Challenging adjustments to life in Kuwait

After relocating to Kuwait, your job is not over yet. It is a cultural shock because it is a whole new tradition. Adjustments to life in Kuwait could be difficult or/and easy too. Living in a foreign country is hard. With all the administration issues you have to deal with that’s why you need some tips. Of course, if you don’t want to get stuck in the expat bubble. You will need to learn to adjust to life in Kuwait or any other foreign country.

Living in a foreign country, especially in Kuwait, sounds very exciting and romantic. When expats are on unfamiliar ground, they tend to stick to what is familiar to them. That’s why many expatriates never make that first step, a transition from expat to a compatriot. However, becoming a part of the local culture and community is probably the hardest part of living abroad. A lot of people share their experiences of living in a foreign country exclusively with other expats, so try to contact them.

Kuwait at night with fireworks.
Kuwait is one of the most beautiful countries. But, you can experience the real Kuwait after adjusting

Moving to Kuwait

First, you need to move to Kuwait, of course. You can start a business there, or find another job. Maybe it is time for you to change. Luckily for you, you can hire movers and packers Kuwait. Kuwait can bring you a lot of opportunities and you will adjust there easily because 70% of the population are expats. Pack your bags, make a business plan and take the first step. The culture, tradition, history will blow your mind. It is a totally new beautiful world. The good thing is they are always looking for new people and new professionals. IT experts, engineers, accountants…

Adjustments to life in Kuwait: Living in a foreign country

Expat life is full of changes and challenges. Some are remarkable, others barely perceptible that’s how it works. What we all experience, are the stages we go through before we adjust and make sense of the change happening. It all depends on how open and how prepared we are. Kuwait is maybe not one of the easier countries to move to, but it could be worth it. With a distinct lack of western entertainment, it is definitely a challenge to move to Kuwait. Be aware of emotional phases and learn how to overcome difficulties during expat relocation, luckily for you we have some tips. This post outlines some of the phases expats go through when moving to Kuwait. And yes, it could be applied to any other country, especially those in the Middle East.

Stage number one

After you are finally here, you can start unpacking boxes after moving… Enjoy the beauty of the sea and city attractions such as restaurants and malls.

Black board, writing on "set goals" for living to Kuwait.
At the beginning set your goals and always remember yourself why you are here

This stage is commonly referred to as the Honeymoon Stage because during this stage we are excited. If we consider culture as an iceberg, during this stage we are only scratching the surface. You will learn a lot about your new place! It will feel like a roller coaster ride and emotions fluctuate between excitement and homesickness. Going grocery shopping or malls, ordering food in a restaurant, having the internet connected, taking a taxi or bus becomes more like an adventure. Enjoy this phase as much as you can, there are so many fun things for expats in Kuwait. Make the most of feeling “on holiday”. You deserve it. Adjustments to life in Kuwait can be fun, relax a little bit.

Stage number two

Stage two is the most difficult stage of adjustments to life in Kuwait. This is when many people pack it up and want to go back.  Don’t complain about how it should be more like home. The cultural differences, the language barriers, and other tribulations unnerve you.  Once your documentation is complete, it is easy to get out of this stage. Just remember all the reasons why you left your home in the first place. You have to move with an open mind and to accept different things. Different doesn’t mean incorrect. Also, help your kids cope with moving stress if you are with them.

Finally, stage three

The words in your head. People parking in the no parking zone, ok. Yes, I would love this complimentary tea with my meal. So should I drink these three tiny cups instead of the mug of Arabic coffee? Only here can I see women dressed up like they’re off to a beauty pageant, but they are just to fetch their kids from school. Ah, it is normal.

Group of people and one isolated men.
In the end, you won’t feel isolated and alone. Be patient

Stage three is all about contentment. You feel content with your new routine. You accepted life and culture in your new location. If you can make it to this final stage, you will get the most rewarding travel experience possible. In the final phase, you become more comfortable as you appreciate your new surroundings. You may identify a favorite restaurant or you have friends, maybe even pick up a few words in the new language.

Remember, every beginning is hard, adjustments to life in Kuwait especially. Be ready and strong. Kuwait is a beautiful place for living.