How to prepare your furniture for moving to Kuwait

If you are moving to Kuwait, one of the challenges will be to pack and prepare your furniture. It is the bulkiest and heaviest part of your moving inventory. And it requires a lot of attention if you want to prepare it for the road properly.  Especially, if you are relocating to Kuwait from the US. That means that your items will spend a significant amount of time traveling. Probably in a shipping container. And the longer the trip lasts the greater the chance that it will get damaged. Therefore, read this article and learn how to prepare your furniture for moving to Kuwait.

If you are moving from the US to Kuwait your items will suffer

If you are moving to Kuwait from the US, one of the most important parts will be to find a reliable shipper that will transport your items for such a long distance. However, even with the most reliable shipping services Kuwait, shipping your items overseas will be very stressful for your items. They will probably be transported on a cargo ship inside a shipping container.

Cargo ships usually take more than a month to get from the US east coast to the Middle East. And a lot of things can happen during a month on a sea. Especially if you are moving during a bad weather season. Therefore you will need to prepare your furniture for moving to Kuwait properly and securely. If you want it to arrive safely and in undamaged.

Cargo ship
Shipping your items overseas will be very stressful for your furniture

Hiring professional packing services is the best way to prepare your furniture for moving to Kuwait

Preparing your furniture for moving to Kuwait is a challenging task. First, the furniture is heavy and it is not easy to move it singlehandedly. So, you will need someone to help you. Second, furniture is rarely shipped in one piece. So, you will need to have tools and basic knowledge on how to use it. Third, you will need to prepare lots of good-quality packing materials. And you will have to deal with this in the middle of the moving chaos, while you are packing the rest of your items.

If this sounds like your kind of situation, think about hiring professional packers. This will significantly ease your task and reduce your stress. And you will be sure that your items are properly prepared for the difficult and long trip.

Things to do and prepare when moving your furniture to Kuwait

If you decided to prepare your furniture for moving to Kuwait on our own, you will have to prepare certain things before you begin. Of course, first, you need to decide what to move. When moving overseas, your first goal should be to get rid of all items that are heavy and not in good shape. Your moving price is calculated according to the weight of your inventory. So this could be a good way to lower your moving price. And to essentially ease your packing process.

Prepare a pair of helping hands

Also, you will have to find someone to help you. Furniture is heavy and if you plan to disassemble it you will have to change its position at least a few times before it is done. And it is certainly not a one-man job.

List of necessary tools

You will also need to prepare a small set of tools. With furniture disassembling you will mostly have to deal with screws and bolts. So make sure that you have the following tools prepared before you begin:

  • Screwdrivers of different sizes are one of the most important tools when you want to prepare your furniture for moving to Kuwait. If you want you could also use a power screwdriver on which you can easily change screw head attachments.
  • Pliers are also one of the essentials
  • Wrench set is needed when there are bolts holding you furniture
  • Hex key or Allen wrench set is essential when you have screws with hexagonal sockets in their heads.
  • Hammer
  • Rubber mallet
Power tool
Use a power screwdriver it will greatly ease this process

Packing materials to acquire when preparing your furniture for relocation

Also, you will need to prepare packing materials. Here is the list:

  • Moving blankets or furniture covers
  • Furniture pads
  • Bubble plastic sheeting
  • A roll of stretch wrap
  • Plastic bags for small parts like handles, screws, and bolts
  • Packing tapes
  • Cardboard boxes

Packing and preparing furniture for moving to Kuwait

If you have everything ready, you can start preparing your furniture for moving to Kuwait. Find furniture pieces that you cannot disassemble and start with those. Those will usually be antique pieces with parts with glued or nailed parts. Of course, even those could be taken apart but it will take time and professional help. Therefore, it is better to pack them as they are.

To protect furniture that cannot be disassembled use moving blankets or covers to cover it. Wrap it in bubble plastic or stretch wrap and seal it with packing tape. Pay special attention to the legs and parts that are sticking out. Protect them additionally with bubble plastic and packing tape. Put furniture pads under the legs so you can easily slide it.

Next, you can start dealing with furniture that can be taken apart. Use the tools that you have prepared and start removing bolts and screws.  Make sure that you place them immediately in a zip bag and tape them to the according to piece.  This is very important, as some furniture has specially designed parts that you cannot easily buy if you lose them.

As you are removing parts of your furniture, wrap each piece in bubble plastic and tape it. Depending on the size of those parts, you can pack them inside cardboard boxes. Or you can put them aside. Cover the main piece with a blanket and wrap it with bubble plastic and packing tape.

Bubble plastic
Use bubble plastic to protect your furniture pieces

Take care of your screws and bolts and to give your furniture enough protection

And that is it. Now you know how to prepare furniture for moving to Kuwait. The most important parts are to take care of your screws and bolts and to give your furniture enough protection so it can withstand a long sea freight from the US to Kuwait. If you think that it will be too difficult, hire professionals and watch them how they do it. Gather experience so you could do it on your own next time you move.