How to prepare for the green move?

Are you planning to move to a new house? You must have dozens of questions and plans in your head about how it should be done in the best possible way. And although moving can be stressful – if you go green while moving, we guarantee that your environment, your body, and the planet will be grateful.  Learn how to prepare for the green move and avoid polluting the environment unnecessarily.

Start on time when you prepare for the green move

Don`t get me wrong, green moving will not take away more time than the usual moving. In fact, it will save you time and money. However, if you start early enough you can experience all the benefits and achieve much more, plus you will prepare mentally for the move. If you are reading this article, for example, it means that you are aware of the pollution and you want to reduce it. Give yourself time to prepare for the green move, and learn about different ways to move green.

Prepare your meals at home

In the week before the move, or if your kitchen has already been moved, you will most definitely be tempted to order takeaway food. Takeaway food is great and it makes it easier to go through the day, however, it involves a lot of plastics. Plastic knives and forks, plastic bins and a lot of plastic bags are not green. There are several ways to avoid takeaway food:

  • Prepare healthy food and put it in your freezer, so it is always available to you with minimum effort
  • Go to the grocery store once a week and buy all you need for the upcoming week
  • Ask your parents if they could bring you food, but in ceramic bowls or any pro-green material

Clean green

Before you lock the door to your old house and after entering the new home for the first time, what is it that you will do? Clean and leave everything spotless. Keeping your home clean while moving won`t hurt, either. Would it not be great to clean with cleaning supplies that are natural and do not have a lot of chemicals in them? After cleaning the house, you usually get a headache from all the vapor. This is a clear sign that something is not right, and moving to natural cleaning supplies will be good for your body and the environment. Green moving has never been easier.

Gloves, sponge, and cleaning products.
Clean with natural supplies and your body and environment will be more than grateful.

Downsize – reduce & recycle

Think of all the excess electronic devices that you have at home. And then think of all the duplicates that you have and do not use. You have two toasters and use none of them? Get rid of them, but in a proper way. Take all of your old cell phones, cables, cd-s, old radios, even your old fridge or microwave to the electronics store and have them recycled or reused. Downsize your home and help the planet.

Moving to the piles of papers, clothes, magazines, and things you will never use in your life. Why bother taking them to your new home, instead save time and energy and pollution by finding a proper way to get rid of all the excess. Remember the three rules of going green: reuse, recycle and reduce. Just think about these three rules and implement them wherever you can, it is enough.

A laptop, remote controls, cellphones, a mouse on the desk - recycle them when you prepare for a green move
Prepare for the green move by recycling all of the electronic devices that you no longer use.

Prepare for the green move with proper packing supplies – reuse

Packing supplies are a fantastic way to go green, as they give you a plethora of opportunities to save the planet. For example, boxes are the most commonly used pieces of packing supplies. Instead of buying numerous boxes that you will use once and then throw them away, you can obtain them from the local grocery store. Reuse the boxes from the store, or ask your friends and family if they have some boxes that they do not need anymore. You will not only go green, but you will save money as well. Even if you are unable to find all the boxes you need and you still need to purchase them, make sure you pass them on to someone that needs them or return them for the purpose of recycling. Anyhow, it is a win-win situation that has green written all over it.

When you prepare for the green move and think about what package supplies you need, just observe what items can serve you as proper packing supplies. Instead of bubble wrap, you can use old newspapers, magazines, but also towels, linen, and cloth. Make the most of what you already have, instead of buying the material you will not need once you have settled in your new home. The benefits are great, indeed, as you will save money as well as save the environment. 

a box on a red dolly with wheels
Ask for used boxes in the nearby grocery store, or your friends and family. Reusing and recycling is the best way to go green.

Hire professional packers to help you prepare for the green move

If you do not want to or don`t have the opportunity to use the eco-friendly package supplies, do not worry. You can hire professional packers in Kuwait.

You can relax knowing that the professional packers will make an inventory of your belongings and bring their package supplies. They will pack all the fragile items, art, furniture and everything else you have. Your job is just to be happy and stress-free. If you are dreading the packing before the move, let the professionals do it and you will not regret it. Why spend hours and hours of labeling boxes and stressing about whether the fragile items will give in and break?

Hire a green moving company

After all the efforts you made to go green, finish strong by choosing a green moving company. After that, you can relax knowing that you have done well. If you are moving abroad, consider choosing the right international movers Kuwait and avoid stress. Make an eco-friendly move with the equipment, vehicles, and staff that care about the environment. Nowadays, when everything is available, it has never been easier to prepare for a green move. We simply have no excuses when it comes to protecting our environment and most importantly, ourselves.