Popular jobs for foreigners in Kuwait

Anyone of us needs to work. But, what and where? If you want to move to Kuwait and it is your dream country, you should check what jobs for foreigners in Kuwait are offered, and how to find it. First, hire moving companies Kuwait. A move overseas is not easy and simple, especially in the country with a totally different tradition. But, we have good news, 70% of the population are expats. So, it will be much easier, you are not the only one.

Arab fully depends upon the oil wealth. Their economy is based on oil price and demand. The oil industry becomes the greatest employer in the majority of countries, but IT and other industries are slowly picking up. The oil industry remains the backbone of these countries. When reviewed from a job seeker outlook, jobs related to oil and gas industry are dominant in Kuwait job market.

Pants pocket with a tool and "job searching" note.
Everyone is searching for a job. Move the borders and look for your dream job in another state

How to find jobs for foreigners in Kuwait

With the online sites, you can expect to get a response (People who will respond back to you to whom you sent your application/CV). Nevertheless, we encourage you to give these sites a try (for example, Gulf Talent, Bayt, Nukri, etc). Because you never know what you will come up with. Teaching English might be an option. There are sites for that too. Such as ESL employment, Total ESL, Tessal…Let the google search do its job. Or, if you have someone in Kuwait, he/she can find it for you or recommend you. On the other hand, you can always start your own business in Kuwait.

Popular jobs in Kuwait

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Kuwait is hiring foreigners. They want to expand their industry. Take that opportunity and take a chance

The past decade was the peak and bottom of oil price. As a result of this fluctuation, many Gulf countries have started to think out of the box and plans were announced to boost other areas. Including infrastructure, IT, education… Infrastructure jobs always come in the top lists in Gulf jobs, but IT is also a big job opportunity. Many people work in this sector and engineering jobs. It is well-known that fossil oils are dangerous and at some point, there will be no oil and gas. That’s why they also work with alternative energy. Choose the best city for expats in Kuwait and move.

Office jobs are a great attraction for foreigners in Kuwait. Because, in every sector, there may be demand for salespeople, accountants, and administrators too. That’s a good news, accounting and vacancies double each year. The government policies encourage startups and IT firms too. For example, Dubai has already set up a lag scale IT parks (Dubai Media City) and many Arab countries are following this path including Kuwait. High predictions are coming that dependency on oil wealth is deliberately decreased. Unskilled workers were the most in demand in the past few decades. But now this preference has given way to skilled and professional employees. Medical jobs, media jobs, finance jobs, PR jobs etc. These jobs are attracting people into the Kuwaiti job market today. They are also jobs for foreigners in Kuwait not just for locals. 

Moving to Kuwait

Of course, before you start to work you must move to Kuwait. How to do that? It is not easy and simple, but with a few tips on how to simply pack and relocate, it could be. Preparation is the key. If you take the time to plan ahead and get organized in advance then you will have much less to worry about on the big day.

Where to begin?

These are simple tips for moving to Kuwait:

  • Packing – It’s better to be safe than sorry, so collect packing boxes. A lot of them, get a variety of sizes. Tape and air bubble foil are also the important material for packing, especially if you have fragile items, and you probably do. Start with packing a little bit earlier then you think it will be enough.
  • Moving company – It is a long-distance move, so you will need a moving company. Find a reliable one. Ask your friend and family if they can recommend you a good mover.
  • Find your new home – You can find a home before you move there. Property prices in Kuwait are maybe high, but it is definitely worth it. There are some special rules if you want to buy a property in Kuwait, but you can always rent it. Hire a real estate agent you can trust and hunting can begin.
  • New job – Most of the people have a job in Kuwait before they move there. Jobs for foreigners in Kuwait are numerous. Be persistent and you will succeed. 
  • Education for children – As we mentioned before, Kuwait has a lot of expats. This means there are a lot of different schools. You can choose between a lot of English, American, Indian schools. It is easy to be part of a community. Find your people there and do not worry.
  • Learn about their tradition and history – Kuwait has a rich history and the total different tradition, religion, and rules. As soon you learn that, the better. Open your books and start to expand your knowledge.
Trolley with lot of boxes.
Moving to Kuwait is the first step toward finding a job. This can also be a good decision for your family

The Kuwait job market will not be the same in future, of course. New job sectors will emerge and the demand for new professionals will increase. Experts say that even when the oil price is bottom-lined, the Gulf will remain the dreamland for job seekers. Jobs for foreigners in Kuwait are very popular now, so take that advantage.