How to recognize fake online moving reviews?

When you are searching for a moving company that is reliable, you can often read reviews and comments online to check the company before you hire them. But unfortunately, it is not always as simple as that, as there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Nowadays it is easy to get scammed, but that won`t be the case if you learn how to recognize fake online moving reviews and, thus, avoid moving trouble. 

Fraud alert on the personal computer.
Recognize moving frauds with simple tips and secure yourself.

Today, people literally cannot live without the internet. They use it for work, school, finding old friends from childhood, cooking recipes, games, etc. In the same manner, of course, people will use the internet for finding a moving company for their relocation. With our simple tips, your moving will be safe and stress-free. So, be prepared for moving and packing without stress and for having the right knowledge to recognize fraudsters.

Why people write lies about moving companies

Sometimes they want to show how their company is the best, or reviewers want to sabotage the competition. However, there will always be fake reviews and comments, no matter what. And you should recognize them. Especially if the company is new and they still do not have enough clients, they want you to hire them and to expand their business. Fake reviews do not mean that you will be a victim of fraud, but it can be the case. That is why it is very important to learn how to recognize and avoid them.

Fake online moving reviews may be too personal

Moving reviews that contain a lot of personal information of the guys who helped them when packing, loading, unloading, and transporting are suspicious. Always put yourself in the situation first, and see how would you react and what would you comment. Would you remember all the worker’s first names, their last names, and personal details about their lives? Probably, you will remember a few names or nicknames, but no more than that. If you see it, it can be fake.

Too many details or no details at all

Fake online moving reviews or any other online reviews have less description with almost no details at all. When you find quality moving services Kuwait, their reviews should contain a lot of details. Also, when you see too much unnecessary information, such as what is the reason for their moving or who they were moving with, what is the number of the members of their family, etc. you will notice that the half of the text is written in the first person singular. The golden middle is the best.

Warning sign indicating fake online moving reviews.
Beware, sometimes, unfortunately, you can be a victim of fraud if you did not check the right reviews. That research may save your money.

Reviews are too positive or too negative

Of course, you will search for the positive online moving reviews, but what if the reviews are too good to be true? Nothing is perfect, and you can not satisfy everyone and that is normal. Know that the comments that are too positive are not a good sign. On the other hand, negative moving reviews are probably not fake, but you will not hire them because of the customer’s bad experience. So, if the reviews are too negative or too positive, you will know that you are most likely reading fake online moving reviews and that you should not hire the company in question.

No information about the person who wrote a review

Now, the majority of sites try to match the reviewers to the actual purchases, just because of authenticity. Also, there can be a seal of approval (Yelp and  Amazon have elite reviewers with that special seal, for example). Reviewers who have a small number of posts or they do not have any profile information are more likely to be fake.

Fake online moving reviews are posted at once

Check the date and time when the reviews were posted online. Pay attention to this detail. If the time between reviews is too short, it is a sign of a fake review, no matter if they are negative or positive. Especially if their writing style is similar. You must be careful when you are searching for the moving company. And, it does not matter whether the moving is long or short distance. Read a lot of online reviews and posts and you will recognize fake from true.

A crossword puzzle.
Pay attention to details and you will recognize fake online moving reviews.

Simpler words and shorter sentences

No matter if you are looking for moving company, storage services, air or sea freight in Kuwait, you must get as many information as you can. And, of course, you must pay attention to details. What does it mean? The brain is using more power when it is telling lies, so the words will be smaller and the sentences will be shorter. Vocabulary tends to suffer because of lies. Fraudster does not have a lot of time for writing the reviews and they want to write plenty of reviews for a short period of time. Because of that, reviews will “suffer”.

Summary, what to pay attention to?

So, for the end, how do you recognize moving reviews that are fake? Well, as always, Easy Move Kuwait has all the answers!

  • Check the time between reviews. When are they posted?
  • Do you see personal information about the movers? And, are the reviews full of other unnecessary details, or are they missing any information whatsoever about the moving company and its services?
  • There is no perfect moving company, do not for a second believe that a company like this exists. Therefore, too positive moving reviews are a reason to be suspicious.
  • Check who wrote those reviews.
  • One of the characteristics of fake online moving reviews is definitely shorter and simpler sentences and words.

If you cannot check everything alone, call a friend and research together. Fake online moving reviews can be easily found with the right knowledge. Check everything twice! Moving is already a very stressful life experience, so make sure you have a really good moving company. Now you know how to choose them, so good luck with the relocation.