Bahrain vs. Qatar – where to expand your European business to?

You have a great business in Europe and think it’s time to expand it? We have two great locations that you should consider. Both are rising stars when it comes to all the industries you can imagine and are improving every quarter. We’re talking about Qatar and Bahrain. We at Easy Move Kuwait know just how difficult it can be to expand your European business and have success even far from home. Here are just some factors you need to consider before deciding on one of those two locations.

When you expand your European business think about taxes

Moving your business can be very challenging. There are many reasons why it can turn out to be a good or bad idea. And on top of the list of make-or-break information when expanding your business are taxes. When you expand your European business be it to Bahrain or Qatar it’s good to know that the tax rates are reasonable. Before you start shipping to Bahrain it’s maybe a good idea to know that their VAT tax is around 5% and it doesn’t have many other taxes that will affect your business or work. Qatar on the other hand has been lowering taxes to the minimum in the last year to attract more businesses to the country.

Taxes written over money
When you expand your European business you need to think about taxes

The business environment is a big factor

Before you start thinking about business, you need to know the environment. What do people want and need? Can your product provide something new on the market? Will you have enough customers that will be interested in your product? Those are all questions that you need to answer before shipping to Qatar all your office items. If you compare Bahrain and Qatar you’ll see that Bahrain trades more, however, Qatar will be the one that usually makes more money, even if they’re not doing too much business. We’re sure you’ll find your niche requested in both of these countries, but it’s always good to do your own research on the ground.

Think about logistics before you expand your European business

Before you decide where to expand, think about everything you’ll need. Are there any special regulations? How much money will it cost you to expand to Qatar or Bahrain? Are your employees and business, in general, ready to tackle such a big decision? We’ll provide you with the right moving services and you only need to create good business opportunities for yourself. And in such big and expanding markets like Bahrain and Qatar, it won’t be difficult to do so.

A cargo ship transorting containers
Think about what you need in order to expand your business

Research the markets

When you expand your European business it’s important to know what awaits you. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to research before actually taking any steps. For example, you can always check the top 100 companies in the Middle East to really get a feel of how the region grows. Are industries in which you are working actually growing? Will there be space for you in the Bahrain or Qatar markets? We’re sure they will just present your product and service and we’re sure that your expansion will be a great success.

It’s very important to think about location when you decide to expand your European business. Not every place can provide you with the most opportunities and business endeavors. And of course, your business doesn’t cater to everybody so it’s a good idea to check your capabilities when doing such a big step forward for your business. Above all, we’re sure that your work will show results and that your services or products will receive a warm welcome be it in Bahrain or Qatar.