The cost of living in Kuwait

If you are one of the lucky ones to get accepted into one of the prestigious Kuwait Universities or moving to Kuwait City for a new job, you should know what to expect when it comes to the cost of living in Kuwait. It does help a lot knowing how to organize your finances according to your income. In this article, we will give you enough information regarding housing, utilities, food and other expenses you can encounter during your stay in Kuwait City. Hopefully, after reading this text, you will be more prepared for your relocation and new life in Kuwait.

 The cost of living in Kuwait – Renting 

Relocating to Kuwait can be chaotic if you are going unprepared. Make sure you gather all the necessary information before you finally decide to move to Kuwait. First thing first when it comes to living in Kuwait City is finding affordable house or apartment to settle in. The good thing about Kuwait is that they provide good enough renting market so you will find your new home easily. When it comes to costs of renting, it all falls down to your own lifestyle. According to information we get from feedbacks and government websites, your work negotiator will provide you with the detailed list of costs of living in Kuwait. This way you will have a clear idea whether your new job opportunity is financially suitable for you or not.  When it comes to housing expenses the costs vary depending on certain factors such as:

  • Single housing goes around 900$
  • If couples (married ones) wish to rent a house the price revolves around 1000$
  • Families with 2 children will have to pay approximately 1200$

Other factors that influence the price of rent is the location of the apartment/house, is it a modern block or not, how many bedrooms does it have etc. Most of these apartments include AC, Internet, satellite TV with them, water, sometimes even a gym membership. Make sure to ask your future landlord what will you get before signing the contract. It does pay off to know what is the cost of air freight forwarding companies in Kuwait also. Avoiding unnecessary expenses will save you more money for finding a better house.

Hands exchanging keys and money for rent as a part of cost of living in Kuwait
The housing market in Kuwait is well organized

Costs of clothing 

If you are into designer labels, clothing can be pretty expensive. But, luckily for you, Kuwaiti climate doesn’t have cold winters at all. That is why you will not have the need for plenty of clothes. Office wear usually evolves around shirts and ties, with the exception of formal events. All in all, footwear and clothing such as business suits, children clothing, hats, coats, casual clothing, evening wear etc. tend to be less expensive than in other countries. Comparing Kuwaiti cities clothing expenses places him in 200 places of 300 on the overall cost of living index. This will come in handy when planning that perfect night out in Kuwait with your new friends and coworkers. Costs of clothing vary from 150$ for singles, 300$ for married couples and around 450$ for couples with children.

stack of jeans
You can find cheap clothes in Kuwait

Prices of food and groceries 

During the last couple of decades, Kuwait has opened its trading borders with the rest of the World. Which only means that Kuwaiti cuisine has lots of varieties of food and groceries. Bud, don’t let that fool you. Kuwaiti restaurants, take-outs, dinners etc. are considered to be expensive! When it comes to eating out, Kuwaiti takes 36 places out of 300 on the overall cost of living index. Making your own food, on the other hand, can be much cheaper. Although buying groceries can be more expensive than in your home country, in the end, you will end up saving more money again. Costs of grocery such as baby food, dairy, fresh fruits, vegetables, baking items, soft drinks etc. can vary from 450$ for singles, 750$ for couples, and 1000$ for families. There are a lot of other foods prices in Kuwait you can check out, just to get a more precise picture of what to expect.

groceries in the store
It’s cheaper to make your own food than to order take out

Cost of utilities in Kuwait

Utilities in Kuwait are holding 260 out of 300 places in overall living expenses index. Making it one of the cheapest cities to live in. Costs of using communications, like telephone, internet, call charges, provider fee, mobile provider tend to be less expensive than in other cities. The government is keeping telephone costs, especially those international ones, low. In order to encourage investment and trading between Kuwait and the rest of the world. As before, costs vary depending on the number of occupants in the house, with prices going from 225$, 300$ and 400$ a month for singles, couples and families.

Cartoon money and coins
Cost of utilities in Kuwait are low

Transportation price in Kuwait 

Transport can be least of your worries when it comes to cost of living in Kuwait. Most expats chose to drive their cars since the gas prices are very cheap. Taxis and public transportations are also available. The overall price of using your own car, public transportation, and taxi services vary from 75 – 100 $, depending on your marital status and how many children you have. Also, the prices of moving companies Kw can be afforded a lot if you know what to look for. Make sure you check them in detail just to be ready for everything.

Gas pump
Low gas prices influence the overall cost of living in Kuwait

Education in Kuwait 

Schooling and after-school activities can be expensive in Kuwait as well. When it comes to education, it is considered as one of the biggest expenses you will have. If you can, we recommend that you negotiate school expenses with your new employer.

books stacked in front of the desk
Education in Kuwait can be expensive

Generally, cost of living in Kuwait tend to vary from year to year. Sometimes the prices can drop or rise. It all depends on the price that Kuwaiti oil has on the global market. We hope that, after reading this article, you have a more clear picture of what to expect from prices of products and services in Kuwait. If you have any other useful information, tips, and trick on how to save some money while living in Kuwait, please share them with us. We appreciate your feedback and can’t wait to hear from you!