How to pack jewelry for shipping

When you are moving you can get overwhelmed with obligations you have. It can get pretty stressful, and anyone who says differently is lying to you. You want to finish everything in a timely manner and you cannot afford to forget anything. Therefore, let’s start from the most valuable items you may have and that is jewelry. It doesn’t matter how much it is worth, jewelry can have an emotional value as well, which can be even more important than the material one. That is why here, we will try and give some of the examples on how to pack jewelry for shipping. Once you find the way that seems most suitable for you, start packing, but always keep in mind that when it comes to the transfer of the most important items you have, reliable shipping companies in Kuwait are the ones to turn to.

Pack jewelry for shipping with ease

There are so many ways for you to pack jewelry for shipping. From simply putting it in a box to having a special moving company doing all the packing for you. However, this is something that you can do it yourself. There is one, very important thing to do before you start packing your jewelry. That thing is that you should create a list of every piece of jewelry you have. Therefore, even if you get some of the most experienced packers in Kuwait to help you pack your items, you will still have the list of your jewelry items and somewhat a control of what will be transported. What is even easier to do, is to take photos of every piece of jewelry you have. It will save you a lot of time. At least that is pretty easy nowadays with camera phones.

A ring on a platter.
Find the most suitable way to pack your jewelry for shipping.

Tips and tricks

There are so many tips and trick on how to pack jewelry for shipping to even count. Once you have created some kind of inventory, we will try and give you some ideas on how to pack your valuable jewelry. When it comes to earrings, the best thing that you can do is to get a cardboard. One big, simple cardboard. Pin your earrings to the cardboard and they will be safely transported. Earrings are not that hard to pack actually, you can even leave them in a jewelry box in which you were keeping them so far. That may be the simplest and easiest solution of them all. Necklaces are a different story.

What to do with necklaces?

Packing necklaces for the transport can be a bit tricky. It is every person’s nightmare when you get your headphones tangled, and it is even worse when you see your favorite, gold necklace in the same condition as your headphones. Except that this is even worse because you cannot untangle the necklace with the same ease as you can untangle your headphones. Therefore, you ought to know how to pack jewelry for shipping, especially necklaces. These are some of the things you may need in order to pack them with no issues:

  • Egg cartons
  • Plastic wrap
  • Straws
  • Paper roll
  • Jewelry box

These are some of the things that can come really useful when it comes to packing the necklaces.

A necklace.
When packing necklaces the most important thing is to avoid tangling them

Egg cartons and plastic wrap

You can probably already imagine in what way you would use the egg carton. It is probably one of the simplest and the best ways to have your necklaces in place until you transport them. When it comes to the plastic wrap it is really simple as well. Pack them in a box and simply wrap it. In this way, everything will be where you left it, and there will be no risks of losing them during the transport, however, there is a still risk of necklaces getting tangled.

Straws and paper roll

When you have straws and necklaces to pack you should be happy. This is the best way to have your necklaces tangle free. Simply put the necklace through the straw and hook it on the other side. No tangle is possible. You can do the same with the paper roll. Do that for every necklace and pack them in a box. In this way, when you start to unpack you will be more than happy when you see that there are no problems whatsoever.

Do you have a jewelry box?

If you have a good and organized jewelry box, there is no reason to remove all of your jewelry and pack them separately. If that jewelry box did her job so far why would you make even more work for yourself? The solution is very simple, leave everything as it is and have that jewelry box traveling with you. Put it in your handbag and keep an eye on it all the time. Your valuable items are the safest with you. So, why torture yourself with the packing solutions when you can leave everything as it is? If you cannot close your jewelry box well, you can still use that plastic wrap we mentioned before. Put it all over your jewelry box and you are good to go.

A jewelry box to help pack jewelry for shipping
Having an organized jewelry box makes it easier to pack jewelry for shipping

When you need to pack jewelry for shipping you should choose the way that it seems safest for you. Whether you want to transport your jewelry in big or small boxes, even the process of picking the right size of moving boxes is up to you! Whatever you choose, you need to know that shipping has its own risks. Therefore, the best solution would be that you have your jewelry always near you. If that is not possible, then choosing the right way of packing them is the most important thing you should think about. Here, we mentioned some of those ways. They are all budget friendly so at least from that side, you are good to go. Pack your jewelry for shipping the best way possible and if you are traveling to the same place as to where you are shipping them, simply have them with you and you will keep your calm.