Most common signs of a bad moving company

You made a decision. It is time to move. You found a better job or you got married, the reason is not important. The point is, you have to move to another city or country, or even a continent. However, it is not a problem for Easy Move KW. We can help you to move your belongings safe. But, the big question is how to notice signs of a bad moving company. You must protect yourself and your family. Luckily, we are here to learn you how to choose a reliable moving company, wherever you move. Do not cancel your move just because you are scared to hire a moving company, so let’s start.

Little papers on which it's written "good" and "bad"
Learn what are the bad signs of a moving company, and what are the good signs. It will save you money and time

Learn what are the signs of a bad moving company

Moving is a new experience for you. And it is normal. You are stressed and you do not know what to do. Avoid moving mistakes and be safe. A successful moving experience requires:

  • Preparation – This does not mean just to prepare all documents and pack items, although you have a lot to do before the movers arrive. You should be mentally prepared for moving. Get information about the new city you will live in. Moving company also need to be prepared. Before the moving, they should come and give an estimate of the things they will transport.
  • Planning – Plan everything. What to do before and after the move, what to bring. etc. Make a list, so you won’t forget anything.
  • Teamwork – Be a team with moving company, so you will be quicker. Your family and you should work together too. Also, ask if your friends can help you with packing.
  • Trust – Trust must be deserved. If you see any signs of a bad moving company, walk away and check them again.

It is difficult to find these qualities, but it is possible. These are some things you should check.

On time

They must arrive on time. But, on the other hand, if they are late for some reason (for example, traffic jam), they must call you and tell you that. Another sign,  they gave you an excuse as to why they had to change the date of the appointment, cancel it. The company you choose must be responsible, of course. When they arrive you can negotiate with moving company.

A watch on a desk. Waiting for a moving company
The company you pick have to be responsible and they must respect your schedule


Workers must have t-shirts with the company’s name. Entering your personal space requires professionalism in all aspects. You want the best for you. Uniform is important because that can save you from fraud too. Just imagine if he or she arrives in a ratty t-shirt and dirty jeans. Something is bad here.


Real professionals with experience must have knowledge of moving and transportation. If it is your first time to move, of course, you will have a lot of questions about it. And they should know all the answers concerning their business. If they do not know anything it is one of the many signs of a bad moving company.

Vehicle and equipment

A good transport vehicle is a big plus. Van or truck are desirable vehicles. Also, the important things are the tools. There are plenty of shipping companies in Kuwait, but just some of them have everything. A good moving company will have the right equipment to transport your items safe.

One of the many signs of a good moving company is good transport vehicle
Check the transport vehicle of a moving company. They should have all the right equipment. You do not want broken items


Normal deposit is between 20 and 30 percent. Be aware. If moving company ask for a large deposit (over 30 percent) it is not a good thing. Or, if they are looking for a deposit which is too low. Not only, this company is bad, they can fool you. We know how it is important to save every penny, but and the fraudsters know it too. In the end, you will end up with nothing.

License and insurance

If you do not end up with broken things, where is nobody fault and no one will pay for it, check the company’s insurance. If they break something yours, they will pay for it, of course. Do not take a risk with that. Your belongings are too valuable. A good and reliable moving company has license and insurance.

Coins on the table
Insurance is the most important thing. If they break something, they will pay for it. Also, be aware of the large or small deposit

Get referrals and be sure the company is good

First, get recommendations. Ask your friends or family member, maybe they can recommend a company. If it is not a case, search online and in the yellow pages. A moving company with experience is a good choice, of course. Then, when you find a moving company, ask them for referrals (two or three will be enough). If past clients are satisfying it is a sign of a good moving company. Do not hire a first company you will find, pick 2-3 companies, and check them.

These are all the signs of a bad moving company. If you notice just one of them, cancel it. Do not take a risk. It is not worth it when you can find a reliable and reputable moving company. Open your eyes, and protect yourself. Now, when you know what are the signs of good and bad movers, you can relax. We hope that we helped you with these few tips. Remember, pick the best, because you and your belongings deserve just the best treatment. Good luck.