Getting a driver’s license in Kuwait

When you are moving abroad, there are some things you need to deal with. For most of them, you can consult moving companies in Kuwait. But, one of the most complicated things to do is getting a driver’s license in Kuwait. We have collected information about the process.

Since it is not easy to move around your new country by bus, owning a driver’s license is essential. But, Kuwait is a country that does not give a driver’s license to everyone. So, in order to actually get it, moving to Kuwait well prepared is very important. Here are some things you need to know about that process.

How to apply for a driver’s license in Kuwait?

Check if you can apply by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you a holder of a degree?
  2. Is your salary 600KD or above?
  3. Have you been living in Kuwait for 2 years?
  4. Is your current job vacated by a 600 KD salary bracket (engineer, doctor, accountant, nurse, etc.)
An application form for getting a license.
If you are eligible, you can perform the following steps and procedure.

If you arrive in Kuwait on a tourist visa, you can drive with a valid foreign or international driver’s license. However, if you have a resident visa, it is illegal to drive without a Kuwaiti driver’s license. The process of obtaining a Kuwaiti driver’s license varies depending on your visa status, education, profession, and gender. If your visa is under the company where you work, your company should assist you in the process of obtaining a license.

Necessary formalities

Before moving, make sure that all university degrees and driving licenses from your country are confirmed. This can speed up the process of obtaining your driver’s license in Kuwait. If for any reason you cannot do this, your home embassy should help you once you are there. But this may be a long process, so it is wiser to approach moving to Kuwait prepared in advance.

Applying for a driver’s license in Kuwait

The general rule is that foreigners can apply for a driver’s license after they have been residents of Kuwait for two years, have a university degree and receive a salary of 600 dirhams per month. However, there are many exceptions to this law. Some professions allow you to get rid of one, two, or all three of the above requirements. Exempted occupations include doctors, engineers, and teachers. A complete list of these professions can be found on the Arab Times website.

Driving exams

If you hold a doctorate, Kuwait awards a driver’s license without further testing, with the exception of eye examinations. If you are satisfied with the above conditions without a doctoral degree, you need to pass both a written and a driving skills test, which includes parallel parking. Kuwait provides a written exam sample on its website to help you prepare for the written part of the test. You should complete the skills test during normal working hours, which usually means getting a day off. In addition to the written and qualifying exams, the driver must also undergo a health screening.

You can either pay for the use of the car for some of the skills or use your own car. If a friend can take you to the exam, you can borrow his car to complete part of the skills. After passing both parts of the exam, a driving license takes from one to two weeks to process.

Women can drive in Kuwait. In the above conditions, if a woman has a spouse visa and the couple does not have children, she is not allowed to apply for a driver’s license in Kuwait until she has been a resident for two years.

If a policeman stops someone who is driving without a valid Kuwaiti driving license, they have the right to confiscate the car and deport the driver. It can sound strange, but that is only one of the challenging adjustments to life in Kuwait.

A man driving a car.
Getting a driver`s license in Kuwait will be easy after you pass the exams.

Required documents:

  • Go to the Kuwait Traffic Authority and ask for the application form for getting a driver’s license in Kuwait
  • Bring the form to get your sponsor’s signature
  • Ask for a copy of your salary certificate, green card, company license
  • Get a degree in Arabic and confirm it
  • Original and copy of your passport and identity card
  • Blood group certificate

Steps after you have provided all the necessary documents:

  • Pass the documents to Muroor – the officer will check them. If there are no problems with your documents, they will give you a document for checking your eyes;
  • Bring the paper to the government eye clinic and return the paper to Muroor and then take the 10 KD stamp;
  • After you submit the documents with the result of your eye check, take a photo;
  • They will give you a paper (istimara);
  • Bring your istimara to any of the driving schools in Kuwait.
  • Enroll yourself in a driving school. Prices vary depending on the number of days that you will be given after assessing your driving skills.
  • Get a driving schedule after your driving lessons

On your driving test day

  • Be sure to come early in the morning on your test day
  • Know that the theoretical test will be given before the practical test, so be ready
  • If you pass a theoretical test, then you can go to the practical test, if not, then you can take the test again in 2 days

Tips for the practical driving test

  • Greet the officer with a smile
  • Be sure to adjust all the mirrors and the seat
  • Put on the seat belt
  • Ask the officer to wear the seat belt
  • Check your surroundings by turning your head left and right
  • Don`t put too much pressure on the accelerator and brake
A black car requires getting a driver`s license in Kuwait before driving it.
On the day of your practical test, remain calm and composed.

Clearly, getting a driver`s license in Kuwait is manageable, as long as you gather all the necessary documents. It is best to deal with the paperwork on time!