Best places to go shopping in Kuwait

When you are living in Kuwait as an expat, you will need more time to adjust and learn where the grocery stores, shopping centers, schools, etc. are. Even when you are just visiting. In that case, you need to make a list of all the things you want to see and buy. It is hard when you have only a couple of days to visit everything. But, that won`t be a problem when you have some help and the list of the best places for shopping in Kuwait. Kuwait has many unique and different items that Western countries don`t have, for example. And, Kuwait has a different tradition, rich history, unique style, so visiting shopping centers is a must when you are there.

The list of places for shopping in Kuwait

Where to go shopping in Kuwait and where do people usually go shopping? Everything in Kuwait is magnificent even the shopping malls. Do not underestimate the experience of shopping in the Middle East countries. It is a totally new type of experience. When you are moving to Kuwait, it can be stressful. Many people handle their stress with shopping. So, right after moving, explore the shops and malls and enjoy.

Inside of the shopping mall in Kuwait.
Many people spend their whole day in the shopping mall.

The Avenue

It is a huge mall where you have everything and that is one of the reasons why it is one of the top tourist attractions in Kuwait. From modern shops for clothing, restaurants, to hotels and garden, The Avenue has it all. It also has the largest hypermarket chains. The parking has space for more than 15000 cars. It is all in one, modern and traditional at the same time. If you want to watch a movie, you can watch it there. If you are hungry and you want to spend time with your kids and play games together, you can.

360 Mall

This mall has a modern Arabic style. It is equipped with 36 restaurants, cafes, shops, art gallery and cinema theater, 5000 sqm family entertainment center. The whole mall has 82000 sqm. For many tourists and locals too, sometimes the weather in Kuwait can be very hot. That is why people love to spend time here with many indoor activities and fun places.

Sharq Mall

It is one of the most famous malls in this beautiful country. Not only can you shop here, but you can also rent a facility for motor boats. Or you can take a ride in the artificial lake in the mall. Sharq Mall will give you a completely new experience. It is located near the sea and you have plenty to explore inside.

Marina World

Marina, like others malls, is large. It is located near Salmiya. It also has a five stars hotel for tourists. A glass fountain in the mall attracts more and more visitors. The architecture of the building is amazing, and even if you do not need to buy or eat, you must visit this mall in Kuwait.

Souq Al Mubarakiya

If you are looking for a more traditional way of shopping, of course, Kuwait has that too. Al Mubarakiya is an old and traditional market where you can find spices, clothing, lamps, postcards or fridge magnets, cookies, etc. It is a conservative place where you can shop at night, especially during Ramadan. While you are there, eat at the Mubarakiya, it is a place where you can try the traditional, cheap and authentic food.

A Store of the lamps in Kuwait market.
Take a souvenir for you and your friends from the old and traditional market in Kuwait.

Alhamra tower and mall

If you are searching for the popular and luxury brands such as Hermès, Carolina Herrera, Gucci…Alhamra tower and mall is the perfect place for shopping in Kuwait. It is not crowded like other malls, so you can shop in peace. It does not have places for kids. The atmosphere is special, especially in the Ramadan nights.

Visiting Kuwait – what else to do in Kuwait?

Shopping is not the only thing you can do in Kuwait. As we mentioned before, it has a plenty of amenities and interesting places to visit besides shopping malls and avenues. When you have to pack and move to Kuwait, it would be good to explore a bit beforehand. What can Kuwait offer you and what can you see there? 

  • Visit Kuwaiti beaches if you love water sports and fun. After shopping in Kuwait you can relax on the beach, but do not forget to wear modest beachwear. Use the weather in Kuwait and enjoy the sun.
  • One of the most magnificent monuments in the world is a Grand Mosque. Do not leave Kuwait before visiting this amazing building.
  • Kuwaiti Towers are the synonym of Kuwait and towers will give you a complete view of Kuwait city.
  • Failaka Island is the island of Kuwait where people were living before the Gulf war. Nowadays there are open-air monuments which were destroyed during the war.
  • What is the first thing you think about when you say Kuwait? Many people have a picture of a desert in their minds. And that is correct. So, spend a night there, as that experience does not have a price. It is a really good fun for expats in Kuwait.
  • A house of mirrors is a house that is full of mirrors Mosaic. It is an art museum which will leave you speechless.
Shopping bags.
Before and after shopping, you can visit all the different places in Kuwait. Leave your bags and explore.

You have many options

Kuwait has plenty of places where you can shop and have fun at the same time. They invest a lot in that. Shopping in Kuwait is a must if you are living there or you are just visiting as a tourist. You can visit modern shopping malls and traditional ones. Now you have a chance to try all those different spices, clothing, tea, etc. It would be nice to try their traditional clothing and fashion when you are there, no matter what your religion or style is. Enjoy shopping in this Middle East country and remember to try new things.