What Are the Items Your Movers Won’t Move

You may think that there are not the items your movers won’t move. The right moving company will always accept your stuff to proceed. It is especially important if you have unique things to move. Most of the companies have specialized moving of particular types of goods. There are a lot of shipping services in Kuwait that could fit your specific moving. However, there is a list of things that any company will accept to transport.

  • In case that you have dangerous items and subjects, it is better to leave them at home – nobody will transport things that could explode, harm somebody or burn out;
  • Extremely valuable or sensitive objects (like jewelry or stocks) are the items your movers won’t move in any circumstance – it is better to take them with you;
  • Cargo companies in Kuwait will not receive a risk to transport valuable things like old documents, photos, or family documentation.
Wood trimer
Moving companies avoid transporting devices with the fuel and sharp parts

Dangerous things are the items your movers won’t move

They will not take a risk to transport anything that could harm you. In most cases, those items are not particularly dangerous. They could be harmful to pets or your child. On the other hand, you can find a company that could protect those items and helps in packing. It is still good enough to move.

Hazardous, flammable and corrosive fluids

There is no proper protection from those items, even in the best packers in the world. The reason is the chemical reaction that they could make when touch another object. You cannot prevent it or protect enough from damaging. So, if your movers will not accept those items, take their opinion.

Explosives and weapon

Aside from the potential harmful effects, you will need an exclusive license to transport those items. Sea freight companies will not accept carrying them because of international law. However, you still can organize moving, but with individual companies.

Power equipment

Nobody will reject to move motorcycles, land movers, or weed eaters. However, those things usually come full of fuel, and it is dangerous. Also, they have sharp ends that could damage something. If you manage to protect it, maybe a moving company accepts to move it.

The items your movers won’t move are those that you cannot protect from

Although there are a lot of things that your movers will not take with them, there are few that you should consider moving. Moving companies mostly care about their workers and vehicles. However, you should think of things that could damage your stuff or you.


There is a stringent law about moving plants. Not only that, they are sensitive, and most of them cannot survive the long trip, you cannot have permission to transport them. The plant also has a soil full of pests, and every country does not allow taking them in.

Will you allow to the stranger to move your jewelry


Valuables are the items your movers won’t move in any circumstance. Let be honest and admit, will you allow strangers to transport your valuable things? Nobody will accept that task, but why would you do it at all? Simply, protect and pack them and take with you. It is many savers, and you will not have trouble with possible loss.