Items you should never ship by plane

International shipping evolved in the past decades. Some things that could’ve been done are now prohibited. For that reason, you need to pay close attention to the things you ship by plane. To help you out we at Easy Move Kuwait made a list of items you should never ship by plane. Some of them are fully banned, but others can be shipped in other ways. Let’s take a look at them and see why they are not items to be shipped by plane.

Live animals

Even though it might seem strange that someone wants to send animals by air it’s prohibited. Believe us your pet doesn’t want to be in such a stressful situation where it needs to spend hours inside a plane. Believe us there are a lot of air freight companies in Kuwait but none of them will accept living creatures. But don’t be disappointed there are ways you can get your animal from wherever in the world. Sending it by plane isn’t a good solution.

Two puppies
Your animals can’t be shipped by air

Items you should never ship by plane – Firearms

As part of making the skies but also services safer, guns, and any type of weapons are banned from shipping by plane. Be it that you have a small pistol or a rifle gun you’ll need to make another plan on how to ship it to your location. The explanation on this one is simple. There is no way any logistics company will take the risk of a weapon can be on their aircraft. Above all, even if you exclude bad intent you never know with firearms. Even a small accident can create big problems.


When it comes to gases it isn’t a rare sight to see them being on trucks. However, what’s the problem of them being airborne? Well, gases leak and that can become a huge problem mid-flight. That’s why things like gas lighters, dry ice, fire extinguishers, and much more are prohibited on the plane. On the other hand, our moving services can handle that type of item but with special care and caution. Obviously with all the information given in advance.

A gas lighter
A gaslighter is one of the items you should never ship by plane

Items you should never ship by plane – Toxic materials

Almost the same as for gases goes for toxic materials. Those can even get worse. Because companies want to save the health of the people working. They don’t ship toxic materials via air. In case of a disaster by relocating them with a plane they can go from a small accident to a big catastrophe. You already need to be in contact with the chemical safety department even before you want to transport toxic materials. Obviously, by air, it just won’t be a good idea and it’s prohibited internationally.

Whatever you decide to ship by plane make sure it’s well packed. No one likes to see a package that is going up and down or gets exposed mid-flight. However, you won’t be having problems with the items you should never ship by plane. We told you about them and the dangers they attract. For that reason, the best thing you can do is to find another way to ship them or leave them be. We hope our article helped you better understand why some things just aren’t made for flying.