What you should know more about moving to Kuwait after getting married

Moving to a brand new town can be an adjustment. All the changes that come in your life, including relocation to a new city, are challenging. While it is beyond exciting to start a marriage life, relocating to Kuwait and making it feel like home will be worth it. Now that you decided to move, we assure you that you are choosing the right location, as Kuwait is very friendly and safe. Social life is what makes this place special, so make sure to grab Arab Times and find out more about the activities that are taking place. If you are moving to Kuwait after getting married, keep reading to find some useful information.

Skyline of Kuwait City
Kuwait is one of the seven emirates, and its a pleasant and friendly place to live in

Settling in Kuwait

After you have completed all the steps towards your new future like:

  • chose a reliable moving company
  • moved to Kuwait after getting married
  • unpacked and settled in

you can start exploring and enjoying it! You will need a guide to this beautiful pear of the Arabian Golf with impressive architecture, great places to eat, and a culture worth researching.


The government is making much effort to preserve and maintain remains from the past. Kuwait is very proud of its culture, for example, the fishermen still use wood shows. There is a pear-diving festival every year and it lasts a couple of weeks. Young Kuwaiti men set off to the pearl reefs to show off their skills. They free dive, without oxygen masks as their ancestors did, and this festival is a tribute and celebration of them.

Camel racing is as common as horse racing. These take place in the cooler months of the year. Here you can also taste camel milk, which locals will offer you. They can also take you to see camel stables. The race its self is similar to a horse race, but more fun!

Kuwaiti man frequently spend their naights in “diwaniyas“. They usually meet up in a basement or a vast room in the host’s house and discuss politics and business. They almost always end up playing card games. The woman also gathers in each other homes, but not so often.

Weather in Kuwait

If you never lived in a place like the middle east, you have never subtropical desert climate. Temperatures have been known to climb as high as fifty-four degrees. Palm trees can burst into flame due to the fact that it’s so hot outside. At first, you might feel like you will never accommodate this climate, but the feeling will fade and the temperature will be more bearable.

Camels lying on a beach
Camel races are very popular in Kuwait, make sure to attend at least once

Our tip is to avoid leaving the house midday, as most places are open late at night. You can finish all your chores when the sun goes down. The sun in Kuwait shines all year round, sometimes, however, some cloud banks can move over the country even in summer- we suggest you use it! If you are relocating to a new apartment, and moving boxes Kuwait heat will be truly challenging, but worth it in the end.

Social life, events, and local rules

After you chose some of the reliable removal companies who helped you move and settle in, make sure to expand your social life and attend numerous events in Kuwait. Grab a calendar and mark all the big events. Guest lecturers from overseas give monthly talks on Islamic history, art, and architecture. There is also a newcomer’s evening where there’s a showcase of all the different clubs, schools, and events in Kuwait. If you are moving to Kuwait after getting married, a “trailing spouse” who is not always working in a new city, we recommend exercise classes, meeting up with other parents from school, or exploring a vast range of employment opportunities.

The Holy month of Ramadan, which lasts for 29 or 30 days is when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. During these hours, you will not be allowed to drink or eat in public (kids are exempt from this rule). The evening of Ramadan is filled with joy, celebration, and numerous unique meals. There are always plenty of people roaming around the city, and you will for sure enjoy it.

Useful info about moving to Kuwait after getting married

Once you made your house your home and settled in, it won’t take long until you start enjoying all the benefits of Kuwait. As in all the cities in the world, there are pros and cons of moving, so make sure you have all the information mesentery to ease your transition.

Working and cost of living in Kuwait

One of the main reasons people move here is the economy. Kuwaiti Dinar is one of the strongest currencies in the world. But if you want to work and do business, you must have a sponsor or a partner from Kuwait. There are no personal taxes, but as most of the goods are imported, the prices tend to be higher than you might expect.

Night view of Liberation tower
The Liberation Tower is a 372-meter-high telecommunications tower in Kuwait City, Kuwait, the second-tallest structure in the country, make sure to visit!

Healthcare and school education

Once you find a job, you will probably have private health care included in your medical insurance. Insurance is made available for everyone, and it can be used in one of the private hospitals, but it can be expensive. If you are an expat, and without insurance, you will have to visit a public clinic where Kuwaitis have priority, so gather your patience as your visit might take long. Schools in Kuwait are pricy, but there are numerous private schools, and different colleges to choose from.

 Accommodation and lifestyle in Kuwait

There are plenty of options for accommodation in Kuwait city thanks to the construction boom. You can choose between villas and apartment buildings, which always have a manager, so-called haris who can assist in your needs like arranging taking out the trash. Do your research before choosing a place to live, as most premises don’t have parking spaces. If you chose a place to live online, make sure to liaise with one of the sea freight companies in Kuwait and get assistance in settling in. As far as lifestyle, you can find many beaches with jet skies, pools, fishing resources, etc. We recommend Failaka island, a perfect place to visit with your spouse after moving to Kuwait after getting married. If you want to run from the heath, you will find closed malls with air conditioning, and venture into retail adventures, which is an essential part of Kuwaiti life.