Food prices in Kuwait

If you are relocating to Kuwait it can be a very exciting adventure and beautiful experience especially when you taste fantastic Kuwaiti Dishes. The best thing is that you don’t need too much money to visit Kuwait restaurants to taste their best dishes. Food prices in Kuwait are not high, we can say here are middle prices comparing it with USA prices.

Kuwait can be very exciting and interesting place to start a new life. If you are a hedonist, Kuwaiti cuisine is a great mixture of different tastes. You cannot feel real Kuwait life if you don’t try Kuwaiti food, your experience will not be complete without it.

So, moving to Kuwait can bring you a rich exciting life with tasty food. We bring you a list of authentic Kuwaiti dishes you must try and prices you will pay for it.

Food prices in Kuwait are not high - that's why you should try the best traditional meals in Kuwait
Moving to Kuwait can bring you a rich exciting life with tasty food – try Kuwaiti meals for little money

Food Prices in Kuwait Restaurants

When you settle down in Kuwait, you want to explore the country and the city where you live. One of the first things you will do after you know the Kuwait transportation you can visit many popular Kuwait restaurants. You should know that almost all Kuwait restaurants will offer you the same dishes. The only difference will be the spice. The spice is the key to Kuwaiti cuisine. So, you can only compare Kuwaiti dishes with spices used. Also, when you want to try famous dishes in Kuwait restaurants you need to know that all restaurants still have the tradition of “family” sections and “singles” (male) sections.  Also, many restaurants offer private dining rooms where ladies can dine more comfortable.

Now, after the introduction to Kuwaiti restaurants, you need to know how much money you will need for dining here. First, if you relocate here from the USA, you need to know that 1 Kuwaiti Dinar equals 3.34 US Dollar. We can start with food prices in Kuwait restaurants.

  • Meal in Inexpensive Kuwait Restaurant will cost you 1.80 KWD or 6 dollars
  • Three-course meal for 2 People in Mid-range Kuwait Restaurant cost 12.00 KWD
  • McMeal at McDonald’s is 2.00 KWD
  • Non-Alcoholic Beer (33-liter bottle)0.72 KWD
  • Cappuccino 1.48 KWD
  • Coke/Pepsi (33-liter bottle)0.16 KWD
  • Water (33-liter bottle) 0.13 KWD
Kuwait traditional meals you can taste for small prices
Now, after the introduction to Kuwaiti restaurants, you need to know how much money you will need for dining here – try best dishes for small prices

Authentic Kuwaiti Dishes you must try

When moving to Kuwait using the help from international movers Kuwait, you can be very exciting because a very interesting life is expecting you. If you are never lived before in country like Kuwait, you can expect to see and try many new and different things.  Maybe you are not thinking about Kuwaiti dishes during your transition, but you need to know more about it because it will be the big part of your everyday life. The food is the big part of the cost of living in Kuwait. You should know how much money you will need for a month living in Kuwait. The USA is more expensive than Kuwait, it also means you will need less money for food in Kuwait than in the USA. For example, in New York, you will pay double more for a meal than in Kuwait restaurant. But, no matter how much money you will pay for Kuwaiti dishes, it is worth every Kuwaiti Dinar. Every meal is rich in flavor and taste.

Kuwait has many dishes that are made and served in unique ways. Meals are preparing in different ways, you just need to taste it.

There are many restaurants you should visit if you want to enjoy home-cooked hospitality in Kuwait. We bring you a list of must-try Kuwaiti dishes you can eat without emptying your wallet.

Authentic Kuwaiti Dishes you must try
Kuwait has many dishes that are made and served in unique ways – try traditional Kuwaiti meals for an affordable price

Must-try Kuwaiti dishes and prices

  • Machboos

This is Kuwait’s national dish you can eat with chicken or fish – it depends on you. It is served with a red sauce called dakoos. You will pay for it approximately 3.55 KD.

  • Harees

This meal is a soup of wheat cooked with meat usually served with cinnamon sugar. This is a great meal when you want to keep warm during cold winter Kuwaiti nights.

  • Muttabaq Samak

This dish contains fish and rice with spices. Also, this meal is national because it is serving with Zubaidi fish, which is the national fish of Kuwait.

  • Murabyan

This is also rice dish with shrimps. It has great taste because of flavors inside.

  • Gers Ogaily

This is an exotically flavored cake you should try after you eat a heavy meal in Kuwait restaurant. Its taste is light and it has cardamom, saffron, rose water and sesame.

Where to eat traditional Kuwaiti food?

There are few places you should visit if you want to try traditional meals and to pay small food prices in Kuwait.

  • Beit Dickson

It is a traditional restaurant in Salmiya. It has rustic look with antique furniture, heavy wood chairs, cement flour, and staff in a colorful traditional dress will make you feel like you are dining in old Kuwait.

  • Zwarah

This is a restaurant with traditional cuisine. Here you should try Gers Ogaily cake and try delightful cinnamon tea with it.

Remember that there are many restaurants you should visit in Kuwait, we gave you just a few examples. All meals are made of meat or vegetable with many spices. Also, the best part of dining in Kuwaiti restaurants is – you don’t have to spend a lot of money. So, after your Kuwait relocation with Kuwait movers, bring your family to one of amazing Kuwait restaurants and you will be happy with food prices in Kuwait.