Should you move to Kuwait this spring?

Are you planning to move to Kuwait this spring? If you do, you should prepare well and think about many things. Overseas moving is a complicated matter. Besides finding international shipping companies that can safely transport your items, you should worry about complicated paperwork, packing your belongings and car shipping Kuwait. Unfortunately, there aren’t many companies that can help you to safely move here. So, finding one could be one of the most difficult tasks. On the other hand, springtime in Kuwait can be very tricky. Even though you probably think about Kuwait as a hot and desert climate country (which it is), last few years, the country has seen extraordinary levels of precipitation. This extraordinary weather created some lush greenery throughout the country. Beautiful to see, however, thorough preparation will be needed, just in case those unprecedented weather occurrences repeat.

Weather on our planet is changing rapidly, be prepared for unexpected events

If you are planning to move to Kuwait this spring, one of your biggest concerns should be how to protect your items and yourself from rain. If you thought that by moving to Kuwait you are saying goodbye to rain and cold weather, you are in for a surprise. Weather on our planet is rapidly changing. And Gulf countries are no exception.

Planet earth caught in flames
Weather on our plane is changing and Kuwait is no exception

You should only think about hiring international shipping companies from the region

This weather might be something that international companies from other countries do not expect to find here. There is a big chance that they won’t be prepared properly to ship your items safely. Therefore, if you are planning to move to Kuwait this spring, try to locate international shipping companies in Kuwait that will organize your move. They have experience with Kuwait’s weather and they will be prepared for anything. Keep this in mind while you are browsing through the vast internet offer.

How to find a reliable Kuwait shipping company with experience?

Finding a reputable and experienced international shipping company is not easy. Not all companies are specialized in all parts of the world. They all have their operational areas in which they like and know how to operate.  If you like to move to Kuwait this spring, you should focus on finding a shipping company from the Persian Gulf area. Search the internet and try to locate as many companies from this part of the world as you can.

  • Check whether they are members of American or other international moving and transportation associations.
  • Find shipping forums and read customer reviews.
  • Learn, how long they have been in business.
  • Contact them and check whether they have professional staff.
  • Ask for their quotes
  • Inform them that you plan to move to Kuwait this spring and ask for their advice on how to prepare properly

If you are planning to move to Kuwait this spring, be prepared for anything

Now you are probably wondering, what is going on in Kuwait during springtime? Well, spring in Kuwait is a very tricky season. They call this “sarayat” season and it lasts from March until May. During those months, you can expect to experience all kinds of weather. A day could be beautiful, warm and sunny. In the afternoon, suddenly you will see clouds forming out of nowhere. Those clouds will bring scary thunderstorms, lightning, strong wind, heavy rainfall, and even hail. As there is desert sand all around, those storms will also bring dust in the equation.

Storm on a beach
During springtime, sudden thunderstorms are quite possible in Kuwait

Heavy thunderstorms are especially problematic if you are moving

This kind of weather is especially problematic for those who move. Wooden furniture, cardboard boxes, electronic equipment are all very sensitive to rain. If you are moving during a rainstorm, additional protection for your items will be required. That is if you want to keep using them after you move. Also, the last few years, persistent rainfall, caused major road disruption across the country. That is another thing to think about when moving.

The good side of moving to Kuwait this spring

When you think about Kuwait, you probably imagine sandy, desert-like scenery. However, in recent years, those heavy storms brought something remarkable. Those storms were preceded by heavy dust storms. Strong winds, along with desert sand carried roots and seeds of a wide array of seasonal and perennial plants. Accompanied by rainfall, this created lush and picturesque greenery throughout the Gulf. This means that, when the “sarayat” season is over, you will enjoy the beautiful and lush scenery.

Learn how to prepare your items for a difficult move, gather appropriate packing materials

Now that you know what you can expect if you are moving to Kuwait this spring, you should think about how to prepare. The first and most important thing is to make sure that you hire a Kuwait moving company with experience. If you manage to find a reliable and customer-friendly company, you can ask them for advice on how to pack and prepare your items for the move. They will explain how will they conduct the shipping process, and inform you about packing solutions that you should apply.

First of all, this means using appropriate moving boxes Kuwait. However, you should also think about protecting your furniture with plastic wraps and weatherproof moving blankets. And using plastic containers to pack your sensitive electronics.

Bubble plastic
Plastic wraps will be one of the essentials if you want to move to Kuwait this spring

If you are moving to Kuwait this spring, protect your items thoroughly

If you plan to move to Kuwait this spring, pack as if you will be moving during a rainstorm. When you are packing your items in cardboard boxes, make sure that they are wrapped with plastic wraps so they can withstand the rain. Disassemble your furniture and wrap every piece with bubble plastic. If you have furniture that you cannot dismantle, wrap it in weatherproof moving blankets. Finally, protect your electronic equipment in plastic boxes with sealable lids. If you do all this and manage to hire reliable movers, your items will safely arrive in Kuwait.