Are Bulky Possessions Worth Moving Long-Distance?

You could face the question if bulky possessions worth moving long-distance when moving. There are items that you should leave behind when moving. On the other hand, you can use storage units in Kuwait and leave them for a while before the final decision. In some situations, though, you should take them with you. There are items that people cannot only leave behind. However, you should consider of few things before you decide if you earn bulky possessions on long-distance.

  • Some items are very large, and you cannot only take them with you – in most cases, but you also cannot pack them in any vehicle;
  • Most of the bulky possessions are very heavy, so air freight Kuwait companies will not accept their transportation;
  • Customs clearance could be a severe reason to ask are bulky possessions worth of moving long-distance;
  • Do not forget that every shipping cost a lot, and it will take a lot of space in your suitcases, but also in vehicles;
  • Finally, consider the time of packing for bulky things and if it is worth it.

In many situations, people simply choose to leave those things behind and take only vital with them. You can easily buy new furniture, wardrobe and electric devices at a new place. Think about that as a fresh start in your life. Your new home will look different than the old one, and it is a good beginning after moving.

Old family photos
Family photos are something that you should not leave behind when moving

Which bulky possessions worth moving long-distance are?

No matter how long-distance we are talking about and how much you have prepared the money, there are items that you should bring with you. Every home has memories, old documents, and souvenirs that they cannot just leave behind. It is not only a memory of your past life; you will have an only connection with the old life and your identity. Most of them are not so significant or heavy to not bring with you.

Unique and valuable items

Every home has useful things that should not merely leave when moving. Most of the family has got from grandmothers or grandfathers. Not only that, they are memories of your family; it sometimes has a high value. So, what if it is a chandelier? There are a lot of moving services in Kuwait that will help you in moving.

Personal records

Even if you think that most of them are not relevant anymore, do not leave these documents behind. Most of them prove how your life was and have practical and legal value. However, things like marriage, financial records, or medical records you should pack adequately. Ask professional packers for help.

Do not leave memories

You surely have not even thought about it, but it is good to repeat it. Although it seems like a bunch of completely useless things. In most cases, those are photos, souvenirs, or non-important documents. However, all of them keep the memory on your life and the things you have done in the past.

Pet and children favorites

Maybe your children are grown now but do not leave their favorite toy when moving. Even grown-up people love to have memory in their childhood. Many people keep Teddy bear on bed whole life. It is still a great memory of your previous experience.

There are bulky possessions worth moving long-distance which you should leave

Although you think that literally, everything should take with you, it is not always a good option. It is especially crucial for large furniture or electric devices. Not only that, they are hard to move or cost a lot. Sometimes, you cannot use or install them in a new home. On the other hand, you should consider buying new furniture when starting a new life.


It is undoubtedly the worst thing you should take with you. Let be honest; an old drawer or chair is not that important in your life. Not matter how memories they keep. You can buy new furniture when you land in a new country. The only you should take with you are antiques.

Electric appliances

Why would any take electronic devices with them when moving? You know that every country has stores when you can buy new tools. Not to mention how expensive it is making those things with you. In some cases, you will not be able to use them in a new country because of the different plugin.

Kitchen appliances are things that you should not take with you when moving


No, really, why would any of us take an old wardrobe with them when moving? Those are only old pieces of textiles. You will surely have time to buy a new wardrobe after moving. Do not forget that you cannot use the same closet after moving sometimes. The best is to buy a new one.

How to choose which bulky possessions wroth moving long-distance is?

Regardless of the pieces of advice, we gave above, the final decision is yours. You can always change it before moving. After all, it is your new life and your moving, so do not hesitate to choose on your own. If you consider it, follow our guide on how to decide what to bring with you when moving on long distances. In that case, things like cost will help you quickly to make a decision.

Consider of value

It is for sure that valuable things you should take with you. However, consider moving costs when calculating how helpful some things. You will pay a high price for moving of antiquates, and still do not pay back the value of it.

Type of your move

Even when moving locally, you can find in situations when you should consider leaving things behind. However, moving on long-distance presumes long traveling and high expenses. They become even higher if you move over the sea. So, you should forget about taking large boxes and packages in that situation.

Do you really want to take the wardrobe with you?

Finally, calculate your cost of moving

When considering if bulky possessions worth moving long-distance, start from the price of your moving. It is the first step you should make. Although you can take all of those things with you, maybe the final cost makes trouble after moving to Kuwait.