How To Make a Home Moving Inventory List

Home moving is hard, and keeping track of everything is even harder. What we’re going to do here is make it a tiny bit easier. For instance, we all know you’re going to need a home moving inventory list to prevent any of your stuff from going missing. Millions of dollars in value disappear annually via mysterious means. Some blame their movers, but usually, people are the ones to blame for not creating a home moving inventory list. You’re dealing with things that are a part of your life – and it can cost quite a lot if you’re not responsible.

Why is a home moving inventory list important?

Well, as we said, home moving is very difficult. However, we haven’t specified one of the main reasons. It is so difficult because there’s just so much stuff that needs moving. How can it not be difficult, then? An average person lives in a house or apartment with several rooms. Bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, you get the idea. Each of these rooms contains a boatload of stuff that you will eventually need to move. This is why a home moving inventory list is so important.

Our brain has a way of categorizing things…

“Hang on, what does this have to do with home moving inventory lists?” Everything. As it turns out, our brains tend to categorize items – this is something that Greek philosophers have figured out, and the psychologists confirmed. So, one of these categorizations is by area or space. For example, if our house has over 1000 objects (it usually does) and 6 different rooms, it will categorize objects by room to make remembering what goes where easier. Much like a library system. Quick, what’s the first association when somebody mentions the kitchen? Food, the dishes, or something else food-related. So, you should prepare your home moving inventory list accordingly.

A calendar, laptop and business documents on the table.
Schedules and timetables are great for organizing your moving.

Split your home moving inventory list into several sections

For the reason above, splitting the list area-by-area is both a wise and obvious choice. You will have a much easier time figuring out all the details in your home. You’re doing what is the most natural solution. As we mentioned, our brains are hardwired to categorize and to think in the abstract. That is why you should mentally (and on paper, of course) separate the workload. When the final check-up comes, you will have a much easier time figuring everything out.

Start with the big stuff

Once again, start with a single area. Let’s say it’s the living room. Under no circumstances should you start with the bedroom or the toilet unless you’ve finished the living room first. If you do interrupt making a home moving inventory list for your living room, and start with the, say, bedroom, it will become that much harder to return to the previous step. This is why reliable moving companies in Kuwait do not recommend that you start with the 2nd room until you’re done with the 1st one. Don’t be impatient, and you will have a much easier time making a moving inventory list.

A cup of coffee next to a notebook.
When making a home moving inventory list, a notebook is your best friend.

It might be easier to use your computer

Just open up Microsoft Excel or Word (or some other corresponding software) and start typing it down. This is a practical solution for people who do not want to mess with papers. If you do need it in written form, just print it out. There’s no need to worry about mistakes because you can always edit them back. This is just one way of making a moving inventory list. In our view, it is also the most practical way.

Start with the most important stuff

It might seem obvious, but it is worth a mention. The thing that you want to do here is to make sure that the most valuable stuff is 1st on the list. Let’s say you’re in your living room. What’s the most valuable thing that you’ve got inside? Most likely, it’s your TV, or the computer, or the expensive jewelry. You should make sure that all the “big” (expensive) stuff is on the list first. These are the things that you want to make sure you don’t lose, so you should consider shipping them by air freight Kuwait. It is one of the best ways to ensure that your items stay safe and quickly reach the destination of choice. These things do not necessarily have to be large in size. The newest iPhone may be small, but it’s worth almost 1k USD. The huge LED TV that you’ve got a year back might be large, but it could be worth 300$. Obviously, size isn’t a factor here.

Sticky notes.
Sticky notes can also be of great help when you’re making an inventory list.

Get someone to help

Obviously, this is situational. If you live with your spouse and kids, then you can streamline the process a little bit. Also, if you live in a large house, getting a friend to help you is also a very good option. However, if you live in a small apartment, then you’ll be fine on your own, as long as you don’t stray from what you planned in advance. However, no matter the situation, getting someone to help you with the whole moving process is a boon. This especially applies when you’re making a moving inventory list.

Hire a reliable moving company

A moving company worth its salt will make sure that all the items on the moving list are accounted for. That is why they will do something that they call an in-house estimate. What this basically entails is an overview of the items that are going straight into the moving truck. They do it with deliberation, care, and precision. This means that every single item inside your household will be on the list. If you need to keep your stuff somewhere in the interim period – no problem! We also offer safe storage solutions in Kuwait. So, if you’re having trouble making a home moving inventory list, why don’t you give us a ring? We are always here to help the residents of Kuwait deal with their relocation.