How to move your library across the world?

Relocation across the world can be hard enough to organize even when you are moving only your home. The relocation process becomes more complicated when you have to relocate a big collection of valuable items. Moving a big collection of musical instruments, books or rare items may require special attention and preparations. Follow our guide and move your library across the globe with ease.

Where to start?

A collection of books.
Make sure you have the inventory list of your collection before you pack everything.

Moving a collection of valuable and irreplaceable items is a big job. Your collection may include various musical instruments, rare books or different documentation from the archives. On the other hand, gramophone records, videos, CDs and DVDs and similar items aren’t the only things you should worry about when relocating to your new long distance location. When you move your library, your moving cargo will also include other non-collectibles. Your desks, big specialized shelves that expand over the entire wall and library steps are a big part of your move. These additional items should be disassembled, protected and packed the right way before transport.

Planning a complicated library move across the world will require a lot of planning and preparations. That is why you should start your preparations at least six months in advance. The most important thing is to find reliable movers to help you move your library to your new home.

Make an inventory list

The first step should be making the inventory list of your items. It is very important that you know the number of individual items you have to move. If you have sets of books, keep that in mind and list them as a set. On the other hand, each set should have its own number and a subgroup. Make sure that you plan to pack each item individually. After you make the inventory list, you will be able to make other calculations for the move. You will have the idea about the number of packing materials you will need to secure, properly protect and pack each individual item. Professionals advise that you also create an electronic catalog or a list before you move your library. That way you will be able to count everything and compare lists with your movers prior to packing.

Finding specialized movers

Packing and moving your home belongings is not hard when you are moving within the same city. However, when you move your library across the world, it is highly advisable that you use professional moving service in Kuwait. It is very important to find the right moving company for your specific relocation needs. A specific situation like moving your valuable collection is a job for specialized movers. They are used to moving the best libraries in the world, special items and collections of high value. Quality movers come with years of experience, special training, and equipment to handle this kind of move.

The moving quote

The best way to choose your specialized movers is to ask for a moving quote. This quote represents the estimate of your moving costs. It is best if you get a moving quote from multiple movers. After you know all the estimates, it will be easier to choose the best moving company that specializes in relocating collections. Quality movers usually give the moving estimate that includes all of the moving services you need. Choosing one specialized moving company to relocate your big library and your home belongings is much simpler than using two companies for the same relocation.

The packing process

Packing material.
Make sure to use the best packing materials to protect valuable items.

Items and collections of high value require special packing and preparation when relocating long distance. That is why good movers will always advise you to use reliable moving boxes Kuwait if you decide to pack your valuables by yourself. However, it is best to use a professional moving and packing service to protect and move your library.

Professional movers will use quality packing materials to protect your home belongings for the move. But they will pack your high-valuables and use specialized moving boxes to secure your books.

How to properly store your rare collection?

Choosing the right storage facility for keeping your valuable items is very important. Sometimes you will require a storage facility to store your belongings prior to your moving date. On the other hand, you may need a good storage facility after you move your library.

When you have to secure the items of high value, you should consider different aspects of the storage facility. The storage facility you choose to store your collection at should:

  • Use the latest security systems and protocols for storing high-valuables
  • Have surveillance 24 hours a day
  • Offer various insurance policies
  • Have storage units with climate control

All of these aspects are very important when you have to store items of high value that can get easily damaged. To keep your belongings safe, consider choosing the best climate-controlled warehouses in Kuwait. The storage professionals should offer multiple solutions for your valuables. Also, they should give you advice about storing your library. To find the best possible solution, consider asking moving professionals about the special offers they have on storing very valuable collections and books.

Use insurance when you move your library

Antique paper.
Choose the full value insurance policy and move your library with ease.

One of the most important aspects of your library move is the insurance policy you choose. Professionals will always advise you to use the best insurance policy possible when moving items of high value. Sometimes your collection already has insurance, but you should still check everything before the moving day.

Quality movers usually offer more than one insurance policy for your relocation. But if that is not the case, consider getting an additional insurance. Get the insurance policy from the insurance company when you move your library. That way you will relocate without stress while your valuable items travel across the world.