Label moving boxes like a pro

Packing process can be very hard and overwhelming, but unpacking process can be twice as hard if you forget to label moving boxes properly. If you don’t have money for additional Kuwait moving services you need to learn how to label moving boxes like a pro.

Tips For Labeling Moving Boxes Like A Pro

Your packing and unpacking process doesn’t have to be disorganized, chaos and stress. Packing your current home to move to a new address in Kuwait, can be easier if you know all the packing steps including labeling. It is a very important step if you want to have a smooth move. So, after you hire moving companies in Kuwait, make sure to pack and label all your moving boxes before they come to your address.

Labeling can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task, but if you have the patience to do it right you will be thankful later, after the relocation.  It can be a lot easier if you hire professional packers to do all the packing process for you. But, if you don’t have enough money in your moving budget for them, read our tips and learn how to label moving boxes like a pro.

Follow these few tips when you are packing and labeling your moving boxes.

If you want successful unpacking make sure to label moving boxes before the move
Learn how to properly label your moving boxes if you want easy and smooth unpacking

Get your labeling tools ready

The first step in labeling process is buying labeling tools. You need to create a good labeling system if you want successful process.

  • Quality markers

You need permanent markers so you can write on your moving boxes. Also, use different colors when labeling different boxes. Avoid buying cheap markers and buy good quality ones. Make sure that your markers are also waterproof. You never know the weather for your moving day.

Buy marker so you can write on labels on your moving box
You need permanent markers so you can write on your moving boxes.
  • Labels

Use moving box labels, you can find them for free on the Internet. You can print them or you can buy it in the local moving company. Labels have the names of the different rooms printed on them, so it is your job just to fill the contents of each moving box. In case you have enough time and you want to add some fun to labeling process, you can make your own moving box labels.

  • Colored tape

Of course, you can use a clear packing tape, but if you want a high level in labeling system, use colored tape for easier box identification.

Make sure to buy packing material for packing and labeling moving boxes
When you label moving boxes you also need a tape besides labels and markers

The best way to label moving boxes

Make sure to make the best labeling system. It has to be easy for you. You can choose the color for each room so you can know which moving box is for each room. For example, you can choose the red color for the bedroom, so you can mark all the moving boxes for the bedroom in red color. Also, you can write the exact contents inside each moving box.

Use numbered labeling system

Another way to label moving boxes is to use numbers instead of colors. You can label your moving box with a number which presents the contents of your moving box. For example, the kitchen can be number 1. So, every box that includes stuff from the kitchen should be labeled with number 1.

Use numbered labeling system
In numbered labeling system, each room in your home should have its own number

Make an extra backup

Labeling moving boxes is a process that helps you save the time and confusion during the unpacking process. So, make sure to have an extra backup for labeling and inventory checklist. Photocopy your checklist and put every paper in different place. Also, you can send an email to yourself for extra protection.

Find your own labeling method

How you label moving boxes does matter. You need to find the best way that works for you. For the best results, choose the labeling method that will work best for you. This way you should use to label the top and two sides of each moving box. Make sure to label moving boxes at least on one visible side so you don’t waste time for searching while unloading.

Label storage boxes

Labeling process is very important, not just for moving also for storing your good in Kuwait warehouse. So, it will be easy to find a box you need in your storage unit. Also, when moving you can use your own labeling method to mark the boxes for the storage. Labeling the storage boxes in this manner will save you time when you need to take them from the storage.

Label storage boxes save you time when you search them in your storage unit
Labeling the storage boxes in this manner will save you time when you need to take them from the storage.

Labeling moving boxes with fragile items

In case that you have a moving box with fragile or valuable things, make sure to label it and mark the moving box with “fragile” so you can be very careful when loading and unloading moving boxes from the moving truck. If you mark your moving boxes properly you will avoid possible damages. Also, you can avoid injuries during Kuwait move, if you label the heavy box with “heavy”.

How to label used cardboard boxes?

If you want to cut your moving costs and you get free moving boxes in near grocery store, some of them will already have written labels. So, if you want to avoid confusion, tape your labels above the old ones.

Labeling moving boxes doesn’t have to hard

Packing up your entire home can be very stressful and truly overwhelming job. We know that. That’s why, if packing all your household goods seems like too much for you, contact your moving company and ask them for help. You will get quality packing and labeling process and you will be relaxed during the move. Professional packers know how to properly pack and label moving boxes so you don’t need to worry about damages during the transportation.

Hire professional packers to help you pack and label moving boxes
Labeling moving boxes doesn’t have to hard when you have professional help