10 questions to ask your shipping company

Moving to another country can be very complicated and stressful. There are so many things you need to handle before the move. And one of the most important things is to find a shipping company that will transport your cargo. If you are moving to Kuwait you will be using one of the moving services Kuwait. But, how to find a good shipping company to hire? If you search online you will find many similar shipping companies and they will probably all look great to you. That is why you need to prepare some questions to ask your shipping company. But how to know what questions to ask? If you go online you can find many articles about shipping companies and the way they operate. And after you learn something about the matter you can form questions that you will ask your shipping company.

What questions do you need to ask your shipping company?

If you are not really in the mood for reading articles and learning about the shipping industry you can find 10 questions to ask your shipping company in this article.

There are important questions to ask your shipping company
Before you prepare questions to ask your shipping company you need to know something about the shipping industry

The answers you get will help you decide what shipping company is best for you. So, prepare a pen and paper so you can later compare the information you acquired.

Here are the 10 questions to ask your shipping company

  • What will be the cost of your move? One of the most important questions to ask your shipping company is the final price of your move.
  • How long will it take for your items arrive? Shipping usually takes weeks and they can’t tell you the exact date but some approximate estimate will have to be enough in this case.
  • How are they handling valuable or fragile items? Some shipping companies have specially trained workers for this type of work.
  • Will they deliver your stuff to your door? Some shipping companies’ ship only port-to-port, some do it door-to-door.
  • What kind of insurance do they offer? Insurance is very important in shipping so pay special attention to it.
  • Do they offer storage solutions? In some cases, you will need temporary storage and it is good to know that it is available.
  • Do they offer packing and unpacking services? Using packing and unpacking services is the most convenient way of moving.
  • What type of transportation are they using for your cargo? There are four ways of shipping cargo.
  • Will any other shipping company be involved in shipping your belongings? You need to know if any other company is handling your items.
  • Is shipment tracking available?

The cost is one of the first questions to ask your shipping company

When you are choosing your shipping company one of the deciding factors should be the cost of shipping your items overseas. Shipping companies have very different rates. Different companies use different means and routes to transport your shipment. And they will all have very different prices for your desired destination. So after you acquire their prices you will easily discard the most expensive options. And focus on the acceptable ones.

The time for the shipment to arrive

As mentioned above, shipping companies have different ways of shipping for different destinations. So after you discarded the most expensive offers you need to think about the time that will take for your items to arrive. Some companies will maybe offer you a lower price but if they use some long route and it means that it will take unreasonably more time; maybe you should skip them, too. Furthermore, the more time your items spend in transportations the chance that they will suffer some damage grows.

Handling unordinary items

If you have some unordinary items you should ask your long distance movers Kuwait how they will handle it. If you have some valuable art pieces like sculptures or paintings you need to be sure that they will be handled by the professionals. Professional moving companies that take their work seriously have workers that have gone through special training for handling these kinds of shipments. So, if that is important to you try to find a company with specially trained staff.

Will your items arrive at your home or to the port?

If the shipping company that offered you good conditions delivers your items only to port you will have lots of troubles until you transport your items to your home.

some companies deliver only to port
Watch out for the shipping companies that will only deliver your items to the port

So, that should be one of the important questions to ask your shipping company. You should definitely find a shipping company that will deliver your cargo directly to your doorstep.


One of the important aspects of hiring a shipping company is available insurance. Every respectable shipping company will have insurance for your cargo. But they can be very different from company to company. So, you need to pay special attention to the insurance terms in the case of damage, or loss of your items.

Is there available storage is one of the questions to ask your shipping company

Sometimes you will need to store your items while you are in temporary accommodation or some other similar situation. So it will be good if your shipping company offers storage services at your destination. Maybe they will have offer storage containers for rent. That can be a good solution.

Packing and unpacking services

Some shipping companies have packing and unpacking services available. So if you don’t like to pack, don’t have time, or you just want your move to be as easy as possible. You need to use packing and unpacking services. There is nothing more convenient than to have your belongings packed and unpacked by someone else.

What type of transportation why will use

There are four ways of transporting shipments, by air, sea, road, and by rail. And it will be good to know what type of transportation will be used for your items.

Air shipping
Air freight is the best way of shipping

Transportation by air freight Kuwait is the safest and fastest way of shipping. And the most expensive, of course.

Changing the means of transportation

If your items will need to jump from sea freight to road, or from road to rail, someone will have to move your belongings. So, you need to know who will handle your items and who will be responsible is the case of damage or loss.

Shipment tracking

Every respectable shipping company has shipment tracking available on their websites. So if you come across a company that doesn’t have that option available you should probably find some other company that does.