A quick guide on engine shipping crates

This topic is not particularly well covered on the internet. And it is easy to see why. International moves are common. Air shipping, sure. But something as particular as engine shipping crates is not really something anyone does often, if ever. But it is exactly things like this that one needs advice and help about. Ever since the last few decades shipping and air freighting have become increasingly cheaper and affordable. You can now make as mall business out of selling things on E-bay and alike. And, for some of you, collectors, car lovers, and auto-mechanics, shipping engine parts are quite a necessity. 

So how to deal with it? Well, all you have o do is get yourself a fine shipping crate. But that is the source of the problem, isn’t it? Finding a good engine crate can be challenging. For those who are doing it for the first time, a question of where to even start might come up. Do not despair. We have a guide just for the likes of you!

Not so fast - find a good company first
You need a trusted company to handle the shipping of your engines

Not so fast – find a good company first

First and foremost, before anything else can get in the way, you need a good air freight Kuwait company to get your stuff shipped. No matter how good your shipping engine crates are, nothing will save them from a bad and negligent shipping company.  So how to get around this problem? No worry, just have some basics in mind.

Start by limiting your search to licensed companies. You should not be dealing with literary anyone else. This is not something a compromise will help. Only licensed companies play “by the rules”. This means that only they will, by law, offer you insurance and some form of guarantees. These are the luxuries no one can guarantee without a license. Therefore, don’t lose any ground for this. Either licensed company or no business.

Furthermore, you should focus on well-reviewed companies. Only companies with good records have concrete proof of their ability to do the job right. Otherwise, their good word might just be their sense of self-promotion, nothing more. Reviews you can find on many different platforms. First, one to come to mind is Google. Google reviews are the most accessible ones, but not the only ones. Yelp business also focuses on reviews, and some very in-depth descriptions of services and critiques can be found there. Finally, you will find that Facebook is a pretty good platform for reviewing business. You will, no doubt find your shipping company there.

Once you pick out the right moving company, you should pick out your engine shipping crate. What are your options? Let us see.

Take a look at an engine shipping crates menu

Now, we don’t intend to go over every one of the plastic or otherwise engine shipping crates you can attain. But there are some rather popular selections that we will highlight.

  • For particularly large needs, you can get Ultra large engine shipping crates.
  • If your budgetary concerns are the important ones and you need something that will take your common, disassembled engine parts via moving services Kuwait, you have Universal engine crates at your disposal.
  • For small yet durable, you can find V-8 small block crates for your use.
Take a look at an engine shipping crates menu
Take a look and pick out what you find most appealing

Be sure to use the instructions when picking out what engine shipping crates you will need. You will see them just below. Be sure to google if you are in need of any engine shipping crate that is not listed here.

How to pick a right one

Now that you know your options, you need to know how to pick the right one. What are the factors that should impact your decision the most?

  • Above all, it is the size of the engine. A box can not be a proper one if anything is too tight of a fit. Boxes should be absolutely appropriate. Too big and you risk parts moving in an unpredictable manner. Too small engine shipping crates and you risk something not having enough space and breaking or the whole crate bursting at the first sign of trouble.
  • Furthermore, it is the durability of the materials used that count. Not of the engine, of course, but of the engine shipping crates. Shipping, by air or by sea freight, is not a gentle process. A lot of tumbling around can happen. Having a sturdy, durable crate that will protect your engine parts is crucial. And just from what you read right now, don’t think that movement and turbulence is your only worry. Engine parts easily fall under the great enemy of any stored item – moisture and temperature. A good crate should protect against both. 
  • Finally, price matters. Your budget has to be able to afford it. No use in excellent engine shipping crates if you cant use them. Make sure your funds are up to the task. 

Having all of these three covered? Well, you are on your way to buying what you need… but what if you do not wish to buy? What are your DIY options?

Or maybe a DIY

Of course, you can always do it yourself! If nothing you see suits you, especially if you need a budget solution, why not have international movers ship your engine or engine parts in custom, homemade crates?

Or maybe a DIY
Just make sure the boxes are adequate. Somethings, as shown in this picture, will not cut it!

Best advice on how to build a crate is to plan it, write it all down, and lave some, yet not much, breading space for the engine parts. However, since you will most likely be using wood, we also encourage great use of cushioning and waterproof materials such as plastic wrapping.

Don’t leave anything to chance

The main advice to take out from this is not to leave anything to chance. Engine shipping crates are complex things that will protect your engine on the journey. You, however, have to pick the right one. And also, never leave the shipping to a shady company. Be vigilant every step of the way!