Best way to handle moving antique furniture

Oftentimes, antique furniture is much more than just valuable property. Usually, our antiques are a family heirloom, that has been passed down from generation to generation. It goes without saying that, when moving, your antiques should be one of your main concerns. Of course, the best way to handle moving antique furniture would be to hire residential moving companies Kuwait for help, as they have what it takes to take care of your possessions and relocate them safely. However, if you decide to do this by yourself, don`t worry. We are here to help you and guide you through this process the best way we can.

Make a detailed inventory before moving antique furniture

If you like to collect antique furniture, then the chances are that your entire house is filled with them. Probably, not even you are aware of exactly how many pieces you own. Thus, before moving and packing, your first task is to make a comprehensive list. Go through your house with pen and paper, and start taking notes.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to simply write down the pieces that you own. Your inventory list needs to contain other types of information, such as the room where that item belongs, the previous owner, and the way that piece came into your possession. Besides this, you also need to make a close inspection of your items. Write down every crack and scratch you see, no matter how small it is. In the future, if you decide to hire reputable movers to help you relocate your things, you will be able to inspect the furniture once they bring it back to you and to compare the condition in which they brought it with the previous one. This is very important if you wish to stay protected during your relocation.

A woman making a list for moving antique furniture.
Having a detailed inventory of your items is a must.

Know the value of your antiques

We are sure that your antique furniture is priceless for you. However, the sentimental value of your items is not something a moving company will be interested in. They will need to know the actual value of your items if they are to transport them and vouch for them. You will be happy to know that getting your items appraised is an easy thing to do. All you need to do is make sure to find a trustworthy appraiser, who is also very knowledgeable and educated. Once you get a written appraisal, you are ready to move onto the next step.

Get insurance

Arguably, the best thing you can do for the safety of your antique furniture is to get insurance. Insurance is there to serve as a promise that even if something were to happen to your items, you would be reimbursed for the damage that was caused. Of course, the type of liability coverage you choose to get plays the most important role in how much money you will get. Sometimes, if the value of your items is too great, investing more money in a better, more expensive liability coverage is a good decision. Ultimately, you are the one who will make a decision after taking a hard look at your finances. Just remember that insurance is something that can make or break your relocation. And, it is something that depends solely on you.

A woman filling out a form for life insurance.
The right insurance is necessary when moving antique furniture.

Disassemble your furniture

It is a known fact that the best way to move some furniture pieces is by disassembling them. This especially goes for large and bulky items, that would be too heavy to carry out of your house and into the moving truck. Thus, when packing, you need to make sure to properly disassemble your antique furniture. What you need to do is remove any detachable parts, such as drawers, and pack them separately. While doing this, you might come across a few loose hardware parts, which you should put in a ziplock bag. Therefore, when you arrive at your new home, and you need to reassemble your furniture, you will not have to spend hours looking for that tiny screw you lost.

Moreover, to disassemble your furniture is not enough. Everyone knows that the proper way to pack and move in Kuwait is by ensuring all of your items stay securely in place. If you do not secure your items, they will start jiggling while on the road, which could bring about all sorts of damage. There is an easy way to prevent this since you can use plastic wrap to hold all of your pieces in place.

Protect your precious items

Finally, when moving antique furniture, you need to get the right protective packaging materials. Your antiques are fragile items, and they are prone to damage. And, not only are they fragile, but they are also priceless. Having that in mind, you should not try to save money on protective materials. As an unwritten rule, your antique furniture should be covered in three layers of protection.

  • Surface protection, to protect from moisture, dust and superficial damage when moving antique furniture
  • Shock protection, which will cushion your items so that nothing happens to them
  • Outer protection, preferably from waterproof material, that will further ensure the safety of your items

Once you wrap your antique furniture in these three layers, you shouldn`t worry. There is hardly any damage that can come to items protected this way.

An antique hourglass.
Your items should stay damage-free during the shipment.

The conclusion

During relocation, there are many difficult tasks you will have to deal with. Packing and preparing for moving antique furniture is one of them. However, just because it is difficult, it does not make it impossible to relocate your antiques. All you have to do is be careful, act in a timely manner, and not go cheap on protective materials. Besides, if you follow our guidelines, we are sure you will be enjoying your new home, surrounded by your antique furniture in no time. For any other concerns you may have, we are here for you!