Responsibilities of the receiver during shipping

From start to finish, there are a lot of steps you need to go through while moving. Luckily, you don’t have to go through them alone! With a reliable team, your move can easily go stress-free! Here at Easy Move Kuwait, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We can provide you with top-notch moving personnel to ease your troubles and take all the weights off your shoulders. Now that we mention it, have you thought about what are the responsibilities of the receiver during shipping? It is a good idea we give you a little insight into our operations and introduce you to our hardworking team who handles your belongings during the move.

A man writing a list and checking the boxes stored behind him
Shipping personnel play a highly important role in your relocation process

Who are shipping receivers and what do they do

Moving is much more than just packing your belongings and loading them onto a truck. That’s why we have shipping receivers! These busy bees transport goods, supplies, materials, equipment, and stock to and from a location and keep track of everything. In other words, they are your best friends while moving and will manage the whole process. A shipping receiver is responsible for keeping track of the items, managing inventory levels, and handling all factors of shipping and receiving. They package items, issue labels, weigh shipments, and determine correct charges on the shipping side. Receivers are in charge of reviewing bills of lading to actual items received, examining for damage, and then delivering items to the correct locations once approved.

Responsibilities of the receiver during shipping

We briefly explained what the shipping handlers are mainly in charge of. Their roles depend on the kind of shipping they are handling, but we would also like to list some of the typical tasks they are likely to perform and skills they require:

  • Determines transportation method and compiles bills, invoices, and other shipping documentation
  • Assists with unloading as needed, after receiving items and checking and verifying delivery slips
  • Inspects and confirms arriving items against invoices or other documentation keeps track of shortages and rejects items that are damaged
  • Calculates pricing based on guidelines and adds bar codes, prices, and security tags as needed
  • Keeps contact with resource people for relevant information
  • Has a good understanding of safe storage and handling operations
  • Knows proper shipping measures of handling hazardous goods
Men in a storage working together
Responsibilities of receivers during shipping require a lot of care and management

Experts in logistics

Now that you are familiar with the roles of personnel who handle your shipping, we would like to give you an even bigger picture. As you understand by now, receiving staff has a lot of responsibilities, so this is why they have to have certain logistics skills. To determine the best course of action, shippers arrange the best and fastest transportation routes and methods. We highly value good planning and organization. This is why we give a thorough layout of the moving procedure to our customers, from forwarding to storage and handling your shipment.

We previously mentioned that the receiver’s duties depend on the kind of shipping they are responsible for. Rather you are in a process of local, long-distance, international, home, or commercial moving, we can cover all of your needs! Our team of freight forwarders in Kuwait is here to manage your international relocation from A to Z. With all the requirements of a reliable shipping crew, our freight forwarders are also responsible for organizing any kind of combination of transportation options such as land, air, or sea. We deliver the most effective logistical solutions for all types of warehousing, insurance, and Customs Clearance.

Safety responsibilities

You can never be too cautious when it comes to the safety and security of your shipment. After all, damage or loss of items can cause unnecessary charges and dissatisfaction. That is the last thing we want for you!  Especially if you are moving your home or office to a distant location, your belongings are likely to travel through different transportation vehicles, climates, and hands. Our receivers’ responsibility is to also confirm your items are safe and sound. If items are not packed properly, you are exposing them to the risk of damages. Again, this is where our receivers step in to determine all the logistics and safety regulations of the shipment. We make sure all of your items are protected in the way they are stored and transported to your final location.

Another safety risk is theft, which is never a pleasant experience. You need a reliable moving team to keep an eye on all the operations from start to finish. For example, if you are shipping to Bahrain, a lot can happen to your shipment on the way. You will simply need a team of professionals you can count on, and someone who cares about your belongings – just like we do! We make every effort to ensure that all shipments arrive securely, regardless of their destination or the items being shipped. Our representatives go over all of your wants and concerns with you in detail to ensure that the process runs successfully.

Two ships with containers getting ready to sail
If your belongings have a long way to go on your relocation, our team guarantees their safety

Insurance for your belongings

We couldn’t call ourselves as responsible as we claim if we didn’t tell you about all the safety overviews. Consider getting any of the suitable moving insurance coverage options to protect your possessions all the way. This is a good idea in case you are relocating sensitive items such as electronics, arts, or any other valuable possessions, and want to be extra careful. Whichever plan works best for you and your assets, we are here to consult you and explain each option in detail. Now that we’ve got you covered, you can lean back and relax!

We hope you feel more comfortable with your move, now that we explained the responsibilities of the receiver during shipping and gave you insights into our operations. Our team guarantees you and your belongings will be in safe hands regarding any type of relocation you require. From packing to transporting, storing, unloading, and reviewing, you can rely on our best team of shipping receivers in the business in Kuwait!