International vehicle shipping – is it worth it?

Are you planning an international move? If so, one of the hardest things is to decide if you want to bring your car with you. That’s one of the reasons why people consider international relocation to be stressful. On top of all the regular things, you need to do when moving ie. planningorganizingcreating a moving budgetpacking, etc – you also need to consider international vehicle shipping. Which can be a mini relocation in-and-of-itself.

freight ship on the water
You should ship your car by sea. While shipment might be slower, it’s drastically cheaper than by air.

However, don’t fret Easy Move Kuwait is here to help. Today, we are going to see the benefits and drawbacks of importing a car, and whether or not doing so is worth it.

International vehicle shipping

If you are planning on moving internationally car shipping is the only way to bring your car with you. However, we often hear from people that importing a car is expensive and that you shouldn’t do it. And while partly true, we still don’t see an alternative. What are you going to do, sell your car, and buy a new one? That hardly seems like the right thing to do. Today, we are going to show you why international vehicle shipping is not only worth it, but why we consider it to be a necessity.

The advantages of car shipping

You should consider these benefits when considering international car shipping:

We think that shipping your car is cheaper plus you get access to it, at the moment you relocate. And, on top of that, the process of relocation is quite easy!
  • You get to keep your car. This is probably the most important benefit of relocating your vehicle internationally. You often get emotionally attached to your car. And, you are used to it. You know all of its kinks and quirks. However, if you are in the mood to buy a new car, then international car shipping might not be for you.
  • It might be cheaper. While car shipping is an expensive service, it’s still cheaper in the long run. The costs of shipping a car internationally, far outweigh the cost of having to buy a new car once you’ve relocated.
  • Easier to get around after you’ve relocated. Also, another great advantage of car shipping is the accessibility it offers right after you’ve relocated. You can move freely in the new country, without the worry of distance. People who don’t like car shipping often overlook this component.
  • It’s a simple, and straightforward process. While it might seem like a complicated, convoluted process it’s really not. As you are about to see, it’s quite an easy and painless process.

The disadvantages of international vehicle shipping

On the other hand, the drawbacks of importing a car are as follows:

  • It can be expensive. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can rake up the costs pretty quickly.
  • It can be stressful. Some people view relocating their cars as just another thing to add to the list of things you already need to do for the relocation. This, in turn, can cause a lot of stress to build up, on an already demanding process.
  • Paperwork. Some people argue that they don’t like to ship their car internationally because of the paperwork that’s associated with it. However, what they often don’t realize is that buying a new car is also paperwork-heavy.
  • Damage or loss of vehicle during transport. This is probably the biggest disadvantage of relocating your car. You can be set back b a tremendous amount if your car gets damaged or stolen during the relocation that can set you back by a tremendous amount. That’s why some people think it’s best just not to do it all together. However, as you are about to see, there are ways to combat this problem. And, which doesn’t involve giving up on shipping your vehicle, all together.

The process of international vehicle shipping

If you decide to import car to Kuwait you’ll be glad to hear that the process is relatively straightforward. There are three things you need to do.

  1. Find a reliable mover.
  2. Ready your paperwork. 
  3. Ready your car. 

Let’s walk you through this process step-by-step. So that you can learn how to ready your car for international shipping, stress-free.

Finding a reliable moving company

The quickest way to find a reliable moving company is to first do a quick web search. Then cross out from your list, movers that don’t offer car shipping from your current location to the new one. Afterward, remove the movers that are not licensed and insured. And, finally scratch off movers that don’t work with freight carriers that are licensed and insured. The best way to check whether a moving company complies with these standards is to ask them directly.

Preparing the documents

a person signing a document
Make sure you have your documents signed, and ready!

You need to prepare export documents for the Port of Entry. Usually, these include Customs & Border Protection Vehicle Export Cover Sheet. And an original Certificate of Title for the vehicle. However, if you are not the owner of the vehicle then make sure you have an official letter from the owner that authorizes you to relocate their car. If you are unsure about which document you need to get we recommend contacting the Port of Entry.

Get your car ready for international vehicle shipping

We recommend that you read the standards that moving companies put out for car shipping. For example, most moving companies won’t relocate you if you don’t have a full tank of gas. Or, on the other hand, if you fill your car with moving boxes. That’s why it’s crucial to know the rules set in the moving contract. Generally speaking, you want to have a quarter-full gas tank. And, you also want to make sure your car is clean. Customs will inspect your car, and that’s why this is important. And lastly, but by no means least – make sure you only have items in your car that are inherent to it. For example, you should have your jumper cables, but not moving boxes, pets, etc.