How to move during a rainstorm?

Buuuuzzz! The alarm rings. It’s time. You have planned on this for months and now the time has come to pack and move. Everything is just as you anticipated. The family is all prepped and ready to move, the pets are snuggled up in their moving crates, and the boxes are ready to be packed. However, there seems that one thing that is not right. And it doesn’t matter how much you prayed for it still happened. The rain. How am I supposed to move during a rainstorm? Believe it or not, on all of the days it could fall it decided to fall today. Exactly on the day of your move. 

How to move during a rainstorm?

Step number one. Don’t fret. This is actually not that uncommon. Most people get stressed out, and actually start thinking of postponing the move. Others, go head first without a shroud of protection of their belongings. All of this is wrong. If you want the proper way of conducting a move during a rainstorm, you should hire international movers Kuwait. Our experience with everyday moves during snow, rain and every other weather condition possible, gives us the knowledge to help you through this. However, if you want to move by yourself, without the help of others, there are a few helpful tips we can share with you along the way. So strap yourself in and read all about them! 

move during a rainstorm
If the weather is gloomy, you don’t have to be!

Move during a rainstorm by getting the proper equipment

So the number one thing people are afraid of when moving during bad weather conditions is the durability of moving boxes. We are here to convince you that you don’t need to worry about that. Moving boxes are extremely durable and rain will not damage your belongings if they are packed correctly. In that regard just make sure that the moving boxes are sealed up tight with packing tape. If however, you have a feeling an affordable moving box might not be able to cut it, you might want to consider packing your items in plastic containers. They are definitely more durable in hard weather conditions and are easier to track items in them since they are translucent.  Meaning that you can see what you have packed in the plastic container without having to rummage through it. 

What about other items that cannot fit in the box?

What about the stuff that you cannot pack in moving boxes? Such as clothes, mattresses, and other large household appliances? Well, we have several tips on this front for you. Firstly, if you decide that you are willing to spend a little bit of extra cash, we recommend that you buy mattress pads and industrial plastic covers. You can find this stuff at your local moving company. However, if you don’t want to spend a buck, we recommend that you improvise. For example, you can put all your clothes in garbage bags. Wrap artwork in plastic wrap. And wrap the furniture in blankets. However, if you hire professional packers for your upcoming move you won’t have to worry about any of this. You can make sure that they will take care of it all. 

Move during a rainstorm by preparing your home

If you decide to move during a rainstorm we do recommend that you prep your new home for the move. You should make sure that the house is warm when you move there, and that everything is set in place for the move to be as effortless as possible. Rolling down some towels and blankets to protect your floor from the dirt outside and unnecessary damage from your appliances.

boxes falling
moving can be dangerous, especially when you decide to move in bad weather!

Lastly, you want to make sure that your old house is also prepared for an effortless move. The first thing you want to make sure is that before you start moving, you have water-resistant boots/sneakers since moving items during rainstorms is awfully dangerous to do on your own. Secondly, make sure that the truck is ready for the move. Meaning that you want to check it has any leaks, and if it does – make sure you fix the leaks. If it’s a small leak we recommend that you bandage it with some duct tape, however, if it something more serious, you might want to get a different vehicle or postpone the move altogether. 

Creative ideas when moving during a rainstorm

a line of people.
create an assembly line for the most amount of efficiency.

Another creative idea is to create an assembly line of sorts. That is if you have help. If you do, make sure that one friend is inside the house lifting up the boxes and handing it to the other person who moves it to the third person who places the boxes in the truck. This way you are limiting the risk of anyone getting injured, and the actual moving process will be much faster.  While on the topic of creative ideas, good idea movers use to carry larger items is to place a blanket underneath a large item that they need to carry. Then they grab the ends of the blankets and lift the object using the blanket. We recommend getting a moving blanket. Normal blankets can break and are not as durable as you would like. 

In conclusion

So the next time the weatherman forecasts rain on your moving day, don’t worry! You might be able to move most if not all items during the rain if you prepared correctly. From preparing your new home to making sure you have enough friends to create an assembly line in order to make to moving process that much easier. All of those steps are important in creating the perfect moving atmosphere in order to have a successful move. However, if you do not want to worry about moving during rainstorms at all, we recommend you hire professional movers like Easy Move Kuwait!