Relocating from Europe to Kuwait City

If you are considering relocating from Europe to Kuwait City, know that it is a very popular location for expats. To give you a better idea, know that they encompass about two-thirds of the population. It has a great financial sector, is renowned for its oil industry and high salaries. A bonus is that you do not have to pay taxes on your earnings to Kuwait. Foreign citizens are not allowed to own property because of foreign ownership restrictions, therefore renting a place out would be your best option.

A man getting ready for relocating from Europe to Kuwait City
It is crucial to meet all of the requirements for relocating from Europe to Kuwait City

Meet the prerequisite for relocating from Europe to Kuwait City

You have to obtain a residency visa to live and work in Kuwait. To do so, you would need to have a legitimate employment offer from either a Kuwaiti government organization or a private company. Then, the employer applies for the iqama for you. When that is done, you are issued a “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) which allows you to enter Kuwait. Once you have entered Kuwait, you will need to get a medical certificate, after which you would be issued your residency permit. Once you get a residency visa, apply for a Kuwaiti Civil ID (bitaqa-almadaniyah) within 30 days of receiving it.

If you are a male and working in Kuwait, you can sponsor your wife and children and bring them with you. However, you need to meet certain salary requirements for that to be possible. Working in the public sector you would need to earn at least 450 KWD per month, or 650KWD per month otherwise. Your family members have to go through a similar procedure to get their residency visas. They get their visa upon arrival in Kuwait, and then they have to go through the same medical examinations. Female expatriates cannot sponsor their husbands. Adult daughters and parents can be sponsored, while sons older than 21 cannot. Additionally, acquiring a separate work visa with a Kuwaiti sponsor is required if you would like to get employed as a dependant.

Accommodation options in Kuwait

You cannot buy a property in Kuwait as an expat, as of yet. You need to meet some specific conditions which will allow you to own property. One of those requirements is permanent residency in Kuwait, and another is that you have enough purchasing power. Also, you need to have no criminal record. Property size is limited to 1000 square meters, and it should only be used as a residence.

Alternatively, you can just rent a home. There is a variety of options to choose from – from one-bedroom apartments to spacious houses. Living compounds built for the international community are common in Kuwait City. These compounds usually have some additional accommodation, like playgrounds for children, swimming pools, restaurants, shops, etc.

What are the sizes and prices of accommodations?

One-bedroom apartments start at around 200 KWD (about 580 EUR), and the price for three-bedroom apartments ranges between 500 KWD (~1370 EUR) and 800 KWD (~2200 EUR). Housed made for single families can cost up to 2,500 KWD (~6850 EUR ). The price can go up even further depending on the degree of luxury and size. Fully furnished homes have a price that is about 20% to 30% higher than the ones stated previously. Check what the monthly rent includes, you might have to pay some extra for gas or air conditioning. Renting an unfurnished place isn’t a bad idea either. Furniture in Kuwait is not that expensive, and you can buy second-hand ones from expats that are leaving.

There is an additional option when it comes to furniture and other household goods. You can search for warehousing companies in Kuwait that will be able to both receive and store your stuff. This is also useful if you are moving your business from Europe to Kuwait City, and need your items to be in a secure place.

Man looking at a building
Finding a suitable accommodation usually takes time

When you are clear on all of the logistic aspects of your move, make sure to start packing as soon as possible. If you are short on time then hire professional packers to do the work for you quickly and reliably.


Know how to search for a new home then move from Europe to Kuwait City

Although finding an apartment to rent out might be difficult and time-consuming in most cases, Kuwait might be the exception. Most importantly, landlords are eager to rent to expats, and the quality of available housing is generally good. Housing arrangements are often provided by major international companies or private schools for expatriates working in Kuwait.

In the case that an arrangement is not provided for you, you might try some of these options out:

  • Ask other expats, your friends, and colleagues – they might be able to give you the best recommendation.
  • Find and hire a real estate agent to help you out.
  • If you see a compound or apartment building that you like, go ahead and visit it. Someone might be leaving soon, giving you the opportunity that you are looking for.
  • Online real estate listings are well worth checking out.
  • Local newspapers in English might also have some ads or other useful information for your search.

    Someone using a search engine on their laptop
    Knowing where to search for accommodations will save you a lot of time

There are some things you need to do when you have found the home for relocating from Europe to Kuwait. Start by going to every room and creating a list of things you are taking with you. Make sure to get all of the necessary packing material like plastic wrap, moving boxes, moving blankets, and bubble wrap. Organize your belongings and make sure to pack up your luggage, then start packing your other stuff. If you need to move any dishes make sure to protect them from any possible breaks. Pack up all of the appliances that you are planning to take with you, and pack them up in their original boxes if possible. You can avoid all of this hassle and hire Easy Move Kuwait to professionally pack your stuff up and move it to Kuwait City.