How to start a food business in Kuwait?

Many of us have dreamed about coming up with innovative ideas that could be, might be, the next best business idea. But in the back of our minds, we all know how hard it is to take those first steps. Or is it? We hear stories about starting a business being a bittersweet experience all the time. How it requires long hours of hard work in the beginning and many sacrifices. In reality, starting a successful business has much more to do with luck and how informed you are than hard work. Play harder, not smarter as they say. If you’ve always wanted to start a food business in Kuwait, now is the time and Easy Move Kuwait is here to help. Starting a food business is currently one of the best on-demand startup ideas to launch in Kuwait. And who knows? It might just be your next biggest achievement.

grilled meat in a restaurant
Now is the best time to start a food business in Kuwait.

Why should you start a food business in Kuwait?

Did you know that Kuwait’s government is planning to make it “World’s food capital” by 2030? Now is the perfect time to move there and start a business. Contact our international shipping Kuwait if you need help moving. Ordering and delivery startups are so on-demand here, but not many locals want to pursue this idea. At the time of writing, there are currently three leading food delivery firms in Kuwait: Carriage, Talabat, and Bilbayt. By all counts, we highly recommend choosing Kuwait for starting your food business. We can easily say that this on-demand food delivery model is a safe potential bet. You might just be the next big name in this industry and help Kuwait with its ambitions for becoming World’s food capital. Here are our top reasons why it pays off to start a food business right here in Kuwait:

  • These on-demand startups are easy to build with nominal investment.
  • There is a quick turnaround time for your app development.
  • You’ll have multiple vendors available for app development.
  • You don’t need to have previous technical knowledge.

How to obtain a restaurant license in Kuwait?

If you want to open a small cafeteria or a restaurant in Kuwait, here’s what you need to do. First, you need to submit an application to the Ministry of Commerce. It needs to specify your nature of business, location and investments proposed. And you also need to make sure that the location is valid for this business. The next crucial matter of concern is the safety of the premises with respect to fire hazards. For more information about what licenses and permits you need to obtain, follow this link.

A fresh start of a food business in Kuwait
Opening a restaurant in Kuwait is easier than you might think.


How to make your new on-demand food app startup in Kuwait successful?

Kuwait is officially the only country to have an accelerator for food app startups named Savour Ventures. Setting up an app nowadays is made very easy and you will likely have no issues with that. However, to make your business successful, constant learning is necessary. Most of it will be learning from feedback and reviews. This means you may often have to make some changes in your app after analyzing feedback. For order and delivery companies, hiring warehousing companies in Kuwait is a common practice. So it’s important to find a good one.

This way of perfecting the app using customer feedback has its own term and it’s called the lean startup model. The quality of your business will largely rely on not only the quality of service but the quality of your food. Luckily, there’s an abundance of climate-controlled storage units in Kuwait which you can rent so that your food stays fresh and tasty.