving day

There are certainly a lot of things you must do before you start packing. Make sure you decided which items you will use and pack, and which ones are obsolete. There are few ways to get rid of unwanted stuff. Either organize a yard sale, where you can even earn some money, or donate them to someone who needs them. Your friends, family or neighbors can surely make use of them. Sometimes, moving companies can provide you with information on how to do that. When searching for Kuwait logistic companies, make sure to ask them about it and find out about all the benefits of hiring the professionals.

Gather all the necessary tools and material for packing

After you are done with getting rid of unnecessary items, it is time to get what you need for packing. Some of these items you already have in your household, but some of them you will have to go out and by. Household items consist of:

  • Duct tape
  • Some packing paper, foams etc.
  • Designated boxes
  • Scissors, ropes, labels etc
Stacked old newspaper
Old newspaper can help you a lot with packing a garage for moving day

One of the most important items you must have is moving boxes. There are tips and trick on how to find decent moving boxes in Kuwait you can follow. Although these are great to have, there are few more items that can make your packing a lot easier and stressless, such as:

  • Phone or camera. You can use it to snap a photo of some things that need to be put apart. It is the easiest way to reassemble them again.
  • Permanent marker. Easy to label, hard to erase during transport.
  • Some old socks or some other old clothes used for wrapping oddly shaped items.
  • Some plastic jars you can use to store some small items.
  • Ziplock plastic bags
  • We can’t stress enough how much labeling your boxes is important.
Old socks on the floor used for packing a garage for moving day
Use old socks to wrap oddly shaped items

Also, keep in mind that if you have any instruction manuals for your tools, items or other electronics, you can use them to safely disassemble and reassemble later. Don’t forget to pack them together with the items they came with. Sometimes moving companies in Kuwait can provide you with appropriate boxes of their own.

Packing tools and other gardening items 

After you finish gathering all the necessary materials and items required for moving it is time to start packing a garage for moving day. Every item probably requires some special kind of packing in order to save it from damage that can happen during the transport. When it comes to tools there are numerous ways of packing them.

  • Garden tools with long handles should be packed together, bundled preferably. Brooms and mops also. Have in mind that you should disassemble them first, for easier packing.
  • Any power tools you have should be completely drained of oil and gas before packing. Make sure they are 100% wet free!
  • Old clothes such as towels, blankets or sweaters can be used for wrapping sharp-edged tools and knives. Best way to protect your stuff and yourself from injury.
  • Any hand tools you have can be packed in any boxes and then wrapped in old clothes to prevent possible damage. If by any chance you have their original boxes, use them before anything else. Make sure to label the boxes accordingly, so you won’t have any troubles finding them later.

Packing a garage for moving day doesn’t have to be a hard job if you know what you are doing. We covered hand and gardening tools, but now, we will talk about bigger items that you will need to pack.

Hand holding a marker
Don’t forget to label your boxes

Packing outdoor equipment 

You probably keep most of the outdoor equipment inside your garage in a dry and safe place. Grills should always be dry and cleaned from any excess charcoal leftovers. Before packing them, dismantle them and clean the grill. Try to get all the grease off, because it can stain some items. If by any chance you have a gas-based grill, the tank should be packed by professionals, and according to rules and regulations.

When it comes to trash cans and bins you can also use them as a packing material. They can be used as boxes if they can be sealed and roled. Just be sure you are not overweighting them too much. They can easily break that way. As we mentioned before, it is important to clean every item you plan on moving. That is the same case with thrash cans. Clean and dry them well and they are good to go. But in the end, if you can afford to buy new ones, then don’t bother with transporting them.

Coffee mug on a grill
Clean your grill with excess grease and charcoal

Dissasembling large items 

Very large items such as lawn mowers, saws, routers and other various workshop tools are too big to be packed. That is why it is very important to use their original user manuals and disassemble them accordingly.  Breaking them down into little pieces can make packing a garage for moving day a lot easier. Dry them out of oil, gas, and water. If they have any rough or sharp edges, take them apart and wrap them in clothes. Same goes with chains from chainsaws or any other tools. You really want to avoid getting injured by them during your packing. Remember, use your phone camera to record the disassembling. That way you can easily trace back the steps and reassemble the items properly and without any trouble.

Packing a garage for moving day is not an easy task if you do not know what you are doing. These little tips and tricks we provided you are surely going to help you a lot. When it comes to some very complex items you can have, we recommend you contact your professional movers for any help, if it is needed. If you have any tips and trick of your own, feel free to share them with us. We are more than happy to hear from you in the future!