Best practices of shipping parcels to Qatar

Some of Qatar’s land and air borders have been closed as a result of the ongoing turbulence in Qatar’s foreign relations. As a result, the delivery should be handled and organized by a reputable and trustworthy shipping service. You don’t have to worry about your package or things being handled by Easy Move Kuwait. We can offer you a smooth and easy shipping experience. All you have to do is fill out the quote form and we’ll take care of the rest for you. We make it simple and safe to ship to Qatar. That being said, we will gladly let you in on what are some of the best practices of shipping parcels to Qatar.

a view of cargo ships with shipping containers leaving the port from a plane
Shipping internationally has never been easier.

Best practices of shipping parcels to Qatar

There are some general rules you need to follow when shipping parcels to Qatar. But if you choose the best shipping company in Qatar, you will likely have no problems. And your deliveries will reach its recipients and designated addresses a lot quicker than opting for regular posting services.

General advice on shipping to Qatar

  • Make sure your item contains the right address, email address, and phone number for the intended recipient to guarantee that it arrives on time. This will make it easier for the delivery company to deliver the package correctly the first time. On the package, you need to state this clearly.
  • In some timeframes, delays imposed by customs procedures in the destination country are not included. Shipping during holidays, for example. It’s possible that customs will delay the arrival of your package.
  • When shipping internationally, you can expect some challenges along the way. Read our article on the most common challenges of shipping internationally to better prepare.

Customs, Restrictions, and Prohibitions

  • The majority of goods exported to Qatar require customs documentation.
  • Before bringing anything into the country, please make sure that it is not on the list of forbidden or restricted items.
  • Consult the Qatar customs website if you need any special customs assistance or the most recent guidelines.

    cargo ship
    Make sure you don’t pack any forbidden items when shipping to Qatar.

Items you can’t bring to Qatar

Qatar’s import regulations are subtle, but Easy Move Kuwait is here to list them all. Items that don’t have permission to enter Qatar include the following:

  • Blue ice
  • Any form of media that depicts the female body and anatomy, such as promotional or entertainment films
  • Cosmetics, Israeli manufactured goods
  • Radar, radio communications equipment, satellites, and satellite components
  • Herbal tea, children’s toys, cassette recordings, and alcoholic beverages
  • Remarkable pieces of art, diplomas, documents, and antiques that are extremely valuable
  • Drugs, certain medicine, narcotics, and potentially toxic or hazardous chemical substances
  • Arms, ammunition, and weapons, as well as their components.
  • Valuable jewelry

We hope that you now have more insights into what goes into shipping to Qatar. We at Easy Move Kuwait offer a same-day shipping service. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about delivery time and late packages. We’ve made shipping parcels to Qatar easy and affordable.