Reasons for insuring items for global shipping

Insuring items for global shipping is a very bright idea. Generally, it’s actually your only option. Why is that, you may ask? Well, the thing here is that the longer the journey is, the more risk is present. Insurance is the most reliable thing that keeps the risk at bay, so it is not optional. It is also non-negotiable. To make it easier on you, Easy Move Kuwait brings you a list of a few reasons why you should consider insuring items for global shipping.

Insuring items for global shipping gives you peace of mind

Here’s the thing – when you’re shipping items globally, there are a lot of accidents that can happen to your stuff. Especially if said stuff has some sort of monetary value. A few dollars for insurance is nothing compared to the safety you get knowing that your items are safe on their journey. Since you’re dealing with an insurance company, your policy, and the law are your only shields against loss. But they are pretty powerful shields. Insuring items for global shipping is pretty much the seat belt and airbag of global shipping. So, the reasonable thing to do here would definitely be insuring your items for global shipping.

Cars on a back of a ship.
Insuring items for global shipping will protect you against all forms of possible damage.

“What could possibly happen to my items?”

A lot of things. Let’s take freight transport, for example. Water could penetrate the container and destroy valuables therein. Maybe some of the items will go missing throughout the journey. Or, even worse, an unscrupulous employee might snitch them for himself. This actually happens a lot with freights. Why? Well, because there is a certain part of the water that is not under any jurisdiction. Whatever happens there is technically not a crime, since, well, no court has the authority to rule over those territories. Both point A and point B have a court, a prosecutor and a judge, but the interim path doesn’t. That’s why you should always consider insuring items for global shipping.

There are other risks, too

Let’s say that the company has very high standards when it comes to business practices. But what about the other risks? For example, air freight services in Kuwait have very high standards and they’re proud of it. But not even they can take control of everything. If you have a valuable piece of fine arts, such as a picture, in a container, and the sudden swerve of an airplane breaks the frame, can you really put the blame on the company? The pilot only did what was necessary – he surely didn’t intend to break your valuables. For reasons such as these, insuring items for global shipping is the only way to go.

A crane.
There’s a lot of things that could happen before, during and after the shipping.
This is especially important when you’re considering an import

If you’re buying something from abroad – for example, East Asian (Oriental) countries – the manufacturer may have an insurance policy on the item. However, there’s a problem. They usually do this through a local insurance company. This can turn the whole claim into a mess, considering different jurisdictions, legal traditions and policies. So, if you insure the item on your side, you have nothing to lose. You will have both federal and state laws covering you and your items, and the claims process will be infinitely easier for you.

You should also know the types of cargo insurance coverage

Insurance services are something that private companies provide – of course, they differ. So, in order to understand when you do have a right to reimbursement, you also need to understand these policies. They are many, and they do vary a lot. However, there are several broad categories which serve a practical purpose:

  • An all-risk policy covers everything, with only a few minor exceptions. If it’s gone or damaged, you can get a reimbursement. Basically, what this covers are external causes. It covers theft, collision with another vehicle, derailment, improper management and what the legal scholars call “acts of God” (lightning strikes, tsunamis, earthquakes). You see why this is the best policy out there if you wish to start insuring items for global shipping;
  • International cargo insurance. This is especially good for you, considering that the policy was built with international shipments in mind. Whatever happens, doesn’t matter, you will receive reimbursement;
  • Shipment by shipment. This is something that is useful at times, but not something we would always recommend, as is the case with the two above. Some things that these policies usually do not cover are criminal acts by the company, acts of God and technical issues of the vessel;
  • Free of Particular Average. FPA is extremely situational. It only covers one certain part of the risk. For example, you may want to protect yourself against theft only, if you fear it. Or, you may have heard that there will be terrible weather en route, so you may decide to insure your cargo against sinking. This is just one aspect to insuring items for global shipping, but it is very useful if you fear a particular risk.
A boat for which insuring items for global shipping is necessary.
For a safe journey, you should hire a reliable shipping company, and also buy insurance, because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, hire a reliable shipping company!

What you need to know is that shipping companies in Kuwait generally have a very high business standard. This is because they often compete on a global scale. Kuwait is, after all, a powerful trading hub. This is why you should relieve yourself of all these worries and find a reliable shipping company that will deliver your cargo without a single scratch. This is especially important when it comes to global shipping, and you know that, so you should only hire the best and pick the most professional service that you can find. Just don`t forget that insuring your items for global shipping is a must. You know where to find us, so give us a call, and we’ll transport your items quickly, efficiently and safely.