Tips for disassembling a pool table

Organizing a relocation takes a lot of time and careful planning. The most tiring and time-consuming part of the moving process is packing and preparing all your belongings for transport. This can be particularly tricky if you have some bulky and heavy items, such as a pool table. Disassembling a pool table will take a lot of your time. You need to know the proper technique and have the right tools. Good moving companies in Kuwait that offer special services can help you during the relocation process, and reduce stress and anxiety. We will also try to give you some tips and tricks on how to pack and transport all your belongings safely.

Gather the right tools for disassembling a pool table

Before you start disassembling a pool table, check whether you have all the necessary tools for the job. Some of the tools you will need are a moving box, moving blankets, a drill, a screwdriver, pliers, wrenchers, a staple puller, etc.

Balls on a pool table
Disassembling a pool table – here are our tips!

Starting to remove parts

The first step would be to remove some parts of the pool table. Start with pocket linens and rails. Use a screwdriver or a staple remover to take out six-pocket linens. Then, use a drill to remove 18 rail bolts. You can make the process easier by flipping the table. Once you have removed the bolts, lift the rail system from the pool table. After that, remove the apron and detach the felt. Now it is time to remove the slate. There are four slate screws in each piece of slate that you need to remove. Once you start to remove the slate pieces, make sure to mark them so that you would know how to assemble them later. It goes without saying that you need to protect each slate with a moving blanket and wrap it. After removing all the parts and taking all the screws out, you can detach the frame. Finally, remove the legs and wrap each one with moving blankets.

If you are organizing a DIY move, ask your friends and family to help you disassemble your pool table. Although it is not impossible to do this without the help of professional packers, the process requires a lot of focus and caution. Moving injuries are quite common, especially when you are lifting heavy pieces of furniture. Also, you don’t want to accidentally cause any damage to your pool table

Label everything after disassembling a pool table

As you already know, pool tables have a lot of pieces. Some of them are quite small and can easily be lost or misplaced. So, make sure you collect every bold and every screw as you detach them from the frame. The smallest piece can cause problems when you try to reassemble our pool table in the new home. Put smaller pieces in plastic bags or cardboard boxes. Use bubble wrap and furniture blankets to protect everything and label each box.

Packing glass and labeling boxes
Label boxes – write handling instructions, content, and destination room

Hiring a moving company can facilitate the relocation process

Organizing a move on your own can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. On the other hand, hiring reliable international moving companies to handle every aspect of your move will speed up the process. You wouldn’t have to spend time gathering moving supplies or disassembling furniture. Your movers would provide quality packing materials, pack, and protect all your items, transport them, unpack your boxes, and offer useful advice.

It is very important to do thorough research and choose a company that meets all your needs. Visit specialized moving websites where you can find general information about companies and license information. Also, check companies’ ratings and reviews. Make a list of companies that provide the type of services you need and request several moving estimates. In this way, you can compare the costs and choose the company that fits your budget.

Do you need a storage unit?

Renting a storage facility can be very useful during a move, especially if you have some large items. There are many safe and secure warehousing companies in Kuwait. You could leave your pool table in a storage unit until you find the perfect place for it in your new home. However, bear in mind that you will need climate-controlled storage because fluctuations in temperature might damage your pool table.

After disassembling a pool table leave it in a storage
Find the right-size storage unit near your new home

Reassembling your pool table

In order to put your pool table back together, you will need the same tools you used to disassemble it. First, reattach the legs to the frame. Next, place the slate and screw everything back into place. Put everything back how it was – the felt, rails, and drop pockets. Make sure to be careful and stay safe during the process.

Ensure a successful move!

There are some tips and tricks that can help you ensure a smooth move. The most important thing is good preparation. Remember that your move doesn’t start on a moving day. It begins at least a couple of months before. Create a list of moving activities to help you stay organized. With a timeline, you will know exactly what you should be doing during the moving process. Include everything in the lost, from gathering moving boxes to finding a storage unit.

The most time-consuming part of relocation is packing. You need to decide which items you want to keep which means that decluttering is an integral part of your move. Don’t pack and transport things you don’t use, furniture that won’t fit, or clothes you no longer wear. Sell or donate things you no longer want and need. Finally, the most important part is choosing your movers. Make sure they are experienced, trustworthy, and licensed. It is the only way to avoid being a victim of a moving scam. Good luck disassembling a pool table and a happy move!