Import and export regulations in Kuwait – 2021 edition

It’s time for your move to Kuwait? Are you planning a vacation there? There’s nothing better than taking some of your belongings with you or taking something as a souvenir from Kuwait. However, it’s not that easy. We from Easy Move Kuwait know it best. Some import and export regulations in Kuwait make the task more difficult, while others don’t allow you to even send certain things. Here are just some types of items you need to look out for before actually sending anything from or to Kuwait.

Import and export regulations in Kuwait ban alcohol

When it comes to certain requirements when it comes to importing and exporting to Kuwait it’s important to know that alcohol is banned. For that reason, you can’t import it from anywhere or send it to another country. They won’t make it past the custom clearance services Kuwait as they are one of the items people recognize easily as an item that isn’t allowed in or out of Kuwait. Above all, that’s because of the customs of the country. However, be respectful and you won’t have any problems.

A stop sign
You won’t be able to bring in or out of Kuwait

Meat products are a big no-no

If you plan to import or export any meat products think again. Certain regulations won’t allow it. Especially if it’s pigmeat or asking. For that reason, you need to think about your purses also. If they are made out of pigskin they won’t enter Kuwait. That’s one of the rules that international shipping Kuwait companies strictly respect. Because of that, it’s better not to try your luck and try importing a bag for example, as it can easily get lost.

Import and export regulations in Kuwait require you to have special documents for your pets

What is a move or trip without your pets? They are really our best friends and make us smile. However, that’s not to say that there are certain regulations for them too. Not all animals can enter Kuwait without a special permit.  Our moving crews get that question frequently. Why is it so difficult to import or export animals? That’s because there are animals that have protection in Kuwait, or in other countries. For that reason, sometimes you might need a special permit to import or export your pet.

Cat and dog cuddling
Import and export regulations in Kuwait require certain documents for your pets

Plant and plant products are prohibited

People usually have different hobbies. And sometimes people love taking care of plants. However, not all plants are equal when it comes to import and export. And especially when it comes to Kuwait. Certain species of plants are not available to import and export. That’s because of the Kuwaiti regulations that restrict and limitations that won’t allow certain species and accordingly their products to enter or leave Kuwait.  Similar to the animals, there are also certain plants that you can’t bring with you, however, some of them depending on their type are ok to enter or leave Kuwait.

If you know the import and export regulations in Kuwait, your stay will be so much easier. There will be no problems at the customs, you won’t get your items taken away. Above all, you’ll have a great trip or stay if you know what you can and can’t do. For that reason, we hope that you will follow our advice and keep away or leave items that are problematic in your home country. We wish you a great stay in Kuwait and hope you’ll enjoy it to the fullest.