How to Move a Hot Tub

Moving something as big as a hot tub is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning, preparation, and perfect execution. Just as with any other large appliance or piece of furniture. And while most of the things from our home are simple and easy to relocate, hot tubs are different. To move a hot tub you need to have the knowledge, experience, and some help to do it properly. From disconnecting it to properly protecting it for transport. Here is a guide that will help you do it without risking the damage to your hot tub.

It’s important to have a plan before you attempt to move a hot tub

One of the most important things in any relocation is to have a good plan. And it’s never more evident than when you try to move something heavy and bulky. To move a hot tub you need to have a detailed plan of how you are going to do it.

plan for moving hot tub
You should have a good plan before you start moving your hot tub

Hot tubs are heavy and take up a lot of room. And you will need to bring it out, carry it down the stairs and carefully navigate towards your moving truck. This is the perfect time to consider hiring professional movers to help you. Trying to move a hot tub on your own is not only risky to the tub itself. You can also end up injuring yourself while moving it. On the other hand, if you want to do it on your own, you need to be very careful. And a good plan is a great first step in doing so.

Gather all the supplies that you will need

Once you’ve planned how you are going to move a hot tub, and which route you are going to take, it’s time to start gathering all the supplies that you will need. To move something as large and complex as a hot tub, you will need many different items. You should first start by buying cleaning supplies and quality packing supplies. That way, you can clean your hot tub before you start moving it. And moving blankets will protect it during transport.

Gather the tools as well

You should gather all the tools that you will need. First, you will need tools to help you unscrew and remove the hot tub. If your hot tub is connected directly to the electricity, and not via a plug, you will also need tools for that. You will need a pair of Lineman’s pliers and a screwdriver to disconnect it from the electrical grid safely.

tools to move a hot tub
Gather all the tools that you will need

And finally, you will need tools to help you move a hot tub to your moving truck. Furniture dollies are a perfect tool for the job. You can rent them at your local hardware store. It’s also a good idea to get several large plywood pieces. The will provide strong flat support to put underneath your hot tub.

Find someone to transport it

After you’ve gathered all the supplies, you will want to make sure that you have arranged transport to move the hot tub. You can rent a moving truck and drive it yourself. Or you can find and hire top shipping companies in Kuwait to do it for you. Either way, you will want to have the truck ready before you start disassembling and moving a hot tub. You don’t want to end up doing all the working only to have to wait for days for the truck to arrive. Also, make sure that the truck you are renting is big enough the fit the hot tub. So, before you reserve it make sure to take precise measurements. You need to consider that you will have to carefully load it in. So, you will want your moving truck to be at least a little bit bigger than the tub itself.

find a big truck
Make sure your truck is big enough to fit the hot tub

Find someone to help you load the hot tub

The next step is to find someone to help you move a hot tub. Attempting to do it by yourself can only result in failure. They are very heavy and very large. And doing it yourself is next to impossible. You need to be able to safely load the moving truck. And avoid any risk of injury to yourself or damage to your belongings. You can hire professional movers to help you carry and load the hot tub. If not, you can ask a couple of your friends to come and give you a hand. Note that it will require at least 3 people to do it successfully.

Prepare the hot tub for moving

Before you start lifting it, make sure that the hot tub is prepared for moving. First, you should drain all the water from it and disconnect it. Then, clean it and secure it with moving blankets and boxes. It’s imperative that you buy only quality moving boxes Kuwait. You want to give your hot tub as much protection as you can. Place the moving blanket on top of the hot tub and secure it with packing tape. Then, tear a few large moving boxes and secure the cardboard all around the hot tub. That should give it a few layers of protection and ensure that it arrives at a new location in one piece.

A hot tub
Prepare the hot tub before moving by draining the water and disconnecting it.

Moving the hot tub out

The first step that you need to take when you want to move a hot tub is to place plywood pieces below it. It will give it a sturdy and flat surface to lay upon. Then, carefully slide the whole thing onto a furniture dolly with the help of a few friends. Slowly get your hot tub to the truck. It’s heavy and navigating with it through your home will be difficult. So, before you start loading, make sure you get some rest.

Loading a hot tub onto a moving truck

Once you get to the moving truck you need to safely load the hot tub onto it. If the truck has it’s own ramp, use it. If not, two strong pieces of wood will be needed to create one. Slowly push the hot tub up the ramp making sure that it doesn’t tip over. One person should be pushing it, another should be on top of the ramp and the third one should hold it from the side. Once it is all the way up, make sure to gently place it on the floor and secure it.