Shipping your commercial vehicles to Kuwait – how to do it?

There may be plenty of reasons to ship your car internationally but only one if you are shipping your commercial vehicles.  In the first case, you may be a vintage car lover,  you are gifting a car to someone you love or moving out of the country. In the second case, if you are shipping your commercial fleet the reason is pure business, of course. No matter why you need to transport your vehicles internationally, it’s important to ensure that vehicle shipping goes as smoothly, quickly, and affordably as possible. Are you shipping your commercial vehicles to Kuwait? If yes, read on. Our car shipping experts here at the International Car Shipping Division cover everything you need to know about how to transport your commercial vehicles to Kuwait.

vintage cars parked
As a vintage car lover double check all the steps while shipping internationally

Do some research

Shipping your car or even more a whole fleet of commercial vehicles can be a costly venture. If you have someone you know who shipped their cars internationally, consider asking them for a recommendation on which shipping company they used. They’ll likely share their experience and the cost of transportation. Additionally, to make sure you’re getting a fair deal you should get quotes from several highly-rated international shipping companies. Don’t hesitate to do some extra research by clicking or calling different companies to compare the prices. You can easily get a fast and accurate quote at Easy Move. The cost of every international car shipping is well justified and here is what determines the price of transportation.

International vehicle transport costs

Vehicles’ transport and shipping costs vary widely depending on how quickly you need your vehicle and your shipping method. Shipping by sea via a shipping container proved itself as the least costly shipping method while the most expensive option is to ship cars by air. In case you need vehicle shipping within a continent, the best rate option is to take a car transporter.

Other things that determine the cost:

  • Distance: The further you ship the more expensive the total price is likely to be.
  • Time of year: Certain times of year are more expensive than others. Summer is one of the most popular times when many people are trying to ship their cars. The huge volume of shipments often results in higher prices.
  • Lead time: To get an affordable shipping quote, you need to book a place at least a few weeks in advance. “Immediately” and “now” is never a good time to book a vehicle carrier because the quicker turnarounds the higher the costs.
  • Open vs Enclosed Truck: Open trucks are cheaper but to some extent have a higher risk of damage compared to enclosed trucks.

Select the right transport company for shipping  your commercial vehicles to Kuwait

Now that you have researched transportation costs and shipping methods it is time to chose the most suitable shipping company. Once again go through the customers’ reviews to make sure which company is reliable and has the best ratings, ‘google it’ as the modern saying goes. Nowadays, Google reviews are a trustworthy and important source of information. Once you’ve read quite a few reviews about cargo companies in Kuwait, opt for a reputable vendor such as Easy Move who will truly know how to ship your vehicles internationally.

Shipping your commercial vehicles to Kuwait
All sizes of commercial vehicle fleet need transport

Choose your type of transportation

Following the choice of company, comes the point where you have to choose either enclosed transport or open-air transport. The enclosed vehicle transport is specially reserved for luxury, expensive vehicles, offering reduced risks during transit. With a covered truck, the enclosed vehicle transport service ensures the safety of your vehicle and protection against severe weather conditions during transport. Open-air transport ships your vehicle without the enclosure. Which one you choose depends on your car make, car model, and your specific needs. Open-air transport is statistically almost as safe for your vehicle as an enclosed transport. The vast majority of vehicles are shipped via open-air transport. So, if nearly the same level of safety isn’t a good enough reason for choosing open-air transportation the cost may be. Enclosed transportation costs, on average, 30%–50% more than open-air transport.

Schedule your vehicle shipment early

Transporting vehicles internationally or over the country is a large logistical operation where a lot of things have to fit together like puzzle pieces. 18-wheeler transportation requires a lot of experience and expertise. With this in mind, you want to plan adequately. The general time frame for transporting vehicles long distances are as follows:

  • 100 – 1000 miles will take 1–3 days
  • 1000 – 2000miles will take 3–5 days
  • 2000 – 3000 miles will take 5–7 days

Before you book the shipping of your vehicles, don’t forget to contact Kuwait movers and request an estimate on the shipping time too.

Commercial cars on the road
Shipping your commercial vehicles to Kuwait

Get your vehicles ready for international transport

After you have chosen a car shipping company and the shipping method, you will need to prepare your vehicle for international transport. Firstly, wash your vehicle in and out thoroughly. Secondly, after a thorough wash, be sure to take pictures of your vehicle for your records. If for no other reason to avoid later word situations about scratches, cracks, etc. Next, fill your gas tank for about a quarter. This will give your vehicle enough gas to get from the car carriers to its new address without stopping anywhere along the way. Remove your personal belongings and any toll road beepers from your vehicle to avoid additional automatic charges. Finally, hand over your keys to your truck driver. The driver will need them to load and unload your car on the trailer.

It is ideal to have essential documentation such as registration, title, and proof of insurance with you at the handover. Although many companies won’t require the papers for they insure your car under their insurance policy when they ship your car.

Learn More and Ship Your Vehicles With Easy Move

Want to find out more about shipping your commercial vehicles to Kuwait – and how to do it? Are you ready to book shipping? You can use the Easy Move quote form to get international car transport quotes. However, before you accept any quote make sure you have all your questions answered by professional personnel. Above all, make sure you fully understand who will be driving or shipping your car, how your vehicle will be insured, and don’t forget to read Google reviews of the company.