What are the best ways to ship your valuables to Kuwait?

Moving to a new country usually means you’ll have to ship a few items ahead of time. That’s why Easy Move Kuwait always recommends that you start to plan your relocation ahead of time! Planning and organizing such a process will take some time, and you want to make sure you’re doing everything right. For example, sometimes you’ll have multiple ways to ship your valuables to Kuwait, and you should take a good look at their pros and cons. We’re here to give you a few tips on shipping your valuables. From preparing them for transport to ensuring they arrive safely at the destination, you’ll be well-prepared for this adventure!

What to do before you ship your valuables to Kuwait?

First things first, you should never embark on this journey alone. Long-distance moving is a task where you should definitely get professional assistance. Handling all of this on your own can cause a lot of stress and you might make one mistake too many. As we all wish for your relocation process to go as smoothly as possible, hiring professional movers to assist you is truly a smart decision to make. After all, they definitely have the experience in this type of relocation, and they’ll know which step to take to ensure that your valuables reach Kuwait safely and in one piece. 

old gramophone
Some of your antiques are very valuable and you want to make sure they arrive safely in Kuwait. Knowing how you can ship them is one way of keeping them safe in transport.

Moreover, you should choose a company that can also handle all the shipping logistics for you as well. It is way easier knowing that one team will take care of your relocation from start to finish. There are quite a few air freight companies in Kuwait that will safely ship your valuables to Kuwait. But, your movers will know exactly which ones you can trust and which are reliable enough for your shipping process. In some cases, the moving company you choose also offers shipping services. If this is not the case, they’ll end up finding a trustworthy freight company for you to work with!

Main ways to ship belongings to your new home

Now it’s time to discuss the pros and cons of the most common ways to ship your belongings. The first one that comes to mind is loading your belongings on a moving truck and trusting the driver that they will arrive at your new home safely. This is the common option when you’re moving short-distance or within the same country. Another pro to this option is that it might be cheaper than other types of shipping. However, a big downside to transporting your belongings on a truck is that it might take a longer time. You cannot plan for bad weather, traffic jams, or any road accidents that might happen. But, if you work with good movers, you should feel comfortable when you want to ship your valuables to Kuwait this way.

plane in the sky
Using air freight services to ship your valuables is the fastest way to get them to your home. However, it is also the most expensive one.

The second option is to use air freight services. If you want your valuables to reach your home quickly, sending them on a plane is the way to go. However, a con to this shipping option is that it might be more expensive than what you can afford. That’s why it is important to carefully structure your moving budget before you pick your shipping type. When you know exactly how much you can spend on your relocation, you’ll know where you can splurge and where you need to cut corners. For some people, using air freight services is very important and they might be okay with spending a little more money to get their belongings delivered quickly. 

Sea freight is always a good option as well

Finally, the third most common type of shipping is using sea freight services. Not only do a lot of people opt for this option, but it is also the cheapest one of all the options we’ve mentioned. However, it takes a bit more planning than usual. For starters, you will have to get logistics services from your moving company, To save yourself some time, you should opt for the door-to-port option. In case you don’t know what this means, we’ll explain it. Door-to-port means that the logistics company will come to your home, gather all the belongings you want to ship, and then deliver them to the port. Then, they will be loaded on the ship and start their sea journey to your new home.

The valuable items you should ship using sea freight are big and bulky items. For instance, you can ship your piano, antique furniture, chandeliers, artwork, and so on on the ship. A lot of valuables can fit into one container. But, your movers need to know how to properly pack them and secure them for transport. If they are not wrapped and secured, no type of shipping can ensure they stay safe while they are on the road. 

woman playing a piano
Shipping a piano is best done using sea freight services. It can fit into a container and it’ll be safe until it arrives at port.

You can ship your valuables to Kuwait safely when you know the options you have

Now that we’ve mentioned the most common shipping options, it is up to you to decide which ones suit you the best. Smaller valuables, such as jewelry should not be shipped carelessly. You can pack them in regular moving boxes, but make sure you wrap them tightly. Moreover, it shouldn’t be obvious what is in the box, to avoid theft. Alternatively, you can carry smaller valuables with you in your suitcase, and only ship the bigger pieces that cannot fit in your bag! In the end, when you are planning your relocation from start to finish, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from to ship your valuables to Kuwait safely.