Tips and tricks for finding reliable office movers

We all know that when moving, there is a lot of stuff you need to take care of. At times you might even find yourself so hopeless, stressful and out of energy that you cannot wait until the moving is done. However, you need to make sure you know all the tips and tricks for finding reliable office movers so you don’t get tricked into paying more for less. That’s why you should evaluate a moving company before you start moving.

The Paradox of Choice

In this day and age, finding reliable office movers can be tough. On a daily basis, we are bombarded with tips and tricks on many a different topic. However, that’s not to say these articles are not useful. On the contrary, they are of an inordinate amount of help to people who are struggling with those particular issues. However, it is hard to weed out all the fluff and get to the gist of things, with so much information present. This is is the so-called paradox of choice. With so many options to choose from, we cannot decide on which one we want, so we get paralyzed, and decide to choose nothing.

finding reliable office movers can be a hard decision to make.
Barry Schwartz wrote a book in 2004 called the “The Paradox of Choice” in which he argued that people tend to have less stress when faced with fewer choices to make.

With that in mind, we present to you a couple of tips and tricks for finding reliable office movers which we hope will help you in your journey ahead. By narrowing down all the information and choices you need to make in one single article.

Who are office movers?

Office moving or a commercial move or a business relocation are all synonyms for one simple idea. That idea being – relocation of your business from point A to point B. Stress-free, no hassle.

Let’s say you decide to pack and move. You want to relocate your business. It doesn’t matter if you are upgrading by moving to a larger building, or downsizing by relocating to a smaller office. The idea is that you are delegating the hardest task by hiring a moving company. Who will, with all the years of their experience, uproot your whole office and plant in wherever you desire in no time flat. Leaving you with spare time on your hands to focus on other logistics of your firm.

Is office moving and residential moving different?

Moving, in general, is quite a complex event. Task management in these scenarios is extremely important. A person must be in a position to balance multiple tasks at once if he wants to be successful at moving.

People planning an office move
Commercial moving implies more planning and logistics, given its complexity.

Now imagine all that, just amplified twofold. Given the sheer size of the items you are moving, and the time crunch in which you need to the relocation… Is why office moving requires much more planning and logistics than regular residential moving.

Why is it important to find reliable office movers?

You should also take into consideration safety when hiring office movers. And in that regard, two things must be taken into consideration. Firstly, the safety of your office belongings. Secondly, you must take into account the safety of your business secrets that can be found in the documents and office appliances of your company.  That it is of tantamount importance to find reliable movers who you can trust.

How to find reliable office movers?

If you want to find a company you can trust your money with, take the following steps:

Step #1: Word of mouth

In order to separate the wheat from the chaff, a good place to start is word of mouth recommendations. Testimonials from your friends and family and co-workers as well can go a long way. Afterward, cross-check these references and compare them with reputable moving companies. This way you will get a large database of comments on their provided services.

Step #2: Check the reviews

Check the reviews of the company you got suggested to hire. In the day and age of the internet, a simple Google search can go a long way. However, a thing to keep in mind is, that you are not looking for good comments about the company, but about all the criticisms and negative feedback, it got. Generally speaking, no moving company has a spot clear record. However, you are trying to find a company with as low negative feedback as possible.

A simple Google search can go a long way!
Check the reliability of your friend’s suggestions by a simple web search!

However, be wary of fake online moving reviews as they can be a nuisance to deal with.

Step #3: Inquiry

After you have narrowed down your choice to a few companies, now is the time to start the inquires. Ask them about their licenses, insurance policies and special services they offer. Enquire about storage units Kuwait to check whether they have some space where you can store office belongings after you have moded.

Inquire whether they keep an inventory of your items as this is also a safeguard to make sure all your stuff gets relocated safe and sound. And more importantly, it ensures that the insurance company has a list of all the items that can get lost and damaged in transit.

The general idea here being is that you want to find a company that will best cater to your needs. Find someone who you feel most comfortable with since you will be spending the rest of the move in negotiations with them.

Step #4 for finding reliable office movers: ask them about a moving quote

Finally, a moving company should be open about the moving costs, before signing a moving contract.

Make sure you are clear with them on the price. Some moving companies hide the price of some offers such as packing and charge extra for that. So be careful! Make sure to ask them what is covered by the moving quote they give you.

In conclusion

Finding a reliable office mover can be difficult. Especially given the sheer amount of moving companies out there. This might seem like a daunting task to you. You might be even paralyzed by choice, and cannot decide where to start. Well, all that is okay and perfectly normal. Just keep in mind why you are hiring the moving company in the first place, and look for a firm that can abide by your requests. The easiest way to go about this is by simply asking your friends and family what moving company they would recommend. Then check the reviews of that company, and if it seems reputable – inquire. Ask them questions, and see if they can meet all your requirements. Lastly, make sure you ask them for a moving quote, and what is covered by it.

At the end of the day, if you do not know where to start – Easy Move is a moving company in Kuwait with years of experience with commercial moving, so you might want to get a free moving quote from us today, and see exactly why we might be the perfect fit for you!