Reasons to move from Bahrain to Kuwait

Maybe you’ve been thinking of moving to a new location but are unsure where that is. Bahrain has its good sides, but you feel like it’s not for you anymore. It’s just not hitting the spot. Our Kuwait movers are here to give you a few reasons to move from Bahrain to Kuwait. For that little bit of extra excitement, you’re craving, you’ll see Kuwait is the right pick for you.

A picture of Kuwait City

A lot of expats opt for moving to Kuwait, and we’re here to give you a list of reasons why this might be. We hope you get to see the wonders of Kuwait for yourself!

Lots of accommodation options

One of the biggest reasons to move from Bahrain to Kuwait is the numerous accommodation options. For American expats, the prices of housing might actually even seem cheap. They aren’t, of course, so cheap, but the deals you can find are amazing. Another amazing thing concerning housing in Kuwait is that almost every apartment complex has a haris. A haris is a manager of some sort. He will take care of everything in the apartment complex, as well as take care of the trash and monthly car cleaning for a small fee.

The Kuwaiti apartment complexes are a bit different than most of us are used to. But they come with many pros. There is always someone looking out for you, as well as a relatively tight-knit community of neighbors who share the apartment complex.

Kuwait lifestyle

There are many, many different things to do in Kuwait. The winter months, from October to April, are ideal for the exploration of Kuwait. Apart from many museums, there are a number of events to attend as well as a bustling dining lifestyle. Failaka Island is an amazing location to visit with friends and family during this time. It’s known for its archeological ruins and is a very popular location. Camping is a fun and encouraged activity on the island.

Kuwait is home to some of the biggest shopping malls for all shopping enthusiasts! Retail therapy is an essential part of life for many Kuwaitis, so you know you can expect just the best. The various shopping centers include VIP theaters and other kinds of amazing offers.

A picture of a shopping mall
Your retail therapy needs will be completely satisfied in Kuwait.

High paying jobs

The biggest pro for many expats moving to Kuwait is the high salaries. Kuwait has the most highly valued currency. And Kuwait is a very rich country. Something to keep in mind though is that as an expat you’ll need a Kuwaiti partner or sponsor. Which, if your business is sought after and successful, will be no problem for you. Additionally, there are no personal income taxes, so this is quite convenient.

If you’re searching for shipping companies in Kuwait, just be careful and aware of all the pros and cons. Shipping shouldn’t be taken lightly and you need to be aware of the shipping conditions. Also, always ask for insurance! It’s the only way to stay 100% safe.

Low culture shock

Luckily for expats there is an abundance of expat organizations to join and find like-minded individuals. You will, of course, get to meet Kuwaiti culture and need to get used to it. But having someone from your previous country to lean on during the adjusting period can be very valuable. You’ll fit in immediately and have the comfort to explore Kuwaiti culture gradually. Another pro is that the younger generations are more open to meeting expats! You’re sure to make some great friendships in Kuwait.

Many private hospitals to choose from

The public health system is pretty good and stable. The downside, though, is that Kuwaiti citizens have priority over expats. This means you would most likely need to wait a few hours for your turn to get checked out, which can be very taxing if you’re already ill. But, private Kuwaiti hospitals are some of the best-staffed hospitals in the entire world.

Shipping to Bahrain from Kuwait will pose no issue. This is something you won’t have to worry about as long as you have us. Our shipping policies and speed are unparalleled. Sit back, relax, and leave the hard work to us.

It’s completely safe!

People tend to think of various stereotypes when Kuwait is mentioned. The truth of the matter is that Kuwait is one of the safest places to be. It has an extremely low crime rate. Safety is of no question in Kuwait. Women are allowed to do anything they please. Western women usually choose to adhere to the Muslim practices of clothing slightly and not bare their shoulders. This is simply to avoid unwanted attention. Local Kuwaiti youth walk around in tight outfits and don’t care what anyone thinks!

A woman walking down the street in hijab
You will often see very stylish, yet modest women on the street.

Need help moving to Kuwait?

Our Kuwait movers are well-versed professionals with a ton of experience. For the easiest and most smooth sailing moving process be sure to check out our services. Among them, you can find even packing and shipping services which can be of great use to you. With us, as your movers, you won’t have to worry about anything. We’re extremely diligent and careful. Insurance is a big deal to us and we offer it every step of the way. You can rest assured that you and your belongings will always arrive safely at any destination.

When choosing warehousing companies in Kuwait, you need to be careful and have some requirements laid out transparently. To find the perfect match for you, always ask many questions and be persistent. For example, you need your items to be in climate-controlled storage units. Don’t settle for less!

We hope our reasons to move from Bahrain to Kuwait have resonated with you and we are eagerly awaiting your call!