How to say goodbye to your friends when moving long distance

Moving house is not only a physically and mentally difficult process. Coming to terms with all the changes can also be emotionally challenging, especially when you’re moving long distance. Not only are you leaving your house and moving to a new location, but you are also leaving all of your friends behind. Of course, you can stay in contact with them after the move and you can visit each other, but some things are inevitably going to change. That’s why it’s important to remember to stop worrying about shipping companies in Kuwait for a moment and spend some time with your friends. Even though you will probably see each other again at some point, it’s nice to say goodbye to your friends when moving long distance.

Let your friends know you’re moving long distance and involve them

It can be difficult to break the news that you’re moving away to your closest friends. However, it is something you have to do. Show them photos of your new home, give them your new address and involve them in the process. Before you say goodbye to your friends and move away, you can ask them to help you out with the move. Ask your friends for advice if they have experience with moving house. They might be able to recommend some international movers Kuwait to you or give you packing tips. You can also ask them to help you pack. That way you’ll finish packing quicker, but you’ll also spend some more time with them. When you’re moving far away, you probably want to hang out with your friends every chance you get.

Throw a party to say goodbye to your friends when moving long distance

Colorful balloons in the air. A way to say goodbye to your friends when moving long distance is to trow a party and celebrate.
Get some balloons, drinks and food and throw a party to say goodbye to your friends before you move away.

What better way to say goodbye than by celebrating a new chapter in your life? Even though saying goodbye to your friends when moving long distance is emotional and not very enjoyable, you should focus on the positives. You’re about to start a brand new life and, although your friends aren’t coming with you, they surely are happy for you. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t throw a going away party before moving to Kuwait and have fun with all your friends. Invite all of your friends for some drinks, play your favorite songs and dance the night away.

Invite your friends over for BBQ

If you and your friends don’t particularly like to party, you can invite them over for BBQ. Everyone likes good food, so another good way to say goodbye to your friends when moving long distance is to make dinner for your friends. If the weather is nice, that’s just another reason to eat your troubles away in your backyard. Enjoy the sun, the food and good company.

Go out with your friends and have fun before moving long distance

Instead of celebrating in your house, you can take your friends out and have a good time. This doesn’t mean you have to go to a club. There are a lot of ways to spend quality time with your friends before moving far away. 

  • Go to the theater and watch a fun play. Afterward, you can go for drinks and discuss the play.
  • Take your friends to the cinema and watch a movie you are all interested in.
  • Have fun at a gig or a concert. Listen to some live music and forget all about your moving stress.
  • If you and your friends are into outdoor activities, do something together one last time. Go hiking or play some games at the park
  • Go on a picnic and enjoy a nice meal in nature. Spend a pleasant day outside with your friends and enjoy the nice weather.
  • Go to your favorite coffeehouse or bar. Spend one last evening at your favorite place with your favorite people.
Three people cheersing with coffee.
Take your friends to your favorite place in the city and say a proper goodbye to your friends.

If you hire professional packers, you’ll have one less thing to worry about and you can focus on having fun with friends. Use the extra time to go out and make the most of your time together.

Make your last day together special

As this is the last time you’ll all be together for a while, you want to make it special. When you’re saying goodbye to your friends before a long distance move, you want to do something you’ll remember.

  • Consider getting your friends small, but meaningful gifts to remember you by. You don’t necessarily have to buy them things, you can make something or give them some trinkets that have meaning to you guys. It’s nice to know that you’re leaving them with something that will remind them of you. You can even write them notes or letters and showcase how much they mean to you.
  • Go through your photos together and remember all the good times you shared. Going down memory lane is always fun and sometimes even emotional. Make sure you remember this day and take some new photos that you can take with you. Tell funny stories about your adventures together and remind each other how much fun you had.

    A camera and polaroid pictures.
    If you want to say goodbye to your friends when moving long distance, do something special and go down memory lane.
  • Make a goodbye speech and let your friends know how much you’ll miss them and how much you love them.
  • Reassure your friends that you’ll stay in touch. Just because you’re moving away, you don’t have to lose contact with the people who are important to you. There are many ways you’ll be able to communicate, so make sure your friends know you won’t forget them.

Say goodbye to your friends when moving long distance

It’s really important to say goodbye to your friends when moving long distance. Leaving without a goodbye isn’t very nice. Have some fun with your friends before you move away and don’t dwell on the fact that you’re leaving. Focus on the positives and remember that this doesn’t have to be the last time you see each other.